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Marble Border Design

Whether you’re looking to add a touch of luxury to your home or office, or simply want to make a statement, the marble border is a perfect choice. Made from the finest quality marble, our border is sure to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any setting.

With its classic design and clean lines, our border is the perfect way to give any room a boost.

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Customized, Marble


120mm Width, 150mm Width, Customized

Surface Finishing



About 50Kg/sqm



Details About Marble Border Design

A marble border is a common design used to decorate the ground. It not only avoids the monotony of monochrome flooring, but also doesn’t cause too fancy because of large-scale use, but also increases the cost.

The picture shows some marble border samples from our showroom, the main width is 150mm, and the length is 800mm, which is the standard specification of our stock products, of course, customization is also very welcome, as long as you can accept the waiting for delivery.

marble border design from Sinodec Stone    waterjet marble border

It can be matched with monochromatic marble to form a circle of decoration on its periphery and simultaneously separate this area for particular purposes.
It can also be matched with our same series of waterjet medallions, the same color, shape, and materials, echoing each other to form a whole.

hotel lobby marble border design from sinodec stone    new design of marble waterjet medallion pattern

Spiral is a commonly used factor in nature and design. We can add spirals in the corners of a room. Keep the floor design minimal by only placing the spirals in the four corners, nothing else.
Spirals represent survival and growth. We can also use more spirals if we want by adding them around the table or any other piece of furniture. Additionally, intricate spiral motifs look good in the entryway. Spiral adds to the dynamic aesthetics of our home.

waterjet marble border design          waterjet medallion flooring design

If you have any marble projects but do not have a good idea. Please kindly contact us and we may bring you a surprise.

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