Is Marble Table Fashionable?

Is Marble Table Fashionable?

Marble Furniture has been more and more fashionable recently, and the reason is simple for house and business owners alike.

A marble table has always been fashionable and has been regaining the top spot in the latest home furnishing trends with more to offer. Whether it is for the home or commercial space, this furniture is a good addition to the place.  

If you want to know more about the advantages marble tables can give in terms of both aesthetics and functionality, this article will be worth reading. A marble table is valuable to some extent.

3 Reasons Why Marble Table Is Fashionable


Nowadays, people are becoming more practical and prefer buying furniture that will blend with any interior in case they renovate or redecorate their places.

They need something versatile, and this is where a marble table comes into play.

Availability of Different Colors

As a marble table manufacturer, we can guarantee that your choices of colors in this stone are abundant.

We usually export wholesale marble tables that are neutral in colors, such as:

All of these have white as the main color but the intensity or the “whiteness” and the color of the veins differ.

Don’t worry if white is not your cup of tea. Marble tables come in other colors too. We have:

  • Nero Marquina – black
  • Crema Marfil – beige
  • Emperador Light – light brown
  • Emperador Dark – dark brown
  • Rosso Marquina – burgundy

We also have green marble quarries that are quite rare, but this color is quite the trend according to home staging experts from the Ultimate Academy.

Different Types of Finish

One of the contributors to a marble table’s versatility is the finishing. Our stone crafters perform this at the final stage of manufacturing, and it affects the overall appearance of the furniture.

To give you the top three finishes for marble tables, these are what we apply to Sinodec’s outputs:

Polished Finish

This gives a glossy look that blends with any interior style whether classic or contemporary.

Honed Finish 

It gives a smoothened and matte look that we commonly see in nature-inspired homes or garden-themed places.

Split Face Finish

It has a chiseled and earthy look that depicts a rustic or Mediterranean style.

split face of marble plinth

But again, marble tables are versatile. So a polished finish will look elegant in a rustic interior, and a honed finish can match contemporary designs.

Easy to Shape and Cut

Tables are usually square, rectangular, or round. These shapes are classic, but have you seen something like this in a piece of furniture?

Carrara White Water Wave Marble Plinth

Yes, this is a real marble plinth table in Carrara White. But what is eye-catching about this is it has a water wave shape to represent calm and serenity.

We also have one in Hermes Grey, which is also one of our best-selling marble types for the entire year of 2022.

Hermes Grey Water Wave Marble Plinth

Marble is easy to shape and cut because of its malleability and we have the right equipment in our factory to do so without scratching, cracking, and chipping the slab for the table.

Unique and adaptable appearances like this give us the guarantee that if we want to go for a traditional or eccentric interior, a marble table is the best addition.


Marble tables are stylish because they have an elegant appearance and you can get them at an affordable cost.

This is contrary to the belief that marble is expensive and not budget-friendly. In truth, certain factors affect a marble’s price:

Availability and demand of the particular marble 

For example, a green marble table is rare so the price can be quite high compared to other colors.  

Location of the quarry 

Calacatta marble tables can be expensive because this marble originates from the quarries of Carrara, Italy.

But alternatives such as Carrara or Volakas White will give you the same quality and sleek white color.

Customization such as size and thickness

The wider the table and the thicker the marble that we are going to use, the higher the cost that we have to pay.

If you’re looking to import marble tables of different kinds, customizations, and appearances (i.e. colors and finish), we recommend considering Chinese marble.

China has stepped up its marble innovation in terms of equipment and quality which made the country one of the top suppliers of marble.

You won’t even notice the difference between a marble table from Italy and China, especially if the China stone table supplier is known for producing high-class marble.

Is an Artificial Marble Table Worth It?

Marble has been rocking the markets since the 1980s which is why stone manufacturers decided to create artificial marble since they have lower costs and are easily engineered for customization.

However, the answer we will give you will depend on your long-term furnishing goals.

Artificial marble comes in different engineered colors and is not porous, but it is not as heat resistant and strong as natural marble. In fact, it can melt when exposed to high temperatures because it is a mixture of the following materials:

  • marble debris
  • stone powder
  • plastic
  • cement
  • sand
  • acrylic glue

So, if you’re eyeing to buy a marble table solely for appearance and as a temporary table, then artificial marble is fine.

But if you want a marble table because you want furniture that will last long—aside from the aspect of beauty—then choose natural marble because it is a long-term investment.


What makes people stick with marble tables is not just because of the aesthetic appearance, but also because they are durable.

Temperature resistant

Marble tables withstand heat and cold which is important for a dining table. We do recommend using trivets and saucers to avoid accumulating burn or spill marks, just in case.


Tables need to be strong enough to handle heavy weights and a marble table has a compressive strength of 80 to 140 N/mm2.

It surpasses the 100 N/mm2 standards, meaning it won’t crack when you place heavy things on top.

Easy to Clean

Stylish furniture is troublesome if dirt or stain is hard to remove. With marble tables, you just need a chamois cloth and a marble cleaner. You can even use diluted liquid dishwashing, just make sure that the pH level is between 7 to 10.

travertine design set

The Verdict

The marble table is fashionable, and we are certain that it will always be one of the best choices when it comes to furniture investment.

It lets you express your taste in interior design and a marble table serves its functions with the extra benefit of being durable and sturdy.

Our advice to you as a stone table factory is to choose a manufacturer that has proven output when it comes to producing marble tables. With the right manufacturer, you can:

  • clearly express your expected outcome
  • remove your doubts


There are three reasons why marble tables continue to be fashionable: they are versatile, affordable, and durable.

A marble table will fit any place and will not clash with the differences in the interior. It is also affordable and everyone can acquire a marble table of their own, depending on the type, demand, and style.

Lastly, it will last longer, especially when taken care of. This makes it a good investment for both furniture and decoration.

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