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Where Should I Put the Marble Plinth?

Where Should I Put the Marble Plinth?


Marble plinths also named as marble pedestals, and marble plinth bases, are getting popular for all the right reasons. It is considered the new multi-purpose alternative to the traditional side table.

A plinth is a versatile piece of furniture that performs several functions. It comes in various specifications, materials, shapes, and colors.

The place where we put them decides their function and purpose. It can elevate our space if appropriately placed.  The wrong placement of the plinth makes them look odd and decreases the beauty of a home.

Don’t worry about it,  we have prepared a list of the nine best places to put the marble plinth that will glorify the area. Let’s have a look!

9 Best Places to Put the Marble Plinth

The art of styling a home does not just include buying fancy stuff; correctly placing them plays a significant role in the home’s final look. A marble plinth looks stunning and can revive the place. But “where should I put it?” becomes a difficulty to choose. Maybe we can give you some suggestions.

Living room

Marble plinths look gorgeous in the living room as a coffee table, side table, or pedestal. Depending upon the usage, we can get a plinth that serves the purpose. A plinth can be used as a coffee table, a low rectangular plinth, or an inverted pyramid plinth in the center of the living area.

Different styles of plinths are available that are used as coffee tables. It gives the living room an eloquent and contemporary touch. It serves the function of the center table as well as adds to the aesthetics of the room. A cubic plinth placed next to a sofa, or a chair serves the purpose of a side table. I love the matching design of Engold.com, maybe it will be a good reference for your choice.


Cubic plinths are perfect for bedrooms. They are used instead of side tables. Place a cubic plinth near the bedside. A nighttime lamp is very functional in a bedroom. Place any decorative item that serves the purpose. Book readers can put their books on the cubic plinth when they are done. Place your accessories like a watch, mobile phone, and glasses when sleeping. It works as a side table but a better-looking one that makes your whole room look embellished. A tall plinth in a corner with a flower pot will freshen up the air.


A tall plinth or a trio set of plinths makes the hallway look exquisite. They are decorated and styled in a manner that goes with the house’s ambiance. As hallways don’t have much furniture, plinths become the hallway’s focal point. Place a statue on top, a bouquet, a vivacious pot, or a candle stand. Various plinths can be used in hallways, such as tall, round plinths or pillar plinths. Any plinth will brighten up the entryway. We have more information about marble plinths in the product description.


Every bathroom has necessary toiletries; how about using a plinth to place those toiletries? Place it near your bathtub and put your favorite shower gel, candles, and shampoo on it. It will come in handy and additionally makes the bathroom stylish. It could be a small plinth or a tall plinth, whichever suit the design and structure of the toilet. Matching the floor and plinth is also a great idea.  


Plinths are highly functional for the kitchen as candy jars, and other essentials are reachable on them. Round plinths or tall plinths are both equally suitable. Furthermore, we can leave the plinth unadorned, so whenever you need to put something, you can use the plinth. Please place it in a corner, beside a refrigerator, or near cabinet space. It is also used for decorative purposes in fancy kitchens. Stool plinths are also placed in the kitchen for sitting near the kitchen island, especially for kids who enjoy the stool.


Plinths are used in offices, waiting areas, and lounges. An exotic water-wave plinth situated in the lounge can alter the ambiance. Another plinth could be an abstract-shaped or an organic-shaped plinth which gives an artsy look. It is unique in design yet practical. Files, documents, ornaments, and personal belongings are placed for office use. A low rectangular plinth used in a waiting area with planters on top of it looks regal. The natural marble and plants brighten the site and make the atmosphere fresh. This plinth can be put to more practical use if needed.

Study room

The two most commonly used plinths in study rooms are cubic and tall. These two plinths are equally used for decoration and practicality. Depending upon the usage, we can decide which plinth to use in the study or do both. One plinth can be used for placing books and the other for ornaments. However, books are an ingenious way of styling the plinth. We can also use a plinth center table if needed. Italian designers will always be admired for their ability to match all their furniture to perfection, you can click here to learn more about marble plinths.

Coffee bar

The coffee bars also use marble plinth tables. Marble Plinth coffee tables can come in handy in serving drinks and snacks in many different shapes and sizes. Tall plinths are also used for drinks tables. Round plinths, low plinths, and thick plinth tables are functional in a coffee bar. The plus point of marble plinths is that they are not only practical, they automatically elevate the space even if you are not using them for ornamental purposes. Plinths look extraordinary in drinks and snack bars, and such a bar is highly likely to attract more customers because of its furnishing.


Aren’t bookstores gorgeous? The concept of having millions of books under one roof is so excellent that if combined with stunning furnishing, it’s lethal. Imagine walking into a bookstore, and a ravishing marble plinth is placed at the end of the aisle or section. It instantly elevates the place and mood of the reader. Plinths can be placed anywhere else in the bookstore. For example, by the side of the counter, with a flower pot on it. Putting limited-edition books on plinths is also a great idea. Any styling with plinths and books cannot go wrong.

If you have trouble choosing, perhaps visit these sites, they have a beautiful range of products and mixes that I believe can give you some inspiration.

Styling of the marble plinth

Styling of Plinth has unlimited options. Depending upon the placement of the plinth, we can decorate it with ornaments or functional items. A lamp is a valuable item most commonly placed on top of plinths. Lights come in multiple designs, so it adorns the room.

Use the plinth to place a decorative pot, empty or not. Like lamps, planters are also available in exquisite designs. We can add a bouquet of fresh, vibrant flowers to the vase. Magnificent flowers and a pot are easy to style on the marble plinth or pedestal.

We can add any seasonal décor like potpourri, seasonal greenery, or candle to keep the room fresh. Books are another great and simple way to decorate the plinth. Though most people don’t consider books for styling, strategically placed can prove very effective.  

We can use a statue or sculpture matching the style of our marble plinth. It looks bewitching and artistic. Though a marble plinth is a piece of art itself, placing an art piece on top of it is supreme.


Marble plinths are made from a single block of natural stone. It takes craftsmanship and expert skills to shape a marble plinth. They are available in various materials like Calacatta Viola, Carrara White, Green Emperador, Hermes Gray, Nero Marquina, And Travertine. All these materials have their unique characteristics. A few commonalities are that they are rugged, sturdy, durable, and gorgeous stones. Except for Travertine, all are natural marble stones quarried from different areas. We have stunning marble plinths available in all these materials.

Nero Marquina is a distinctive Chinese black marble with a white veining pattern; it looks classy and sophisticated in any setting.

Carrara White is our all-time favorite Italian luxurious white marble with cloudy grey veins. A Carrara white plinth looks effortlessly exotic; it does not need much styling. Green Emperador is an Indian marble unique in color and texture. Its green color is regal with white and brownish veins making the plinths a royal ensemble.


Marble plinth tables are extravagant furnishing item that elevates any space. They are available in various materials, designs, and sizes. They look perfect in your bedroom, office, bookstore, coffee bar, hallway, Etc. We can get them customized for you to befit your needs. Plinths have unlimited styling options. Choosing the suitable material, place, and styling can glorify the area, and we can help you with that!

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