10 Popular Waterjet Marble Mosaic Designs in 2023

10 Popular Waterjet Marble Mosaic Designs in 2023

The waterjet mosaic itself is part of the interior design that never goes out of style, but certain mosaic designs are a must-try especially when we use natural marble as the main material.

As a stone factory, your client will be pleased if you recommend them the following waterjet marble mosaic styles:

  • Weave Pattern
  • Water Droplet Pattern
  • Hexagonal Pattern
  • Running Rectangular Pattern
  • Intricate Leaves Pattern
  • Callisto Pattern
  • Staggering Pattern (Thick and Thin)
  • Floral Pattern
  • Neutral Zigzag Pattern
  • 3D Pattern

We will explain and show more of these patterns in the next sections of this article. But what’s exciting is that a lot of these designs are not common and are rarely offered by stone manufacturing companies.

What Is a Waterjet Mosaic?

A mosaic is a piece of art in the form of an image or pattern. We create this by using small pieces of:

  • different kinds of materials or;
  • the same materials but with varying colors, for example,

combined together with an adhesive on a cement board. In this case, we will use a beautiful and elegant stone: marble.

As for how we make the pieces—especially how they are cut—we use waterjet technology.

Our waterjet machines can cut natural marble into small pieces with precision, using water mixed with an abrasive (garnet). The mixture comes out of the machine’s nozzle at great speed and pressure.

Suppose your project requires intricate marble mosaic floors or walls. In that case, we can program the machine with the help of computer-aided design (CAD) or computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), so we can easily fulfill your client’s requests.

List of Waterjet Marble Mosaic Styles

Earlier, we mentioned that waterjet machines can “precisely” cut your marble of choice. But to show you how precise, let us see the following designs that Sinodec can offer you.

1. Weave Mosaic Pattern

From the name itself, this waterjet-made pattern of the mosaic was inspired by the weaving action that we usually see in fabric.

To do this, we cut the marble of choice into small rectangles and layer them in a manner that they will appear interlaced with each other.

We can use this marble mosaic pattern as a substitute for a carpet or rug in our living rooms or commercial space lobby.

2. Water Droplet Mosaic Pattern

This design resembles water droplets placed closely together at the correct size. We can also call this mosaic pattern “raindrops,” and the latter signifies plentiful crops.

If we want to live by its meaning, this design is perfect for office walls for a minimalist interior. We can match this with light-colored marble such as Volakas White or Light Emperador for a beige and cream combination.

3. Hexagonal Mosaic Pattern

Geometric designs never get old and we can also apply them as marble mosaic floors. We can use this hexagonal style in the bathroom, garage, or on the floors of a factory.

The good thing about hexagonal mosaic tiles is they allow us to adjust the flooring even in small areas. If an entire hexagon doesn’t fit the space anymore (i.e. the flooring has reached the end of the room), it won’t look awkward if we cut them.

This is in contrast to square-shaped tiles where the unevenness will be obvious if some aren’t of the same size as the others.

4. Running Rectangular Mosaic Pattern

A running style of installing a marble waterjet mosaic is inspired by how masons install bricks as walls.

We set up the rectangular marble pieces on a surface by a position of 1:2. If there is a marble piece in the first row, we will place two other pieces in the second row. The sides of the two in the second row should meet below the middle of the first piece in the first row.

This rectangular waterjet mosaic pattern made with marble is perfect for walls, either for homes or corporate buildings such as an office or a meeting room for elegance.

5. Intricate Leaves Mosaic Pattern

If you are an interior designer working on someone’s garden, this may just be the best additional detail that your client wants aside from their real plants.

This intricate leaves waterjet mosaic pattern that we made using white and polished marble can be used as a floor detail or a wall design.

We suggested the garden as the place for application, but this style will also look elegant inside a room as art.

6. Callisto Mosaic Pattern

Callisto is a constellation also called the “Ursa Major” or the “Great Bear.” By this meaning, we already know that our next waterjet mosaic pattern is similar to the shape of a star.

Sinodec recommends this style for backsplashes or pool floors. The combination of the star-shaped marble with a square one appearing in the middle of the four stars is a detail that will stand out when we install them in subtle places.

Since we will choose two kinds of marble for this mosaic design, we recommend choosing one with a light color and one with a dark.

7. Staggering Mosaic Pattern (Thick and Thin)

Another waterjet mosaic pattern inspired by masonry is the staggering style.

While this is quite similar to the running rectangular pattern, the key appearance is that the size of the rectangular marble differs per row; there is an alternation between thin and thick rectangles, and some also vary in length.

However, the position of application is still comparable since we ensure that the ends of the rectangles are not evenly positioned with those of the preceding or proceeding rows.

The same with a rectangular mosaic pattern, the staggering style will look good on both walls and floors especially if you pick the right marble color for the interior.

8. Floral Mosaic Pattern

This intricate waterjet marble mosaic has flowers pressed together as its main concept design. Sinodec has two choices for floral patterns:

  • one with diamonds created between four flowers and;
  • solely flowers stuck together on all sides.

We can use this pattern to accentuate the ceilings or as details for the walls and floors.

9. Neutral Zigzag Mosaic Pattern

A zigzag waterjet mosaic is advisable for the floor’s corners and edges because it will give an illusion of a wider room.

We manufacture our zigzag pattern with at least two different colors of marble; the contrast in shades is also possible for a more complex effect.

For example, we can use Light and Dark Emperador together with Crema Marfil. This will give us a color combination of beige, light brown, and dark brown.

10. 3D Mosaic Pattern

One of our most unique designs of waterjet marble mosaic is the 3D.

Manufacturing and installing mosaics like this one involves intricate and careful work, but the results are pleasing. We recommend this style mostly for wall details especially if we are following a certain design motif.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can We Use Other Materials for Mosaic Other Than Marble?

The answer is yes. We can use other materials for waterjet mosaic such as limestone, glass, or ceramic.

As for the technology, waterjet machines can cut almost anything so there will be no problem when it comes to using it for different kinds of materials.

Is Waterjet Marble Mosaic Applicable Outdoors?

Yes, we can install a marble mosaic outdoors. We commonly handle projects like this, particularly for floors out in the yard (back or front) and patio. The marble in this case has a honed finish for non-slip purposes.


There are a variety of choices when it comes to the styles of waterjet marble mosaic, but Sinodec recommends 10 patterns that are either geometrical, floral, 3D, or other designs that only a waterjet machine can seamlessly cut.

  • Weave
  • Water Droplet
  • Hexagonal
  • Running Rectangular
  • Intricate Leaves
  • Callisto
  • Staggering (Thick and Thin)
  • Floral
  • Neutral Zigzag
  • 3D

These designs are uncommon compared with usual mosaics and we can apply them to any parts of the building we prefer, as long as they match the interior.

Were you able to see all the waterjet mosaic designs? Let us know which one you like the most by sending a comment below.

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