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Waterjet Medallionn & Mosaic


A waterjet medallion is a specialized type of design that uses high-pressure water jets to cut intricate patterns into marble or stone tiles.
Waterjet medallions are often used to create elegant, one-of-a-kind designs for foyers, entryways, and other high-traffic areas.
While waterjet medallions can be pretty costly, they offer many advantages over traditional flooring options.
It can be customized to fit any space’s specific dimensions and design needs. It will make the whole area look upscale and colorful.

Waterjet Flooring Pattern

Regarding flooring, marble is often seen as a luxurious and sophisticated option. However, some people may think that marble floors are monotone and boring.

Fortunately, there are ways to add some color and personality to your marble floors. One option is to have waterjet-cut stones in various colors installed according to a custom design.
Using a waterjet machine to cut stones into different shapes and sizes, creating a truly unique and customized design and form is possible.

The size and placement of the individual pieces can be planned out in advance, ensuring that the finished product is exactly what you had in mind. In addition, because each piece is cut from a different block of marble, the overall effect is much more exciting and dynamic than a traditional monotone floor. As a result, adding a bit of color to your marble flooring can make it more visually appealing.

Waterjet For Walling

When adding a touch of elegance to your home, few materials can match the beauty of a marble waterjet medallion. It is often used in flooring, but it can also be used to create stunning accent pieces and wall decor.
Waterjet medallion is one type of marble that is especially popular for home design. It is made by cutting marble into thin slices and then combining those slices into a beautiful pattern as designed. The result is a piece of art that can add instant sophistication to any space.
We can choose some onyx as matching colors for the waterjet medallion if we need transparent walling.

Waterjet For Stepstairs

When it comes to luxury houses, many think of grandiose mansions with opulent interiors. However, the definition of a luxury home is far more flexible. In reality, any home can be considered luxury if it features high-quality materials and unique design elements. This is where the human imagination comes in.
In addition to the most common floor and wall applications, we feel that a single marble paving staircase or simple color-blocking paving cannot meet the definition of a luxury house. So what else can we have a new pattern?
Can we borrow the marble chasing pattern and apply particular ways to the staircase, such as a painting, some flowers, or continuity patterns? For example, this gives rise to the waterjet parquet in the following pictures.

Waterjet Mosaic

Mosaic products have been carried over for decades. But the traditional mosaic is mostly square, round, polygonal, these can be achieved by infrared or grinding wheel.
But people are not satisfied with this, want to have more shapes and richer styles, waterjet mosaic was born.
Designers have developed a variety of mosaic styles, factories in order to achieve mechanization and automation of production, also invented a set of new processes and new equipment. It can be sawed at will according to the design requirements to meet the needs of designers.
After polishing the surface of waterjet mosaic, it has high brightness and can match all kinds of decoration styles. Waterjet mosaic also has the characteristics of anti-pollution, easy to clean and so on. In addition, it is easy to install and can be quickly combined into a variety of three-dimensional patterns according to the designer’s drawings.

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