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Do Marble Tables Break Easily?

Do Marble Tables Break Easily?

A marble table is a stylish addition to any establishment; it’s popular in the kitchen, living room, office, lobby, and reception. Aside from they add value to the place, marble tables don’t break easily.  

The durability of marble tables stems from the material itself. Its strength, resistance to typically damaging elements to other materials, and uncomplicated maintenance result in the furniture’s proven longevity.  

Please read this article as we explain each of the characteristics of a marble table, together with more reasons why we should invest in one.

Reasons Why Marble Tables Are Durable

Did you know that the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) classified marble as one of the materials that can last for centuries? That means your table will be intact for 100 years.

Of course, this comes with proper usage and maintenance. But if you spend money on furniture, marble is an excellent and cost-effective option.

High Compressive and Impact Strength

You might wonder why we’re measuring these strengths for a marble table when it’s not structural.

Well, we will still place weight on it, and we might drop something heavy accidentally, resulting in an impact. So, will these break the marble table easily? No, and here’s why.

Compressive strength will be the marble table’s capacity to resist breaking or cracking when heavy weight is placed on top. In civil engineering, some studies say marble’s compressive strength is up to 20,000 psi. But some recorded 10,000 – 35,000 psi.

This will depend on the quality of the marble that we will use, but both measurements are high as they exceed the structural requirement for concrete walls of 2,500 psi by the American Concrete Institute (ACI) 318.

Impact toughness will be the resistance of the marble to breaking when a sudden load is dropped at the table, especially of dense weight. This is important since no matter how careful we are, incidents of setting down something on the furniture will happen.

Depending on the type and grade of marble that we will use, the impact strength can be between 2.00 – 23.0 in/in². This strength should match where we will use the stone and, in this case, for furniture.

Heat and Fire Resistant

Heat resistance is an essential feature of tables—especially for dining ones. This goes for homes and food establishments that place hot kitchen tools and utensils on their marble tables.

They can handle a temperature of 200 °C or 329 °F. Pans can reach 600 °C when on the stove, so we shouldn’t put a pan fresh from the heat directly on the table; use trivets instead.

Lastly, marble tables can’t catch fire. While thinking about a table on fire might be ridiculous, some owners light up candles on the furniture for ambiance.

Water Resistant and Sealable

One of the disadvantages that the internet will tell you about a marble table is its porosity. While it’s true that marble is porous (like some natural stones), it doesn’t mean the table will break when water touches it.

What we have to do is to wipe any liquid from the table the moment there are spills or splashes. This isn’t difficult, considering no one really leaves their table wet, no matter what material it’s made from.

A marble table is also sealable. We use a sealer to protect the furniture from absorbing liquid, and depending on the product’s specifications, the seal can last 3 to 5 years.

Easy Maintenance

Some of us think a marble table will be hard to maintain because of its luxurious appearance and porosity. On the contrary, it’s easy to keep clean and intact.

As previously mentioned, the golden rule is to immediately wipe off any liquid from the table, even if it’s just water. This is because prolonged exposure to water can cause etch marks and stains if it’s acid exposure (e.g., wine, juice, vinegar, etc.).

What we require to use on a marble table is microfiber cloth or chamois cloth. These are the most gentle wipers that won’t scratch your stone furniture.

In terms of cleaners, marble solutions are available in the market. Dish wash liquids are also on the list, but make sure it’s pH 7 since this is the neutral level. Warm water is good for wetting and rinsing the surface as well.  

And that’s it; you get a table that doesn’t break easily and lasts for centuries at low-cost and effort maintenance.

Why Should We Invest in a Marble Table?

We have proven that a marble table is durable, which saves us the worry of the furniture breaking, cracking, or staining easily. You can read this article, “Are Marble Tables Durable?” for detailed suggestions.

In this section, we provided more characteristics of the marble table that are worthwhile to look at and consider, especially if we look for value.

Adds Value to the Place

One way to increase a place’s value is to have marble in it. Residential buyers are willing to pay extra amounts for a property with marble, including a table or furniture.

While you might not be planning to put your building on sale, it’s beneficial to know that its value is high in case you need to move places. It’s a different story if you’re in the real estate business, as this may be your key to increasing the returns.


A marble table is sustainable because of the following reasons:

  • Its durability and longevity will remove the need for you to purchase a new table over a long time;
  • the process of manufacturing marble tables does not involve high emission of carbon dioxide or any harmful gases to the environment, compared with the manufacturing of tables made from other materials and;
  • we use fewer resources for manufacturing a marble table, such as less clean water.

If you’re an environmental advocate, marble tables are the best choice, especially if they are locally made. Sinodec also repurposes the surplus materials, particularly for marble mosaics. In this way, we don’t waste resources.


Of course, we want autonomy with the style of the marble table. The good thing about this is you can cooperate with factories like us to personalize your furniture to be more like “you.”

factory production of travertine plinth

Marble itself is a stone rich in colors and marked by beautiful veins. All you have to do is explain to us how you want the table to look, and we’ll be the ones to draw the illustration using computer-aided design (CAD).

We even encourage clients to check the slabs with us to see the quality and vast choices.

Can We Use Lightweight Marble for Tables?

Lightweight marble panels have been a popular choice as a building material, and some might ask if we can use this for furniture.

The answer is yes, we can. Lightweight stones can be used for marble tables and are guaranteed not to break easily. This is a lighter and more durable option with an aluminum honeycomb backing and natural stone sheet combined.


Marble table applies to residential and commercial establishments since it doesn’t break easily and offers us multiple advantages from durability to value.

This furniture has impressive strength because of the material itself. Marble tables are also temperature resistant and easily maintained, allowing us to care for them with minimum effort.

Lastly, since marble is a beautiful stone that lasts for centuries, furniture made from it will add value to the place.

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