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How to Choose the Best Marble Plinth?

How to Choose the Best Marble Plinth?


Choosing the right furnishing plays a paramount role in defining the character of our home. Honestly, it can be a daunting task. We have many options and variety, so selecting the best marble plinth for our space can be challenging.

Every person has a unique taste and perception of how they want to decorate their home. Also, tons of marble plinths are available in the market, which makes selecting a marble plinth more confusing.

Despite the variety, we are afraid to make the wrong decision as it is a luxury item, but we can also consider it a lifetime investment. Before making big decisions, we must consider all the factors that affect our final choice.

carrara white table

We will discuss all the elements one should consider for choosing the best marble plinth. But let’s first know what the marble plinth and its purpose is.

What Is a Marble Plinth?

A marble plinth is one kind of the popular stone products. Marble is a metamorphic rock composed of calcium-magnesium carbonate under high temperature and pressure.

Large blocks of marble are cut into smaller blocks to take the shape of marble plinths. Marble is extracted from quarries and processed in manufacturing factories. This stone is one of the blessings of nature.

Most marble plinths can be solid, or hollow too. The cutting of the plinth edges smoothly avoids any physical damage.

And marble plinths could be polished, honed, or whatever finish is required. The finalized marble plinths are carefully packaged in foam sheets and stacked in wooden crates. The appropriate packaging is necessary to avoid chipping and ensure safety.

split face of marble plinth

Purpose of The Marble Plinth

A marble plinth is a multi-purpose piece of furniture. We can use it for more than one purpose.

  • Sometimes it is used as a decorative pedestal, especially in public places, like museums or fine dining restaurants.
  • Other times, it serves practical use, like a marble plinth side table or marble coffee table. It looks beautiful in all the roles it plays.
  • We can use marble plinths in events to place ornaments.
  • Furthermore, it can serve the purpose of a drinks table or marble coffee table at parties.
  • We can also use it as a bedside table to place our belongings like books, glasses, or mobile phones, whatever helps us through the night.  
irregular travertine coffee table

Plinths are the perfect item to fill up the weird space in the room. They are visually appealing, add height, and give a high-end look. Whatever is placed on it instantly feels like a million bucks.

Let’s talk about some necessary elements to keep in mind before buying a marble plinth.

Know What You Want in Advance

The first thing that we should develop is clarity of mind. We don’t want to walk into a store and be overwhelmed by the options presented.

We may get confused about what we want to get because all the marble plinths are so beautiful. Please read the blog “How to Choose the Best Marble Plinth?“.

We can make a wrong choice that does not go well with our interior or preferences. A home is an extension of our personality. So, first, have a clear perspective of what kind of marble plinth we want.

Everyone imagines their home differently; no one can understand the vibe of our home better than us. Make up your mind about what you want before going to the shop.

We are not saying to picture the exact plinth in your head; leave a little room for surprise.

We might come upon something different from the imagination that sways us off our feet. Still knowing our needs and demands saves time and effort in selecting a perfect marble plinth.

Select The Color and Texture

Discuss the color and texture of the marble plinth beforehand. It is better to know the color which goes best with the flooring and furniture of our home or office. So we can select something that pops the room’s environment rather than making it dull.

For instance, white is known for making rooms look large and bright. The plinth’s color plays a role in making your room spacious or congested.

Additionally, do we want a lot of veining patterns or something plain? Think about the texture that makes our home look splendid. As we said, marble plinths come in various designs; we can find plinths in light to heavy veining patterns. Depending upon our personal choice, we can select the most suitable one.

Know Some Basic Information about Marble

There are many variations in marble. It is hard to differentiate natural marble from artificial marble for a layperson just by looking at it. Testing the originality of marble is an essential step in the buying journey.

For example, Calacatta marble has a white base with light grey veins. It is highly in demand and quarried in Italy, known for its classic beauty and functionality.

Every region produces different porosity and hardness of the marble; origin is crucial in determining the item’s durability—the appearance of marble changes from location to location. In addition, the source of the marble has an impact on the price of the marble plinth. Knowing the origin makes a difference in the originality, quality, and budget.

Check The Quality of the Marble

Before making a purchase, determine the quality of the marble material. We would want to spend a reasonable amount on a good-quality product. The simplest way to check the quality of marble is to look for fissures and dull spots.

Examine the plinth in the light at a 45-degree angle. We will see cracks or flat areas, a sign of bad-quality marble. Lusterless spots appear because of the filling in a chip. It shows there were cracks in the marble, and now they are filled. Cracks are an indicator of low-quality marble.

Another factor that determines the quality of marble is its porosity. The higher the porosity, the lower the character. High porosity means soft marble; low porosity means hard marble.

Know The Pros and Cons of Marble Material

Marble has a sheer elegance, but we cannot say it is free of flaws. While there are numerous benefits of using marble in our home, it has a downside too.

