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5 Things to Consider in Choosing a Marble Table

5 Things to Consider in Choosing a Marble Table

From a marble manufacturer’s perspective, there are five factors that you have to consider in choosing a marble table:

  1. the kind of table you need
  2. size
  3. color preference
  4. shape
  5. type of finish

In this article, we are going to explain each one of these factors so you know what to do.

Remember, a marble table could be the best furniture investment we can have if we know how to pick which one is worth buying.

Natural Stone vs. Artificial Marble

The smartest action you can do before you buy marble tables is:

  • to choose a trusted stone table manufacturer with an established reputation in producing marble tables and;
  • to have knowledge on how to determine if the marble is natural or artificial.

There is nothing wrong with preferring an artificial marble table. But we don’t want you to think that the dupe you are buying is natural marble, especially if it is wholesale.

So, to be safe, let’s check these three determiners:

  1. color
  2. pattern uniqueness
  3. weight
customized marble table set


One of the major differences between natural and artificial marble tables is the diversity of available colors.

While natural marble tables can come in different unique colors, they are more subtle and dependent on the geological processes that marble undergoes.

With artificial marble tables, the colors can be engineered and you can even request a rainbow marble.

Pattern Uniqueness

No two slabs of marble can be exactly the same. That is why with natural marble tables, the pattern or veins are not equal which makes it unique.

In artificial ones, the pattern can be uniform.


Natural marble tables are heavier than artificial ones. If the table offered to you is surprisingly light, double-check with the manufacturer if it is original.

Of course, the weight will also depend on the marble table’s style, length, width, and height. The formula is like this:

  • for solid tables = length (L) * width (W) * height (H) in meters (m) multiplied by 2,700 kilograms
  • for assembled tables = acreage * thickness in meters (m) multiplied by 2,700 kilograms

Usually, the weight of our marble tables is the following:

  • for solid tables = 2,700 kilograms per cubic meter (m³)
  • for assembled tables with slabs of 20-millimeter (mm) thickness = 50 kilograms per square meter (㎡)

We have an article to describe “Two Common Ways to Classify the Stones“, If you are intending to know more professional knowledge in the stone field, please kindly read it precisely.

How to Choose a Marble Table

You can always ask us questions about your marble table needs, but we also like to guide you on what you should look out for when buying this furniture.

Determine the Kind of Table You Need

There are a lot of kinds of marble tables so you have to decide what is it that you are looking for.

Asking these questions will help you in this task:

  • What are the interior trends nowadays?
  • What do furniture shoppers usually look for?
  • Do I need to import coffee marble tables, dining, or side tables? Or maybe some for office use?

If you are confused about whether it’s a good choice to choose a marble table, please kindly read this article “Are Marble Tables Durable?“. Once you get your answers through observation and research, you may proceed with being more specific in terms of the build like:

  • Do I prefer a solid or assembled marble table?
  • Do I want a single-legged or “bistro” marble table or do I want legs on each side or curves for support?
  • How many storages or drawers should the marble table have, especially if it is for office or study use?

Pick the Size

This is connected to the first step since in determining how big or small you want the marble table to be, we must consider these things:

  • the purpose will serve and;
  • the size of the place where we have to put the table.

In our experience, the marble dining tables that we manufacture and export mostly have standard sizes.

We know that you should have a set ready whether your customer needs a four or six-seater, or even more, so having standard sizes that can accommodate these is helpful.

In this part, we will reference a home furnishing expert called Bassett Furniture about the usual table dimensions.

ShapeDimensions Number of Seaters
Square36″ and 44″ wide and 34″ and 36″ tall4
  Rectangular 36″ and 40″ wide48” long4
Round36″ and 44″ diameters4

But what if it is a side table? Then pick a marble table that you believe is big enough to put a phone, book, or lampshade on.

With coffee tables, it will depend if you will use this solely for coffee or you will also place other things such as magazines (usually in a living room).

Color Preference

We already figured out the kind of marble table that we like and how big we want it to be. Next, we are going to choose its color. A marble table is a good investment as it’s valuable.

Like the previous stages, we also have a few things to consider. Don’t worry, it is not that difficult. We just have to take into account the:

  • color of the walls;
  • color of other elements in the room (e.g. color of the sofa, cabinets, figurines, and the like), and;
  • the theme of the place, if any.

To save you time, ask your manufacturer about the available colors of their marble tables so you will know if they have the color that you want and if they have a marble slab color chart, which you can look at to help you decide.

Through the years of being in the marble business, we know for sure that people love the neutral colors of this natural stone.

We exported a lot of Calacatta Viola marble tables along with Nero Marquina plinths. Lately, Hermes Gray tables are in high demand because of their cloudy grey and greyish-white veins. If you are also interested in marble plinths, here is the list of “The top 10 popular marble plinths in America.”

These colors can blend with any type of interior, which is why they are safe to buy as we can put them anywhere.

If you want to explore and offer people different colors, marble comes in pink, blue, green, and even red.

Decide on the Shape

You’ve probably already thought about this when you were considering the size. But truth be told, a lot of us like to think about the color first before anything else.

Marble tables are usually:

  • square
  • rectangle
  • oval
  • round

Just a fun fact, oval and round-shaped marble tables complement smaller spaces and promote intimacy between the seaters.

Square or rectangle tables—especially for dining—is perfect for square-shaped rooms as.

But again, we told you to explore. There are unique marble shapes too such as this water wave plinth in Hermes Grey.

This customized Calacatta Viola marble side table is also distinctive compared to conventional shapes.

Mainly sold to the major supermarkets, according to the requirements of wholesalers to produce fixed marbles and sizes of desktops, screw holes in the back, independent packaging, convenient for end consumers DIY assembly.

Choose the Type of Finish

The finishing is the final stage of the marble table’s manufacturing process where we finally achieve the intended result, especially in the physical aspect.

In Sinodec Stone, we usually polish our marble tables since this is what our clients like, especially those from abroad. There are some suggestions to protect the marble tables in the article “7 Safe Ways to Protect Marble Tables From Stains“.

But in this section, we will give other types of finishes to help you decide what suits your preference and needs better.

Polished Finish

The outcome of a polished marble table will be glossy and lustrous, allowing the light to reflect on the furniture.

Honed Finish

The marble table will have a smooth and matte surface, which takes away the ability to reflect light. A honed marble will give a natural look.

Split Faced Finish

A marble table with a split-faced finish will emphasize the natural irregularities beautifully. We use a chisel to achieve this finish and it provides an antique appearance on the table.

split face of marble plinth

Always Ask Your Manufacturer

This is a simple tip that a lot of people forget. If you are not a stone expert and you are having doubts or second thoughts, ask your manufacturer.

  • You don’t know what’s the best finish for your marble table? Consult your manufacturer.
  • You noticed cracks on the marble slab they will use for your table? Inform your manufacturer.
  • You don’t know what size of marble table suits you best? Ask your manufacturer.

Sinodec has a complete team of stone experts that includes the actual stone crafters, quality control checkers, designers, and more people that can help you before you order or import marble tables.

Always remember that you have to pick a manufacturer that you can trust so the process will go smoothly from the creation up to the delivery.


To successfully choose a marble table, it is important to have a trusted manufacturer with you to guide you through the entire process. In terms of your responsibilities, you have to prepare for these things:

  • ensuring that the marble table is natural and not artificial;
  • knowing the purpose you want the marble table to serve;
  • knowing your preferred table shape, size, color, and finish.

When you are unsure of anything regarding the process, let the manufacturer know so they can clarify and provide you with information.

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