The 23rd Xiamen International Stone Exhibition (1)

The 23rd Xiamen International Stone Exhibition (1)

The 23rd Xiamen International Stone Exhibition commenced at the Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center, a highly anticipated annual event in the global stone industry. Despite being affected by the pandemic for the past three years, overseas exhibitors have returned, showcasing the industry’s new look and future trends on the island. The exhibition’s theme, “Sharing Stone New Ecology,” highlights the industry’s current trends and future outlook.

This is a significant event in the stone industry, and we will use several articles to describe some information about this exhibition from different perspectives. We hope everyone will stay tuned.

Article One: Overall introduction

Total Exhibition Area: 170,000 Square Meters

Date: June 6th. —- 8th., 2023

Exhibition Area: 8

Exhibition Area: More than 1,300

I. Industry restructuring, the global market attention

Exhibitors and builders worldwide have arrived as promised for the 23rd Xiamen International Stone Exhibition. The Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center exhibition site took shape on June 5th. Various construction and decoration processes have been completed. This annual feast of the global stone industry attracts attention worldwide.

The exhibition boasts 170,000 square meters comprising 22 exhibition halls and eight exhibition areas, showcasing the world’s latest and most popular stone products. According to the organizers, the exhibitors exceeded expectations, surpassing 1,300.

More than 170 international exhibitors from countries such as Italy, Turkey, Brazil, Egypt, and Portugal have returned to the Xiamen Stone Fair after a three-year absence. Moreover, several domestic industrial cluster groups from Macheng, Sui County, Jilin Jiaohe, Shandong Laizhou, and an extensive range of foreign trade enterprises will also be displayed.

The organizing committee organizer stated, “The significant changes in the global supply chain structure have presented many challenges, but also opportunities for rewriting and restructuring the industry’s stable structure over the years.” The fair will serve as a test and summary for the new normal of the industry, for the first time completing the shape of this new structure.

  • Dozens of new varieties with solid color, texture, stability, and plasticity will be launched at home and abroad.
  • The machine tools exhibition area will showcase environmentally friendly, intelligent, and sustainable specialized new products, providing significant impetus for the industry’s high-quality development.
  • Trade exhibitors representing sub-categories such as granite, cultural stone, marble, limestone, mosaic, quartz stone, and tools will seize global market share and re-layout import and export trade markets.

II. Integration of home design, industry brands contend gorgeously

At this exhibition, visitors will see more works from the collaboration between exhibitors and designers. In the third Habitat Space Design Exhibition, ten renowned designers and ten leading stone brands will work together to create ten living spaces, using stone to define the features of each house.

This year, the Xiamen International Stone Exhibition is exploring a diversified program of “Design + Brand + Media” to create an exhibition that engages the senses, highlighting corporate differentiation and brand value.

Through global strategic cooperation media, they aim to launch a high-value, high-quality stone brand matrix in the consumer market. More and more exhibitors collaborate with designers to create beautifully designed booths using unique and innovative exhibition language to complement various activities. The output includes product, craft, service, and brand culture opinions.

III. Create an industrial think tank, Explore the frontier of development together

The Xiamen International Stone Exhibition has been serving as a platform and influential force for a long time. Under “More than Exhibition,” we aim to establish an industrial think tank, collect practical thinking, explore the forefront of development, and turn more actionable ideas into reality.

During the exhibition, nearly 100 speakers collaborated to create various brand activities, including the “World Stone Conference,” “Habitat Space Development Forum,” “Stone Infinite Salon,” and “Xiamen Release-Global New Product Promotion,” bringing more than 50 forums, lectures, live broadcasts, and new product releases.

Global industry experts shared and discussed various topics such as industrial planning and layout, green mine upgrading, intelligent manufacturing, processing technology, construction, and maintenance. The design opinion leaders also discussed future design trends with leading figures in the stone industry.

Furthermore, the grand event of “Xiamen Urban Design Week” will revolve around the theme of “Urban Design and Urban Vision,” capturing the pulse of the times and exploring the urban texture while envisioning the future of cities.

IV. Operating pan-stone circle, upgrade platform effect

On the one hand, the continuous participation of the entire industry’s upstream and downstream related units and institutions constantly expands the collective impact of the Xiamen International Stone Exhibition.

At the same time, this participation helps to upgrade and optimize the industrial ecological platform, leading to the creation of the pan-stone circle.

The world’s most traditional trade associations have maintained a long-term cooperative relationship with the Xiamen International Stone Exhibition, providing strategic layout, industrial links, research and consultancy, regional promotion, and other full-range professional support.

According to the organizing committee, with the assistance of projects such as the Xiamen Human Settlements Design Life Festival, national design cooperation organizations, and media have joined hands with the Xiamen International Stone Exhibition in linking stone materials and design accurately from an all-round perspective.

This collaboration has helped establish deeper and broader industrial clusters around the Xiamen International Stone Exhibition and strategic cooperation throughout the year. Global cooperation media will work with the Xiamen Stone Exhibition this year to build an industry-wide publicity matrix.

V. Conclusion

We have provided a brief overview of the 23rd Xiamen International Stone Exhibition. In the following article, we will briefly introduce some specific stone products. Stay tuned for more information.

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