Pros of Marble:

We better know the benefits of using marble material to make an informed choice.

Unique Look: Marble has no rival when it comes to its appearance. We can find plinths in materials like glass and wood, but marble’s richness and character are unmatched. Its veining pattern and texture arouse people and give a unique look to it.

split face marble plinth

Longevity: It is a highly durable material that has a long life. We don’t have to worry about daily wear and tear as it’s a hard stone. We can place a marble plinth in an open area without the fear of abrasion.

Valuable Item: Marble has been trending since ancient times. Many historical sculptures and monuments were built in marble, giving it a value that no other material holds. Buying a marble plinth is more like an investment because this furniture piece is not going anywhere for decades.  

Cons of marble:

It is beneficial to recognize the drawbacks of marble so we can handle it better.

Cost: A solid marble plinth is not a budget-friendly item for everyone. It is more expensive than others, but there are many variations in marble; we can find one in our budget if appropriately guided.  

Decide Your Budget

When we want to purchase something, we always set a budget in mind. Though deciding our budget range is a crucial task.

A marble plinth is not necessarily an expensive piece. The sea of marble variety makes it a product of a wide range. The type of marble you select, the finish you choose, and the structure you prefer determine the cost of the plinth.

travertine design set
  • Type of Marble: The first thing that affects your budget is the type of marble you select. Different origins, textures, veining intensity, impurities, and availability change the cost of marble. If a type of marble is widely available and has abundant resources, it will not cost very high. On the contrary, a marble rarely found in a few places will cost more.

We can take the example of Calacatta marble, a rare marble found in Italy. It has a higher price than Carrara marble, which is more common and abundant. Both have some similarities in appearance but enough distinct features to set them apart.

That is why it is necessary to work with a reliable marble plinth factory to avoid such fiddles. Carrara marble is comparatively cheaper, so if you have a low budget, you should go for a classic marble. Despite a lower price, it looks exquisite, the inherent marble trait.

2023 new design coffee table
  • Structure of The Plinth: Another essential element that can help buy a budget-friendly plinth is the structure of the plinth. The manufacturing of the marble plinths happens in three ways; solid marble plinths, hollow marble plinths with marble slabs, and empty marble plinths with marble aluminum honeycomb panels. Depending on the build of the plinth, the cost varies exponentially.
  • It is common sense that a solid block of marble will cost more because of the amount of stone used. Hence, you can go for a concrete marble plinth with a high budget.
  • A cheaper option is the marble plinth with an aluminum honeycomb board and marble slabs. It looks the same as a solid plinth and gives the same durability and functionality. Yet reduces the cost because of the lower amount of marble used.
  • The third and cheapest option in terms of structure is the hollow plinth made with marble slabs only. Therefore, consider the form of the marble plinth when deciding your budget.

Do You Want a Polished or Honed Finish?

Marble goes through an abrasion process to change its superficial aspect. Different abrasion processes give it a different finish. After cutting the specific shape of the marble plinth, it goes through various techniques for finishing. Finishing not only changes its appearance but also highlights its character and beauty. We often see different finishing of marble, like polished marble, tumbled marble, honed marble, and brushed marble.

Regarding marble plinths, two distinctive finishes are popular and commonly used: polished and honed. A different finish completely changes the character and look of the plinth.

Polished Marble Plinth

Polishing is undoubtedly the most common finish for marble tables and plinths. It gives the classic glossy and reflective surface to the marble. Polished marble looks very elegant and graceful, especially in high-visibility spaces. When we imagine a marble plinth, we automatically think of a shiny reflective surface because polishing is the most widespread finish.

The question arises of how we achieve the polished finish. The answer is multiple abrasion processes—repeated rubbing of marble with different grains in combination with a liquid. Polishing is a wet process. Starting with thick grains gradually reduces the grain size, coming to the finest grain to achieve the required look.  

We find minimal removal of material during the polishing process, typically measured in microns. It usually makes the fabric less porous and offers additional resistance against the penetration of liquids. The repeated rubbing process also gives marble the ability to reflect light.

Honed Marble Plinth

The honed finish is more likely to give a matte outlook. It provides a subtle sheen to the surface of the marble plinth. The material is smooth but not reflective and glossy like polished marble. The process of honing and polishing are almost the same. It uses similar abrasives but in fewer amounts.

factory production of travertine plinth

We will achieve the honed finish if we stop the polishing process a little early. It maintains the original colors and depth of the marble with a smooth, matte surface.

The flat surface is slip-resistant and less prone to scratches than the polished finish. The reason is that light does not reflect on the honed surface, so even if it gets scratched, it’s not noticeable.

