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Which Marble Is Best for The Bathroom?

Which Marble Is Best for The Bathroom?


Marble is an excellent choice for the bathrooms. Bathroom marble adds a touch of elegance and luxury to the space.

It has a rich history when it comes to construction. In ancient times, Romans used marble in public restrooms. This natural stone has lost nothing in terms of popularity and functionality. We can use marble for flooring, wall cladding, or vanity.

Using bathroom marble has two reservations. First, the polished finish of marble gets slippery when wet. Better use a finish that is slip resistant. We can use mats or rugs in high foot traffic areas. Second, sealing marble after regular intervals is necessary; water can erode the natural stone.

We have a few bathroom marble ideas for you so that you can select the best that suits your preferences.

 15 Best Bathroom Marble Ideas

We can use bathroom marble in various styles like traditional, classic, contemporary, minimal, and so on. All the approaches mentioned above are achievable because of the plethora of marble available.  

A few astounding bathroom marble ideas are listed below:

1. All-White Luxurious Marble Bathroom

As the name suggests, it uses all white elements in a bathroom, like a white marble floor, vanity, white walls, and shower. It transmits a soft and luxurious vibe. It uses modern fixtures and accents to complement the white marble texture.

We can use silver hardware to make it look classy and comfortable.

marble for bathroom

It is a very stylish and calm design resulting in a spacious outlook. It is not pivotal to use the same white marble everywhere.

White marble has a lot of variety and veining intensity. Using different white marble can add variation and stop monotony. We can also choose some marble plinths to decorate the bathroom, and you can read this blog “Where Should I Put the Marble Plinth?” for some ideas.

2. High-Contrast Bathroom Marble Wall

How about using contrast marbles on the floor and walls?

Each marble is not the same. Some marbles have very subtle veins, and some have extensive distinct veins.

We suggest you use marble with delicate veins as a floor and marble with prominent veins on the walls.

It will create a contrast and make a unique, unrepeatable look. Marbles will large veins are trendy and gains more attention from designers. Use the accessories of contrast color.

We can also use a black bathroom marble wall to make it stand out with a white bathroom marble floor. Contrasting is a good way of highlighting the area.

3. Modern Subway Bathroom Tiles

Subway tile is a rectangular, small, and brick-like marble tile. It’s a combination of classy and modern. Using it as a bathroom marble wall is a preferable choice.

Subways marble tiles accentuate the ambiance giving it a quirky feel. One should use contemporary hardware and accents to pull off the modern style.

waterjet mosaic from Sinodec Stone (1)

Also, add a statement bathroom marble countertop to grab the eye instantly. Subways tiles wall provide a crisp backdrop with a captivating countertop.

4. White Marble Paired with Wood

We can pair white marble with a hint of wood. Make the wall behind the countertop with wooden pallets, while all the other walls utilize subtle marble tiles.

White Marble Paired with Wood

Use wooden stools and accents in the bathroom to complement the marble floor. It gives warmth to the place and avoids repetition. Introducing wood is an excellent way of welcoming new textures in the bathroom.

5. All Over Marble Bathroom

We can go for an all-over design. It means using the same marble for flooring and wall cladding.

A marble with a heavy veining network will give the bathroom a bold look. It will look better than a soft-looking marble.

High-intensity veins tend to draw attention and dominate the space. We can use wooden storage spaces and many cabinets to give it a more significant visual impact.

6. Different Colored Marble Design

We have the freedom to use different varieties of marble in one bathroom. The bathroom marble floor may have a different color than the bathroom marble wall.

We can have the same base color, but the veining colors differ—for instance, white marble with grey veins on the floor and brown veins on the walls. The same is true for black marble; black background with white veins and golden veins is applicable in the same bathroom.

7. Contemporary Dark Bathroom Marble Design

We do have designer clients that demand dark bathroom marble for the interior. Some people like their bathrooms in dark colors.

Have black marble walls and floor with minimal styling to achieve the contemporary dark look. Add a tub of light color and a bathroom marble countertop to break the same color. White accents make an ideal combination with black marble radiating throughout the bathroom.

8. Matching Marble Accents

Why stop using marble only on bathroom walls and floors? It is possible to make matching marble accents. Using the same marble accents looks graceful and opulent. It provides symmetry and glamor to the area.

A marble shower with a matching marble alcove with small shelves emits the beauty of marble stone. It blends effortlessly and fulfills the purpose of storage space. You can put your shower gel, hair products, and skincare on those shelves for better access during a shower.

9. Black Vanity with Soft Marble Walls

Suppose you are not a fan of all-dark bathroom marble. Use a black marble vanity or floating sink to give it a hint of dark marble.

The vanity will spice up the bathroom without adding too much drama. Balance out the black vanity with the light color of a bathroom marble floor.

10. Shower with A Marble Bench

Bathroom marble tile is a fantastic way to implement a design. We can use marble tiles in the shower area. Not just the shower; add a marble bench in the shower area to add an extra effect.

It also enables you to sit, enjoy the bath, and take time to pamper yourself. It is a two-in-one shot, a valuable addition to the bathroom and self-care. You can get more ideas on Pinterest.

11. Large Hexagon Marble Tile Bathroom

The bathroom marble tile’s large hexagonal shape adds fluidity and flow to the area. Prominent means worthy; it looks exciting and builds an overall polished look.

Big-size tiles look better than small-size tiles. We can use the free-standing bathtub for a spa-like ambiance with a tree trunk stool to add a touch of nature to our bathroom.

12. Half Marble Wall Design

Who said you have to use marble all over the wall? We should not always put a marble into action; pair it with decorative wallpaper to give an eclectic style.

Each complements the other without dominance, creating a perfect harmony of materials. With the wallpaper, you can add a dash of color, making the space more playful and bold.

13. Blue Marble Vanity

Working with bathrooms means playing around with the colors and textures. We need to be creative to select a fantastic bathroom marble. Add colors to your bathroom to uplift your mood.

Use a blue marble for the bathroom countertop to make it the center of attention. Additionally, use lighter hues in the surroundings to make the area look vast and exotic. Blue color make the space look cool, vivid, and modern.

14. Wood Vanity with Bathroom Marble Countertop

As we said, wood is a great way to introduce new textures. So we can use wooden vanity with a thin marble countertop.

The combination of the two materials makes a coherent blend and makes the space heartfelt. Use sharp fixtures to make the bathroom modern and sleek without feeling too harsh or cold.

15. Checkboard Bathroom Marble Floor

One classic floor design that is here to say forever is the checkboard floor design. We can use it in bathrooms to give it a classic and traditional feel.

Use black and white marble to make a checkboard pattern. It always looks striking and intriguing. Making the bathroom marble floor splendid is one way of elevating our bathroom.


You can find various bathroom designs that utilize marble as a primary material. Bathroom marble has a vast range of selections according to your area and choice.

Use the bathroom marble tile as a countertop, floor, wall, skirting, or anything per demand. Some interesting bathroom marble ideas are mentioned above for your help.

moder design of beige marble border for hotem bathroom

We are a marble factory in China that loves to work with importers worldwide. We can help you bring your dream bathroom into existence. Marble accessories are also a good choice for your bathroom.

Expect nothing less than a top-notch marble collection with remarkable service and communication.

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