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Top 10 Popular Materials for Marbles Plinths

Top 10 Popular Materials for Marbles Plinths


Gone are the days of putting boring side tables or coffee tables in your home. Say hello to the marble plinths, the new and trendy alternative to side tables and center tables.

A monumental marble podium is a furnishing piece to be celebrated in itself. A marble plinth is a versatile podium that can serve multiple functions. Its sleek design adds a textural element to create a serene atmosphere.

We are presented with various stylish marble plinths that can turn our place into a voguish mansion. Marble plinths are crafted from numerous materials. We have designed a list to rejoice the most fashionable materials for marble plinths.

10 fashionable materials for marble plinth

Time to go timeless! To make our home look sassy and glamorous, use the marble plinths that accentuate the aura of our place.

Select the material of the plinth that has cohesion with the interior design and other furniture pieces in the room. Every material has characteristics and features; let’s discuss some fashionable materials for marble plinths.

1. Nero Marquina

Nero Marquina is quarried from China. It is the most appreciated black marble, used worldwide for marble plinths and other installations. Its large production capacity makes it readily available at a relatively low cost.

This black marble plinth is a fortune because of its dark black compact background with white diagonal veins. Its shiny and smooth surface reflects the light making it magnificent. It is the most noticeable marble plinth, visually fascinating and extremely elegant. We need minimalistic styling for a hint of definition.

Nero Marquina plinth appears best when polished and glossy. The Nero Marquina coffee table is the most sorted item.

2. Carrara White

Who does not know about Carrara white marble? It has been trending since ancient roman times. Numerous monuments and sculptures have been crafted with this ever-gorgeous natural stone. It is an Italian marble with its history deeply embedded in that country’s culture. This white marble’s classic beauty and unique character can turn any place from drab to luxurious.

A marble plinth made of Carrara white boosts the aesthetics of any room. It is primarily used as a marble pedestal to showcase the artsy stuff. It can also be used as a marble plinth side table. Styling a Carrara white marble podium is not complicated, thanks to its timeless beauty.

3. Beige Travertine

Travertine is a form of limestone. It exists in white, tan, beige, and rusty colors. Beige is the color Travertine is undoubtedly famous for all over the world. It is extracted from Turkey and Nordic countries. This natural stone has a rich presence in architectural history.

irregular travertine coffee table

Beige travertine was used to construct the colosseum, one of the world’s new seven wonders. Because of its features and characteristics, it is one of the most fashionable and durable materials for plinth tables. Beige travertine is sturdy and lightweight.

It looks best with a honed finish, giving a matte look that enhances the natural warm hues of this stone. It provides a minimalistic and subtle vibe to the room.  

4. Calacatta Gold 

Calacatta gold symbolizes luxury and exclusivity. As the name suggests, it has gold veins combined with grey veins on sublime white background.

Calacatta gold stands out in all other marbles. The gold veining and texture augment its undisputed beauty and elegance. It is a marble that adds luminosity and sophistication when used as a marble plinth.

Calacatta gold marble plinth table is mandatory in a stylish contemporary home. It not only looks fashionable but feels special. Get a calacatta gold marble plinth to make your residence opulent and sumptuous. It is known for its beauty, performance, durability, and performance. There are countless styling options for this impressive plinth.

5. Emperador Green

The most popular green marble is Emperador Green, quarried in India. Emperador green is known for its celestial green hues and white veins. It looks dazzling as a marble pedestal, adding to the home’s brilliance.

Its polished surface makes it reflective and smooth resulting in exquisiteness. It looks equally stunning with honed matte finishing.

A marble plinth stand can elevate any space. We can use it in hallways, living rooms, or offices. It is one of the most fashionable materials for plinths. Furthermore, it is highly functional with high resistance and long life.

6. Hermes Grey

Hermes Grey is the globally most popular grey marble. It has a grey background with stunning white network veins. It is considered the perfect fit for cozy living rooms because of its eye-catching color and design. This marble is neither too bold nor too flat, hence ranking top on the perfection list. Some prominent characteristics of Hermes grey are fire resistance, high-abrasive resistance, and extreme toughness.

A marble plinth made from Hermes grey can complement any interior theme. This water wave marble plinth is round with half waves and half plain design balance on a thick plinth that gives it a staggering look.

Hermes Grey marble pedestals also look striking and add personality to the room. This marble is extracted from China.

7. Calacatta Violet

Calacatta violet is a gorgeous marble quarried in Italy. It has a sublime white background with a thick, heavy network of burgundy veins. Everyone who sees it gets fascinated by its natural beauty and eloquence.

customized marble table set

Calacatta violet is the ideal choice for a marble plinth side table. We can use this plinth side table in the living room beside a sofa. Its design and texture are very appealing and distinctive from other materials. This marble plinth side table is also helpful, besides a bed.

Additionally, it proves to be very functional as a plinth side table. Calacatta violet is a material far from traditional and monotonous materials because of its purple color and heavy veins network.  

8. Cream rose

Cream rose is a unique marble quarried in China. It has a cream background with rose-pink striking veins. We can also see some white spots and a dark pink veining pattern. If we want a conspicuous interior, then a cream rose marble plinth is an impeccable choice.

The color of its veins brings a spark to the plinth and gives an ostentatious effect to the area. We would love a marble plinth coffee table with a bold character that can make our room shine. The cream rose marble plinth is bound to be the center of attention. The small marble plinth side table is as captivating as the big center table.   

9. Arabescato

Arabescato is an exceptional marble quarried in Italy with a pure white background and a compact dark grey veining net.

It resembles Carrara, but Carrara has fewer veins compared to Arabescato. Also, Arabescato is a lot whiter than Carrara. Both come from the same area, so they share some similarities. Choose a marble plinth of Arabescato if you want a blend of grey and white.

split face marble plinth

This color combination does not look too bold. It adds subtleness and sophistication to the ambiance. Grey is an urbane color; an Arabescato marble pedestal provides finesse and poise to the surroundings. It has the power to refine the room’s aesthetics. We can click here to see more descriptions about this Arabescato Split Plinth.

10. Port Laurent

Port Laurent is a black marble extracted from the quarries of Morocco. It has thick golden veins on a black background, making them more prominent. A black marble plinth with an artistic sculpture on top can turn heads around. Black and gold is a lethal combination that makes it all the more luxurious and fashionable. Placing this modern marble plinth in the hallway would be a terrific choice as there is not much furniture, and it becomes the focal point of that area. We started our list with black marble and ended it with black material because black is a universally loved color.

We have given the list of 10 fashionable materials for marble plinths. This list includes various materials and colors that can meet your preferences. Choose the material that complements your home and interior. If you are interested in more marble plinths, please click here to check more information.

We are happy to help you select the best possible marble plinth material for your beautiful home.

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