Decide The Shape of the Marble Plinth

The marble plinth is a trend-setting sculptural piece and an elegant ornament. Plenty of designs and shapes are available. We can select the one that aligns with our preferences. Some popular and handy forms are cubic plinths, rectangular marble coffee tables, tall pedestals, round plinth tables, and inverted pyramid marble tables.

1. Cubic Plinth

A cubic plinth is a small-sized, cube-shaped marble plinth. Its comprehensive utilization is as a side table. A cubic plinth is a sophisticated piece that adds an aura to the room wherever we place it. We can also place objects upon it using it as a podium.

pink onyx base

2. Rectangular Marble Coffee Table

It is a low rectangular stone serving the purpose of a marble table. The most common usage is coffee or center tables in a living room. They are not only grand but also very functional. They serve as a table for drinks and coffee and place books and vases. They can use decoration to enhance the look; if not, they look gorgeous otherwise.

3. Tall Pedestals

These are attainable in many shapes. We can have tall plinths in round shape, as a trio set, or cubic shape. They are feasible for displaying objects, art pieces, sculptures, flower pots, Etc. Tall plinths catch the eye instantly because of their height and decoration. Place it where you want to turn heads.

4. Round Plinth Table:

It is also a low-center table in a round shape. They are primarily used in the living room and are universally known for their profile. It depicts simplicity and grandiosity all in one piece. It brings a touch of elegance and luxury to the room. It can be home to drinks or a place for remote controls, a perfectly versatile cozy design.   

5. Inverted Pyramid Plinth

It is an unpredictable and utterly addictive design. It gives a contemporary look to the place. We can use it in a hallway with a large vase on top so that it becomes the focal point of that area. We can also use it as a coffee table in the sitting room. Cleverly designed to fit all roles a marble plinth can play.   

All the marble plinths are subject to customization; you can select the type of marble and get the marble plinth of your choice. Dealing with us, a marble tabletop factory in China gives you the added advantage of customization and consultation.

Choose The Best Place to Put the Marble Plinth

The placement of the marble plinth plays a leading role in the overall look of the area. Proper positioning can uplift the space and enhance the beauty of the plinth.

On the other hand, if placed poorly can sway the whole interior in a negative direction. We are sure no one wants to make the home look awful. The purpose of a marble plinth is to add beauty to our place, so think carefully before placing it.

irregular travertine coffee table

Furthermore, the placement heavily depends on the shape of the plinth. For instance, a cubic plinth does not act as a center table in the lounge; it looks best as a side table in any room. What purpose you want your plinth to serve also decides the placement.

A low rectangular plinth can fit the definition of a coffee table and a podium for pots in a hallway. It all depends on how you envision your home and what you want from your marble plinth. If you are confused about “Where Should I Put the Marble Plinth?“, please review this blog.


We can place our plinth as a marble side table in our bedroom. It provides a refreshing bedroom vibe rather than a traditional bedside table. A cubic plinth looks best as a side table in the bedroom. It comes in handy in times of need. We can place our necessary objects, lamps, or books upon it. But depending on our usage, we can also set a tall plinth in the corner. Place a tall plinth as a pedestal to magnify the charm of the bedroom.

Living room

It is one of the best places to put our marble table. The living room is the central and exquisite area of every home. We need something as marvelous to fit in that room. If we have a tall plinth, we can style that in a way that looks ravishing in the living room. A marble coffee table is a perfect choice for a living room, an elegant piece in a great place. The living room is a place that can fit any form of plinth. A cubic plinth can position itself near a sofa as a side table.  

Dining room

Big residences have separate dining rooms, and placing a marble dining table set is a chic selection. We can’t put the marble dining set in any other space; as we said, placement is the key to enhancement.

Marble plinths are placed in many other places like study rooms, coffee bars, bookstores, kitchens, bathrooms, offices, commercial areas, and hallways—the shape and the purpose best define where we can put our marble end table.

What Size of Marble Plinth Is Suitable?

Decide the size of the marble plinth according to the space. Large foyers can embed large plinth tables, while small entrances should stick with small, tall plinths.

Depending on the area, we should select the size of the marble plinth. Hence, choose the size of the marble plinth according to your site available.

If we establish an organic shape for the coffee table, get the dimensions bigger for a spacious living room according to other furniture settings or vice versa.

customized waterjet medallion border design

In addition to that, marble plinths are customizable. We can have a long marble dining table with eight or maybe ten chairs if we have space.

Change the size according to the place. Furthermore, when we talk about marble trays or marble plates, those are customized according to our area.

Choose The Best Material for The Plinth

As we said earlier, a massive variety of marble is available in the market. Let’s discuss a few elite marbles that are fashionable and sturdy altogether. Such marbles make the best marble plinths.

Calacatta Gold

The name suggests that it must be an exquisite marble. Calacatta gold, a white background with gold veins, is undoubtedly the most lethal combination.

