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Marble with Aluminum Honeycomb Panels

Have you ever admired the luxurious look of marble floors or countertops but thought they would be too heavy or difficult to install in your home? Well, thanks to advances in technology, you can now have the best of both worlds with lightweight stone!

This new type of stone is not only much lighter and easier to transport and install, but it also allows you to maintain the original texture and beauty of the marble.


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Arabescato, Cream Marfil, Customized, Onyx



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About 30Kg/Sqm

Details About Marble with Aluminum Honeycomb Panels

Marble is unique and beautiful. If we need some special functions, the lightweight stone is a great alternative that offers all the beauty of natural stone with none of the weight or difficulty.

When we consider the weight, composite marble with aluminum honeycomb panels is a good choice. It is much lighter but has high anti-stress, as well as a huge specification.


Lightweight stone is just what it sounds like—stone that is much lighter than traditional stone thanks to a core of honeycomb panels, ceramic tiles, glass, or another material.
It is easy to transport and install, making it a popular choice for construction and renovation projects. It is also available in a variety of colors and textures, so you can find the perfect option to complement your décor.


When an aluminum honeycomb is used as a base plate, the shape can be customized according to the needs because of the plasticity of the material. For example, the Cream Marfil in the picture is made into a curved shape. This makes the marble more widely used without increasing the cost.

When granite is used for exterior walls, considering the gravity, or the ease of installation, we can also consider using aluminum honeycomb panels as the base plate to composite.

lightweight stone with aluminum honeycomb    lightweight stone with aluminum honeycomb

Another advantage of lightweight stone is that it is environmentally friendly. Because it is lighter, it requires less energy to produce and transport. This means that there is a smaller carbon footprint associated with this type of stone. If you are looking for a way to be more eco-friendly in your construction projects, the lightweight stone is a great option.

lightweight stone with aluminum honeycomb    lightweight stone with aluminum honeycomb

Lightweight stone offers all the beauty of natural stone without weight or difficulty. From the ease of installation to environmental friendliness, there are many reasons to choose this type of stone for your next project.

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