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Water Wave Marble Plinth

The unique design of the water wave pattern represents the ocean. The serenity and water aggression have been captured in a single design.

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Carrara White, Customized, Emperador Green, Nero Marquina


Customized, Dia.800mm

Surface Finishing

Polished, split


About 125Kg

Details About Water Wave Marble Plinth

Our water wave marble plinth is a spectacular addition to the home.

This tabletop looks gorgeous in the living room, which is the center of the house. This state-of-the-art kind of furniture demands the best space in the home and vice versa.
The water wave marble plinth is round with half waves and half plain design balance on a thick plinth that gives it a staggering look.
The unique design of the water wave pattern represents the ocean. The serenity and water aggression have been captured in a single design.


The amalgamation of two moods of the water waves gives it a cutting edge and makes it stand out.
The half table top has a wave pattern, and the rest of the half top has a smooth surface. Artisans craft it beautifully; it depicts the two sides of nature that never mix.
The design makes it a unique piece. It will be an exclusive inclusion to our household and give the space an ultra-modern contemporary look. Additionally, this design gives a personal touch to the interior and shows a love for nature. This marble plinth is surely the perfect option if we have an adoration for water.
This stunning marble plinth is a statement piece and can be used in a commercial setting. Its supremely carved table will add extravagance to our office.
The material of this water wave marble plinth is 100% natural marble. White, black, and grey are the most popular colors.
The white material is Italian Carrara white, which is known for its classic and timeless beauty. The unique water wave design paired with great Carrara white makes it the ultimate piece. The white table top has shades of grey veins and textures.
It is a long-lasting and heat-resistant marble that looks superior to everything else.

The best thing about it is that we can customize it. Get in the size of the choice, and we will ensure all demands are met.

The black water wave marble plinth is manufactured from Nero Marquina.

This fascinating and enticing black water wave marble top is carved from pure marble to make it look larger than life. Black has a persona that grips the attention. It has white streaks that bring an astonishing contrast. Nero Marquina is a reliable and hard-wearing stone that is meant to last for a long period.

The meticulous water waves are effortlessly merging into the fluid surface that we may forget that it is made of pure marble.

The grey water wave table is constructed from Hermes Grey – a Turkish grey marble. It has different shades of grey that gives it a sophisticated look. This marble is loved by the masses and has uncountable decorative possibilities. It presents a classic color with natural veins throughout the marble.

Our exemplary water wave design carved on this intoxicating color and fine material make it a hit. The rich texture of marble and fashionable table design makes it a focal point of the space.

This marble plinth can be used in offices and showrooms as well.

The solid rock material makes it durable and long-lasting.

It is easy to clean and maintain due to its highly polished surface.

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