It echoes luxury and luminosity. It is notable for its brilliant performance and splendor, a perfect selection for contemporary luxury homes.

It has a high resistance to heat and abrasion, so despite its elegance, it is pretty functional.  

Nero Marquina

One of the best marbles known for its grace and outstanding beauty. The black marble plinth with white veins brings out the depth of the natural stone and accentuates the area.

It looks fascinating, with a polished finish and minimal styling.

It has a sleekness in its aura, making it a one-of-a-kind black marble. It has abundant resources, so it is also an affordable marble.

Emperador Green

Who doesn’t love the deep green marble, especially with a network of white veins?

Emperador green marble plinth pops up in any corner and can draw visitors’ attention.

It looks exotic when the home décor is minimalistic. It adds a modern look and is equally durable and sturdy. It looks equally good with a polished and honed finish.

emperador green table design

Carrara White

Carrara is an Italian marble with a white background and grey veins. It is a widely used marble in plinths, table tops, and trays.

It is known for its classic, timeless beauty that can elevate our place. Carrara is a kind of marble that never goes out of fashion.

A Carrara white marble plinth provides the brightness needed in dull, boring areas.   

carrara white table

Beige Travertine

It is a form of limestone found in beige color. The beige travertine looks very attractive with its honed finish. It adds to the finesse of the area and brings poise to the interior.

travertine side table details

Style The Plinth to Elevate Your Space

Once we have selected the marble type, the structure, the shape, and the place to put the marble plinth, it’s time to style it to elevate the area. There are countless ideas for styling the plinth according to its positioning. Styling can change the game, so we should put some effort into that. It is also an exciting task resulting in absolute beauty.


We can place a light on our marble plinth if we position it as a side table in the bedroom. It will be accessible and convenient during the night. A lamp might not be the first choice if we are not using the pedestal as a side table.

Decorative Pot

 Another intriguing option is a decorative pot or urn. Place a vessel on the marble plinth to give a vibe of an instant artifact.


We can also use sculptures, like museums placing sculptures on tall white pedestals. The statue will look high-end, artsy, and royal. We can’t go wrong with it as it is the ultimate swoon-fest.


One more styling option is the use of books. Books ooze sophistication and elegance. It is our favorite item to play around with, so why not on a marble plinth? Place them under a pot to add more height and variance.   


Nothing is more refreshing than a branch of flowers. Whether a single stem or a bouquet, it ensures that the whole place looks soothing. Overall it provides a happy vibe; every one walking by the marble plinth will notice the flower and feel special.

You can place any other thing you feel fits your ambiance or maybe leave the marble plinth empty because it is a beauty to celebrate on its own.

Maintenance of The Marble Plinth

Marble is a distinct and intriguing material. Its dense structure makes it durable and functional, but if not taken care of appropriately can get stained, scratched, or etched.

Look after your marble plinth carefully to give it a long life.

Regular cleaning

Clean the marble tabletop regularly with a soft dry cloth. To remove harsh blemishes like fingerprints, use a wet cloth. Make sure only to use water to wet the fabric and instantly dry it afterward.

Please avoid regular cleaning agents like detergents and surface cleaners as they are very harsh on the marble. It can leave a residue or discolor the marble surface over time.

Keep in mind to avoid abrasive products as they can destroy the polishing of the marble plinth.

Wipe spills instantly

Spilling drinks on our coffee tables is typical. To avoid staining the table, quickly wipe it off with a damp sponge or cloth.

Wine, coffee, lemon, or vinegar can leave stains; clean the sponge repeatedly, so the liquid does not settle down on the marble surface.

All marbles are porous, but polishing makes them less absorbent. Conversely, honed marbles are more porous, so we have to be extra careful with the matte marble plinth table to avoid staining.


Prevention is the key to making our marble look like a new one even after ages. Use coasters and mats underneath the cups, glasses, and plates for marble plinth tables to avoid ring marks and scratches. Use felt pads underneath the vases, books, lamps, or other decorative pieces for marble plinths and pedestals.

Avoid heavy loads

If you choose a hollow plinth, it is better not to place a heavy item on top of it. It may crack the marble along its natural veins, which is never a happy ending. Be careful when handling the plinth for longevity.

pink onyx base


Before choosing the marble plinth, it would be best to keep certain factors in mind.

It is preferable to do your homework before buying the plinth. Know what you want, which color scheme suits your home, what your budget is, which marble material you prefer Etc.

Consider all these factors and step inside the market, where you will get many options regarding the shape and size of marble plinths or marble tables. You won’t be overwhelmed if you have a clear perspective of what you want.

Try to buy from a trusted source; we have curated our marble collection that complements every kind of interior.

Though all our pieces are customizable and made on demand, we welcome you to go through our collection and feel free to contact us for any further questions. We assure you to provide the best products and services in town.

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