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Which Color Is the Best in Marble Flooring?

Which Color Is the Best in Marble Flooring?


The marble flooring looks graceful and sophisticated in homes and offices. Its durability, versatility, and natural elegance make it highly lovable.

We can find several designs, textures, and colors in marble. The color of the marble floor makes a tremendous impact on the overall aesthetics of the room. It has the power to brighten or darken the space.

Floor color influences not only the home but also the temperament of the homeowner, as it is said that colors affect mood.


Let’s discuss the best marble flooring colors and the aspects we should consider before selecting the floor color.

5 Best Colors in Marble Flooring

Some people like lighter shades, while some prefer dark tones. You will surely adore the five best colors in marble flooring.

1. White Marble Flooring

White marble flooring is the best choice for making your home look brighter and more prominent. It is fantastic to look at and shines perfectly in natural lighting. It applies to commercial places, religious buildings, homes, and offices. Mostly are used in Modern Styles.

Carrara marble and Calacatta gold are two preferable choices for white flooring. Carrara is most commonly used around the globe, while Calacatta gold is a high-end choice. The former has grey veins, and the latter has gold veins on white background.

There are plenty of options for white marble flooring. White marble flooring is easy to maintain as dirt is visible, so we can immediately clean it.

The most significant advantage of white flooring is that it makes the room look more extensive than usual. It adds a touch of style, class, and luxury. But the downside is that it is highly susceptible to staining if not maintained properly.

2. Brown Marble Flooring

White sounds like a conventional choice for flooring but brown marble flooring is rare yet pleasing.

We can find varying shades of brown in marble flooring, ranging from light to dark. Due to the stripes and textures in brown marble, it can give a wood-like appearance.

Dark Emperador is quarried from Spain, and it is the most prominent choice for dark brown marble flooring. It has white and other light-colored veins on dark brown background. Style the brown marble flooring with light-colored sofas and furniture to balance the overall dynamic of the room.

Light Emperador is another variation in brown marble, a honey-colored marble with a light veining network.

We can use light and dark Emperador in combination, as they complement each other perfectly, to make exquisite flooring. Borders in such design is very popular, you can read our blog “Popular Marble Floor Border Designs” for more ideas.

It has excellent durability and hardness but is not ideal for homes with pets.  

3. Beige Marble Flooring

Beige marble flooring adds warmth to the place because of its pale color. It gives a relaxing vibe and offers sophistication at the same time. Beige is a highly desirable and adaptive color as it can look good with any furniture and walls.

Crema Marfil marble is particularly the most popular choice in beige color. It contains veins of colors including yellow, golden beige, white, and cinnamon.

Though it is quarried in Spain, China is the biggest stockiest of Crema Marfil.

Beige marble flooring is an excellent choice for heavy-traffic areas like hallways and lobbies. It can withstand extreme weather conditions and absorbs heat.

waterjet marble border design

Travertine tiles are another option for beige flooring. Its earthy hues and unique texture provide a welcoming energy.  

4. Black Marble Flooring

Black marble flooring is used in contemporary homes. It gives an artistic and creative feel to the place.

Though black is a sophisticated choice for flooring, its styling can be a bit challenging. Nero Marquina is on top of the list for black marble flooring.

A solid black background with web-like white veins proves quintessential. Black is a breathtaking and statement-making floor color. One rule of thumb is to install black marble flooring in larger spaces, as dark colors make the room look small.

If you are confused about using marble flooring, please read our blog “Are Marble Floors Hard to Maintain?

The black floor can look overwhelming in a small area.

Another excellent choice for black marble flooring is Port Laurent, with thick golden veins. It is a head-turning and hard-to-ignore flooring choice.

The downside is that it absorbs a lot of light, so we need excellent lighting with a black floor.

5. Grey Marble Flooring

Grey marble flooring contains a range of hues and shades. We can find a grey shade of our choice, from dark grey to silver.

If we want a floor that is not too dark or too light, then grey is a perfect choice. Hermes grey is a famous marble used for flooring with a subtle white veining pattern that provides a soothing impression. It incorporates neutral tones and captures natural light brilliantly.

marble stepstairs with lighting

Another highly appreciated grey marble is cloudy grey marble. It is semi-white with grey veins, excellent for exterior flooring.

Grey marble flooring does a significant job hiding grime and dirt, but it can sometimes lack warmth. However, it goes equally in traditional and modern homes because it stays in fashion.

How to Choose the Best Color in Marble Flooring?

We should keep certain things in mind before making such a crucial decision, like selecting the color of the marble flooring. It is one of the things that are hard to replace.

Size and Functionality of the Room

If we are selecting a floor for a small room, we prefer to choose white marble flooring. It can brighten the space and make it look vast.

On the other hand, when we choose a foundation for the kitchen where food spills are regular, we go for medium-density colors like beige and shades of grey.

So the chances of staining are less but clean them as soon as possible. Lighter shades look appealing in the living room. The size and functionality of the room are vital in selecting the color of marble flooring.

Required Ambiance

Another thing is what kind of ambiance we want to create in a particular room.

Dark marble flooring can make the room look small and have a saddening effect on the mood. You can get many inspirates on Pinterest.

On the contrary, bright and soft hues create happy vibes and make the room look spacious. One can play with contrasting colors or checkered patterns to give the floor a contemporary look.

waterjet medallion flooring design

Go beyond the traditional look by incorporating motifs and borders. Add various colors to the flooring to make it bold. We can use monochrome colors for a minimalistic approach.

Color can change the ambiance; select the marble flooring color according to your required vibe.   

The User

The choices of kids and elders may differ as colors have a psychological influence.

Young boys enjoy black marble flooring as they resonate with the vibe, but an older adult might consider it too dark.

marble border design has been adapted to suit a variety of different styles

Teen girls prefer a pink marble floor, but we can’t say the same for work-from-home men.

Beige and light grey are excellent choices for a study room or home office. Who is using the room makes much difference in selecting the floor color.  


Select the floor color that complements the existing décor of the room. Each room has a different setting; the living room can be high-end, while the kitchen can be minimalistic.

Hence, select the marble flooring color that balances the room’s elements, like furniture, décor, and walls. Thinking about these factors beforehand will save you last-minute surprises.  


We can’t say that only one color is best for marble flooring. There are numerous marble flooring colors available, and you can select the one that fits your criteria. Such as following amazing white marble step stairs.

white marble stepstairs with light

The size of the room, the user, functionality, décor, and ambiance can help you determine the best flooring color for your home.

The primary choices of most homeowners are brown, grey, beige, black, and white marble flooring.

We have a variety of marble flooring with various designs, textures, and colors. You can get marble flooring in bulk in any part of the world as we have the facility for import and export.

Expect the best quality marble flooring with extraordinary service from us.  

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