Why Do We Use Marble with Aluminum Honeycomb Panels?

Why Do We Use Marble with Aluminum Honeycomb Panels?


Your home is your sanctuary. You ensure that your little paradise is beautiful, safe, and lively for your loved ones. Your place deserves all the attention, but how can you make it striking and secure? One easy solution is using marble with aluminum honeycomb panels on walls, as walls are a major chunk of any space. You will witness that place’s uplifting vibe if you liven up your walls.

This article discusses in detail why marble aluminum honeycomb panels should be used on walls, their features, benefits, and application.

 What is a marble aluminum honeycomb panel?

A marble aluminum honeycomb panel is a composite of two different materials: Marble and Aluminum Honeycomb.

  • Marble:

Marble is a natural stone formed under high pressure and heat. It is known for its eternal and classic beauty. It is hugely used in architecture, monuments, sculptures, and homes. There are different types of marble with different colors, textures, and designs. Some are rarer than others.

  • Aluminum honeycomb:

An aluminum honeycomb is a lightweight and low-density honeycomb structure made of aluminum alloy. It is based on the natural hexagonal honeycomb. Its honeycomb structure makes it lighter and stronger than other materials. Aluminum is a versatile material with amazing mechanical properties.

These two materials are combined through a technical composition process to form a composite. This composite panel offers great functionality and performance. It opens the doors of creativity for interior designers and constructors.

 Composition of marble with aluminum honeycomb panel

The marble aluminum honeycomb composite is manufactured by layering different materials. The materials used in its composition are:

  1. Marble
  2. Aluminum sheet
  3. Aluminum honeycomb
  4. Adhesive

A thin layer of marble is used as a faceplate. It is combined with a sheet of highly resistive aluminum sheet or any other strengthening material sheet. The adhesive used to combine these materials is extremely tenacious. Then comes a thick layer of aluminum honeycomb material. After the honeycomb, another layer of aluminum sheet is added to finalize the composite panel.

The overall thickness of the panel can vary from 6mm to 300mm. It depends upon the usage and requirement. Commonly a 3-5mm thin layer of marble and a +15mm thick layer of aluminum honeycomb are used. You can determine the thickness according to your requirement.  


Marble with aluminum honeycomb has some outstanding. Some of them are as follows:

  • Lightweight

The marble itself is a heavy stone. But combined with an aluminum honeycomb makes it light. A 20mm thick solid marble weighs 60kg/m2, while a 20mm thick aluminum honeycomb panel weighs 18kg/m2 (5mm marble and 15mm aluminum honeycomb). This comparison clearly shows that it is 80% less weight.

  • High Strength

The composite of two materials greatly augments the resistance properties of the marble. The chances of damage during transportation or installation are almost equal to zero. The bending resistance and shearing resistance are immensely increased.

  • Large dimensions

These panels are manufactured in large formats. Few slabs can cover the height of a wall. Because of the large format, there is uniformity in color and design. So the wall design looks even and symmetrical.

lightweight stone
  • Eco-friendly

The composite panel uses less marble, hence saving natural resources. Also, it is 100% recyclable and reusable. It is not adding to the planet’s pollution. It is an environmentally friendly material to use in the construction of your home.

  • Fire-proof

As this panel is manufactured with aluminum alloy, it has fire-resistant properties. Aluminum plates and aluminum honeycombs are non-combustible materials. It also has corrosion resistance and moisture resistance. Using them in your house ensures the safety of people living inside.

  • Antibacterial  

Marble aluminum honeycomb has antibacterial properties. You can fix them in your kitchen without the fear of brewing germs. They are also suitable for houses with little kids because of their hygienic characteristics.  


Marble with aluminum honeycomb panels can be used on different walls.

  • Exterior Wall Cladding

It is used for exterior wall cladding because of its high corrosion resistance and strength. Harsh weather, sun, and rain don’t erode these panels’ texture and beauty. These are long-lasting slabs. They are easy to install and super rigid.

  • Bathroom wall

These composite panels provide insulation, heat insulation, and sound insulation. They are a good option to use on the bathroom wall. Also, they are not eroded by water.

  • TV wall

The marble interior looks gorgeous. Install these marble panels on the TV wall to elevate the aesthetics of your living room or any other room. It is a cost-efficient choice.

  • Elevator wall

These panels are highly used for commercial purposes. These can be easily used in elevator walls as they provide insulation. In addition, they are fire-proof and shock-proof.

  • Hotel lobby wall

The marble aluminum honeycomb panels are used on hotel lobby walls because of their alluring designs. Hotel lobbies need that fancy touch, so these panels perfectly fit that. They provide uniformity in design and diversity in color. They give a decorative look to the place.

Benefits of using marble aluminum honeycomb on walls

There are multiple reasons to use marble with aluminum honeycomb panels on walls. Some of them are shared below:

  • Easier installation

Installing a lightweight panel on walls is much easier than the heavy stone. Also, the dimension of these panels is usually quite big. Hence their installation cost is reduced too. Furthermore, installing these panels is a comparatively quicker process. It also saves time.

  • Durability

We have discussed earlier that it is corrosion-resistant and fire-resistant material. Because of its high resistance, it is considered a highly durable material. It will last for decades to come. Anyone building a house or renovating it wants to use a durable material. Hence it is the best panel if you want durability.

  • Insulation

The hexagonal honeycomb structure provides heat insulation, moisture-proof, sound insulation, and cold-resistance properties. In this hollow cell structure, the transmission of sound waves is also limited. It is a huge advantage as compared to a pure marble plate. It can significantly reduce electricity and heat consumption if installed on the walls.

  • Unmatched beauty

The faceplate is natural marble; irrespective of its thickness, it displays elegance and class. From an appearance perspective, it has luxury, sophistication, and style. Marble is popular for its unmatched beauty, and this panel guarantees grandeur.

  • Cost Reduction

The composite panel cost is relatively less than the pure marble slab. You may not see a great difference for one unit, but it will significantly reduce it when using it for a commercial space or large area. The thin layer of marble is the cost-cutting factor. Also, the transportation cost for carrying out a lighter object is less.

  • Increase the value of the house

If you build your house with durable and beautiful materials, it shows the value of the house. Think about the future, when you have to sell the place, you will get a good value. So, installing marble aluminum honeycomb panels is prudent to reap its fruit afterward.

  • Easy to maintain

People choose these panels for their functionality. They are lightweight, easy to clean, stain-resistant, anti-static, sturdy, and easy to maintain. Nothing can go wrong with them. You can get them installed on your walls without any worry.

Other applications of marble with aluminum honeycomb panels

Marble with aluminum honeycomb panels is not restricted to walls. There are multiple applications of this panel. These are used as kitchen countertops as they are stain-resistant and heat-resistant panels. Kitchen drawer fronts can also be manufactured, providing the same design as the countertop. This composite panel can be used as a ceiling because of its lightweight and rigidity. They can be used as tabletops because marble tables look gorgeous.

You can install this panel on your vanity sink. Marble aluminum honeycomb panels are ideal for flooring because of their tensile strength making flooring the biggest niche for this composite panel. These composite panels can also be used on stairs.


Marble with aluminum honeycomb panels offers versatility and diverse functionality. They are a perfect panel for your walls providing insulation, cost-effectiveness, and easy installation. It is loved for its durability, resistance, strength, and lightweight. It is hard to get all these features in one material.

Its quality and character make it perfect for your wall. You can get customized sizes and dimensions according to your requirement.

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