Is Marble Flooring Outdated?

Is Marble Flooring Outdated?


In the olden days, there were not many options for flooring materials, but with the new age variety, people are questioning the position of marble flooring.

There are hundreds of options available in the market to design our floor. Consumers are confused if the marble flooring is outdated now. As a marble flooring manufacturer, we assure you that marble flooring is far from obsolete.

Marble floor is claiming its highest rank as an elegant, durable, sturdy, and resistant natural stone flooring design. Its unmatched qualities are why contemporary and stylish homes use marble flooring to make their residence look luxurious and attractive.

Is Marble Flooring Outdated?

Marble flooring is lovable for its longevity and grandeur. Do you know that wooden floors last only for ten years while marble flooring can last centuries?

Marble is a dazzling stone used for many purposes, like kitchen countertops, tabletops, wall cladding, and accessories. The most widespread use of marble is marble flooring.  

1. Timeless and Classic

Marble’s most remarkable feature over others is its timeless and classic beauty. Because it is a natural stone, every marble slab has a uniqueness that is impossible to copy. The veins and textures of the marble flooring design are hard to replicate with any other material. 

Another primary trait of marble tile flooring is its translucence. The light penetrates through the marble and reflects, giving it an exquisite finish.  

2. Modern Style of Marble Flooring Tiles

With time the styling of marble flooring has evolved drastically. Marble flooring is not outdated; in fact, the modern style is making it trendy. The minimalistic approach is widely preferred—keeping the hues warm and light. 

marble design from sinodec stone

Conversely, bold and dark flooring ideas are also booming in contemporary houses. Depending on the desired ambiance, customization is possible.

We can help you bring your drawings to reality. Having a reliable stone factory is necessary for executing the perfect marble flooring. 

3. Huge Selection of Colors and Textures

We have a vast collection of marble flooring tiles and designs. It includes white marble, grey, black, and beige—all with distinctive textures and veining patterns.

Why not select the marble flooring according to your existing interior or vice versa?

Some of the most popular marble types are Calacatta marble, Carrara marble, Emperador green, Hermes grey, and Nero Marquina. 

Benefits of Using Marble Flooring

After so many years, marble still reigns as a king of high-end flooring. We cannot disapprove of its dominance because of the benefits mentioned below.

  1. Durable: Marble flooring can bear daily abrasion and heavy foot traffic.

They can stand up to almost everything, like chairs dragging in the dining area or water splashes in the bathroom, if appropriately maintained. The durability of marble gives it a long life.

2. Easy to Clean: Marble floors are easy to clean because they do not absorb liquids if appropriately sealed.

You can easily wipe the floor with a wet cloth or mop. It is better to clean as soon as something spills to avoid staining. White marble flooring needs more cleaning than dark shades because of its light color.

marble flooring design from Sinodec Stone

3. Allergen-Free: As cleaning the marble is easy, it does not settle allergies.

Unlike carpets, its surface does not accumulate germs that trigger allergies. The dirt is pretty visible on marble flooring; hence if regularly cleaned, it is an allergen-free material.

4. Heat Conductor: Marble is a good conductor and is cool to the touch.

Experts recommend white marble flooring to keep the floor temperature low in hot climates. It is hard to complain about the marble floor because it can keep the foot warm in cold areas if paired with radiant heating. 

grey marble with marble and black border

5. Eco-Friendly

Marble is a 100% natural stone, not made with chemicals or resins. Hence at the end of its lifespan, it is biodegradable. It is causing no damage to the planet earth.  

6. Easy to Cut

The real perk of using marble flooring is that the stone is effortlessly cut and shaped according to the dimensions. If professionals lay the floor, we are sure they won’t find it troublesome to get a cohesive look.

Popular Marble Flooring Designs

You may think that marble flooring is getting outdated, but let us guarantee you that marble flooring is trending in residential and commercial construction. Look at some famous marble flooring designs that will never go obsolete.

Italian Marble Flooring

Italian marble is known for its beauty and opulence. Its surface is crystal-like and lustrous. People use Italian marble flooring to enhance the richness and value of their homes.

It is quarried in Italy and exported all over the world. We are a marble factory in China perfectly capable of providing importers with Italian marble flooring.

The famous Italian marbles are Calacatta, Carrara, Travertine, and Red Verona marble.  

Marble Tile Flooring

Marble tiles are also made from natural marble but with less thickness and cost than marble slabs. Marble tiles are also smaller, so you can create exciting flooring patterns with marble tiles.

One of the commonly constructed patterns with marble tiles is a herringbone pattern.

Marble is changing its avatar with changing times and requirements. Marble tile flooring is preferable for its stylish look, lightweight, and pocket-friendly features. 

White Marble Flooring

The most classic marble flooring design is undoubtedly the all-white floor. It brightens the interior space and adds luxury to the ambiance. White flooring makes the room look spacious and aesthetically appealing.  


Best Rooms to Install Marble Floor

Marble flooring is applicable in multiple rooms, but it looks grand with open space because you can see the dazzling stone. 

Hallway: The hallway is one the best places for marble flooring because of the limited furniture and visual space. What better way to invite guests over than the grand marble floor hallway? 

white marble stepstairs with light

Living Room: If the living room is large and wide, marble flooring will look stunning. Select the floor color scheme that complements your furniture and walls. You may go the other way and select your furnishing according to the flooring.

waterjet marble border design

Kitchen: Marble flooring in the kitchen makes it look splendid. One caution to remember is that marble is susceptible to staining if not sealed properly. A kitchen is where food and drinks are always accessible; carefully handle eatables and quickly wipe them off.  

waterjet medallion border for dining room flooring

Bathroom: People like to use marble flooring in bathrooms, which elevates the look. Select the finish carefully, as polished marble gets slippery when wet. Also, water can erode the stone, so correctly seal it. 

Things You Should Know Before Installing Marble Floor 

Marble flooring is very tempting, but it has its limitations. We are happy to grant you all the critical elements so you can make an informed decision.

1. Cost

Marble is not outdated regarding styling, but other materials are available cost-wise.

You can find similar-looking options at less cost, so it is a relatively costly choice. Because it is a natural stone, the same batch of marble slabs has a similar veining pattern which is hard to find after years if you need a replacement.

The cost of marble depends upon size, origin, design, and texture. Though with the variety of marble, you can find a budget-friendly option.

2. Maintenance

Marble floors are easy to clean and hygienic if adequately maintained. You have to seal the marble when installed and then reseal it once a year to keep its look shiny.

Sealing will help it stay less absorbent and less porous. Regular sealing may seem hectic, but it is necessary for the protective barrier. 

3. Sustainability

The sustainability conundrum of marble is hard to answer in simple yes or no.

Yes, we obtain it from the earth with no chemicals, which goes back to nature after a long life.

But the amount of energy consumed during processing is a huge challenge.

If we are using marble in a project that needs updating in the next five years, then we say it is not sustainable, but if that project will stay the same for a lot more years, then yes, it is a sustainable material.


If you are renovating your home or building a new one, you must consider marble flooring as a first option.

The reason is that it is a trendy, durable, and gorgeous flooring idea. It is prudent that professionals lay the marble floor as it is not a DIY project. Experts can help you give it a high-end look.

We are your ultimate partner if you are an interior designer looking for a reliable stone manufacturer to bring your designs to reality.

We have a massive variety of marble flooring and provide unmatched quality and services. Contact us and make your project an effortless ensemble.


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