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Volakas White Marble Cover

Volakas is popular white marble comes from the Volakas Mountain in Drama province of Greece.

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Details About Volakas White Marble Cover

Volakas is popular white marble that comes from the Volakas Mountain in the Drama province of Greece.

Large areas of the mountain are quarried for white construction aggregate, but the white marble outcrops have been largely untouched until recent years. Evidence of old mining operations can be seen in the form of trenches and galleries cut into the mountainside.

Volakas has a white background with medium-sized grey veins, and it is a type of medium-grained calcite marble. This marble can be used for both interior and exterior applications such as flooring, walls, countertops, and vanities.

The newly developed quarry faces are large enough to provide slabs 2 meters wide by up to 6 meters long. Blocks weighing up to 15 tons have also been extracted. white Carrara marble slabs The youthfulness of the quarry has resulted in minimal pitting or surface graining, providing a consistently smooth finish suitable for high-traffic areas like public spaces and shopping malls as well as residential projects.

Volakas marble is currently being supplied in its natural form with a polished surface finish. It can also be ordered honed, brushed, sandblasted, bush hammered, tumbled or custom finishes can be requested according to the project requirements.

All edges will be sawn straight but special orders may be placed for other types of edge work like bullnose, ogee, or waterfall profiles.

Volakas White Marble is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a sophisticated and timeless look in their home or office space. The stone’s clean look makes it versatile and easy to match with other materials and design elements. Order your Volakas White Marble today!

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