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Top 10 Popular Marble Plinths in America

Top 10 Popular Marble Plinths in America


Who does not lust for marble plinths? I have been gushing over them for a long time because I don’t have any reason not to love them. They are gorgeous, functional, durable, luxurious, and elevate the space. Additionally, they are used for decorative purposes.

Rightfully so, marble plinths are a rage nowadays and a symbol of elegance. Marble plinths truly celebrate the natural beauty of marble. It can create a soft, beautiful aesthetic or a playful, bold vibe, depending upon the styling of the plinth.  

What Are Marble Plinths?

A marble plinth is a block of natural marble that comes in different shapes, sizes, colors, thicknesses, and materials. It is usually solid with smooth edges but sometimes hollow too. It is used as a coffee table, bedside table, lamp stand, or display pedestal for an ornament. Marble plinths are also used as a base for tabletops. These plinths are used for decorative purposes as well as functional purposes.

Artisans have created plinths from materials like wood, but only natural marble stone demonstrates its true beauty and richness.

Marble plinths are timeless, sturdy, classy, and attractive. After investigating for more than 3 months, we prepare this list of “the top 10 popular marble plinths in America” for you.

Top 10 Popular Marble Plinths in America 

Marble plinths are available in different heights, shapes, and styles. Some popular marble plinths are highly appreciated for their beauty and functionality.

1. Rectangular Low Marble Plinth

A rectangular, low-heightened marble plinth is the most famous among all others. It is commonly used as a monumental coffee table.

It is mainly placed in a living room and instantly becomes a part of the architecture. It adds sophistication to the furniture and is highly functional. Place a scented candle beside a display tray to create a perfect impression.

This coffee table plinth is made with solid natural marble. The height and material are altered according to the customer’s choice. It looks gorgeous in Calacatta Viola marble, providing creamy background with burgundy veining. These plinths are also available in other materials like Carrara White, Hermes Grey, Nero Marquina, Emperdor Green, and Travertine.

2. Inverted Pyramid Marble Plinth

An inverted pyramid plinth defines the laws of physics and balances itself on the smaller side of the pyramid. Consider it the essential centerpiece for a contemporary sitting area because of its eye-catching design and unique structure. Furthermore, it fits perfectly with any interior design. Place a stack of books with a vase on the inverted pyramid marble plinth to style it excellently.

This statement plinth is also used in office lounges as it is minimalistic and functional. It is available in different types of marble.

One marble that boosts its beauty is the Nero Marquina because the black color of the marble with white veins pattern makes it a class apart.  

3. Round Water Wave Marble Plinth

The water wave plinth is also named Liquid Marble. The round marble plinth tabletop balance on a smaller round plinth is a piece of art. This marble plinth has a water wave texture on half of its surface.

Representing the calmness and vigor of the ocean in one plinth makes it stand out. It is predominantly used in lounges, sitting areas, or living rooms. Its layout and grace make it the center of attention.

It is a hard, long-lasting plinth because it is 100% solid natural marble. Procurable in multiple colors and materials, mainly white, black, and gray. Styling according to the surrounding ambiance sets up a stellar plinth.  

4. Cubic Marble Plinth

A cubic marble plinth is a square cube with a hollow inside; sides joined by slabs to increase the mobility of the plinth. It is not a tall cube but a square which means less height unless it’s a huge square. The edges are cut slant and smoothed to avoid sharpness. It is fully assembled and ready to use. Easy to move because of its lightweight.

It is predominantly used as a bedside table when placed in a bedroom. The study room can also use this square plinth for placing books.

Additionally, its usage extends to a decorative pedestal, a marble plinth in the corner of a living area with an antique. It has endless styling options.

5. Tall Marble Plinth

A tall marble plinth is similar to a square cube marble plinth but with a greater height. It is a multi-purpose podium comprising natural marble’s precision, craftsmanship, and uniqueness. In addition to Calacatta Voila, Nero Marquina, Carrara White, and Hermes Gray, it is also available in Green Emperador and Travertine.

Tall plinths are also available in round shapes with varying diameters and heights. They are used in homes and events to showcase ornaments, flower vases, and decoration pieces. It can also be deployed as a drinks table.

We can place little sculptures on it to create an artistic vibe in the room. The height varies according to the customer’s demand.

6. Marble Plinth set

Marble plinths are procured as a set of two or three. A set of three comprises a tall plinth, a medium plinth, and a square plinth. Three plinths of different sizes are also called the trio set. They are used in different rooms fulfilling various purposes. Their durability enables them to perform multiple functions.

This trio set is also attainable in round-shaped plinths with varying heights. One low rectangular plinth with a square and a tall plinth is also available. We can make a set of our choice. All items are hand-crafted to perfection and offer customization.

7. Abstract-shaped Marble Plinth

Plinths are also crafted in abstract shapes to give an unorthodox feel. The innovative design and ornate nature of abstract plinths give coolness to the eyes. They are used in the study room, offices, lounge, or foyer. They are as functional as any other plinth.

They are extravagant yet easy to maintain. The styling ideas are countless, but we suggest keeping them minimal to reflect its natural beauty.

Such plinths are a breath of fresh air. Each piece is different from the others, as no marble slab is alike.  

8. Curvy Marble plinth with slabs

Another artistic marble plinth is the one with a curvy body and round slabs.

The plinth is curved, and round marble slabs are placed on the curvy plinth. It serves the purpose of a podium and pedestal. Any item placed on this plinth will become the epicenter of the room.

Such pedestal plinths are elaborately used in events and parties to place decorations. They might look very heavy, but they are easy to move. A seemingly delicate plinth is tough because it is made from natural marble.

9. Round Marble Pillar plinth

Round pillar plinth is trending because of its eternal beauty and grace. The pillar design that ancient architecture used is still trending but in a different form. This time it takes the form of a round tall pillar plinth. The exterior design of these plinths is like a vintage roman pillar.

They exhibit timeless classic beauty. Please position it in the corner of your living room with a retro ornament. See the magic of its splendor that every guest will admire it.

Get this round pillar plinth and humbly receive all the praises. They are available in different materials. Different textures are also made on round plinths.

10. Marble Plinth stool

A very functional marble plinth is a plinth stool, a small plinth used for sitting mainly. It is designed in a way that best fits the purpose of sitting. If not, it also looks classic just for the show. It looks and works well in a bathroom. If placed in a corner, it helps you to relax when doing your nighttime skin regimen.

A matching stool with the walls or floor beautifies the place more. The plinth stool looks great in Calacatta Viola, Carrara White, and Nero Marquina. The little stool is very functional in terms of placing little objects like books, papers, and candles. So, its use in the study room is also welcomed.


All the marble plinths mentioned above are grand and luxurious. They are very useful in homes and offices. These versatile and multi-purpose plinths are tough and durable. They have a variety of colors, sizes, and dimensions.

Available in any marble, the most popular colors are grey, white, marble, and travertine.

You can get them personalized, conforming to your demands.

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