Are Marble Tables Durable?

Are Marble Tables Durable?

Marble tables are known for their beauty, and having one is an elegant addition to our set of furniture since it can complement any setting.

Wouldn’t We want our dining area to be simple but classy looking? Or for our patio to have a nice coffee table that our visitors couldn’t help but admire?

Marble tables provide an aesthetic appearance, and they are also durable and strong. According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), marble can last up to 100 years with proper care and maintenance. It’s one of the most timeless materials because of both its beauty and durability.

We just said about marble tables might be surprising since it’s a common misconception that they can break or shatter easily, but they are actually very resistant. In this blog, we need to know why and how marble tables are durable, and what we need to do to take care of them.

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Why Marble Tables Are Durable: The Secrets

Marble is a metamorphic rock with calcite or calcium carbonate (CaCO₃) as its main mineral. This mineral is vital as a building material as it improves durability, and metamorphic rocks, by their nature, are hard and usually not affected by erosion and weathering.

Now, let’s answer the question of why marble tables last longer than most furniture made from other materials.

It Is Resistant to Heat

Marble tables, specifically marble tabletops, are resistant to heat. This is perfect for our dining area where we will place different things on top.

We’ve probably heard of incidents where dining tables made of glass will break or shatter out of nowhere. Well, this is because of the irregularities of how the glass is made and because of the temperature differences caused by the things We place on it.

That’s okay, it’s not our fault. What’s a table if it’s empty, right?

With marble tabletops, We won’t have to worry about shattering and breaking since the material is strong enough to handle the heat. However, this doesn’t mean that We won’t have to take precautions.

If We’re placing something hot⁠—such as a pot with freshly cooked soup⁠—we recommend that We still use a trivet. In this way, We’re not only being careful, but We are also taking good care of our marble table.

We said it can handle the heat. But can it also handle the cold?”

The answer is yes. Marble tabletops can put up with different temperatures, including weather changes too. However, We also have to take care of it properly so it can maintain its strength (we will tackle this in the next parts!).

It is resistant to bacteria

When we talk about hygiene, a common misconception about marble tabletops is that they are absorbent to bacteria. We understand if this turned Us off. After all, We will place food on our table, so We want it to be clean.

But don’t worry because this is not true at all, so don’t think that We will be getting our food dirty.

Marble is porous due to the process it has to undergo, but it does not mean that it will automatically absorb dirt and bacteria. In fact, it is widely known to contain antibacterial properties.

This characteristic of marble tabletops makes it reasonable for them to be used in places that will involve food and drinks. However, this is a reminder that to maintain this quality, it is essential to seal the marble.

We must also make sure to keep it clean using mild cleaners—preferably marble-friendly ones—and don’t use harsh scrubbing materials. In this way, We are helping extend the life of our tabletop.

It Is Resistant Enough to Cracks

Look carefully and feel our marble tabletop’s surface. Those “cracks” might not really be cracks. They could be just the lines that are part of the marble’s design!

Since the said furniture is resistant to heat, it’s also resistant enough from procuring cracks. Considering that it’s also maintained, especially by sealing, there is no need to worry about this. If it does happen, it is usually repairable, and the cracks do not extend from one end to another. The latter situation is common to fragile materials which contribute to other tabletops being easily breakable and not as sturdy as the ones made of marble.

Even so, We must avoid dropping something heavy on our tabletop. Gently place our dining ware or if possible, avoid putting stuff that is way too heavy on our marble table. The impact of the heaviness might cause it to gain cracks.

Can My Marble Table Last 100 Years?

Marble tabletops were a thing of the past too. The Naples National Archaeological Museum in Italy even has a small marble table from the ruins of Pompeii. In short, that table was from more than 1000 years ago. That is how long the furniture can live!


Marble is a metamorphic rock that is rich in beauty and quality. Furniture that is created from it, such as a marble table, is very durable and can pass the test of time. It can outlast other furniture in the same place We will put it.

Although, We must ensure that our marble tabletop is receiving the proper care and maintenance to increase its lifespan. With this, it will be one of our best investments for our home, office, and any place that We own that needs a table.

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