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What Is the Most Modern Skirting?

What Is the Most Modern Skirting?

The trends in skirting boards change from time to time, and we do our best to incorporate them into our baseboards. If you want to sell the right skirting or you want your house to be up-to-date, then you’re reading the right article.

The most modern skirting is marble skirting. The sturdy qualities of marble baseboards as well as their timeless beauty in patterns and colors make them popular for homes, offices, and even commercial properties like hotels and restaurants.

In this article, we will share the most sought styles of marble skirtings with specific descriptions such as the dimensions. We will also include the best color choices for you. If you are confused about whether marble skirting is necessary, please read our blog ‘Is Marble Skirting Necessary?’’

Modern Skirting Styles

Marble itself is a trend that has been here since the beginning (from the ancient Greeks) up until today when technology is more advanced. We incorporate this natural stone in the building, and that includes baseboards.

Here is the list of modern skirtings made of marble that people always look for in their construction shops.

Hermes Grey Marble Skirting

This beautiful grey marble is quarried in China—a country rich in natural stone. It is a skirting that has a cloudy-grey color with bright and greyish-white streaks. 

We have been manufacturing and supplying quality Hermes Grey marble baseboards for more than a decade and lately, more and more orders keep coming. This is why we know that this skirting is not only modern but also very popular.

grey marble skirting

The Hermes Grey marble skirting is carefully polished, therefore enhancing the gloss of the stone.

When it comes to choosing a neutral color, grey is one of the top choices because it is compatible with many interior signs. This marble is in the middle of light and dark shades, giving that warm and cozy vibe.

Crema Marfil Marble Skirting

The color of this marble baseboard is beige and creamy, hence having “crema” in its name. Crema Marfil’s veining patterns can be soft beige as well, or a strong combination of beige, yellow, and cinnamon.

Crema Marfil marble skirtings are in-demand because of their light and neutral color that is synonymous with a cozy off-white. They are flexible in interiors as they can blend with any color.

We often supply this type of skirting for houses or high-end properties like commercial buildings.

Emperador Light Marble Skirting

Emperador Light marble baseboards have a light-brown color with spider veins that are cream. This is abundant in Fujian, China, including its counterpart—Emperador Dark.

Light Emperador marble skirting of Sinodec Stone

The color of this skirting (brown) signifies calmness and minimalism. We have seen a rampant use of this marble skirting from 2020 up until this year, and we know that it is going to continue.

Emperador Dark Marble Skirting

This marble skirting has a dark brown background with a light-brown veining pattern. You might think that it has too many browns and that the combination won’t be pleasant.

But many people import plenty of Emperador Dark marble skirtings from us, especially those who have properties that follow a rustic theme.

These baseboards are luxurious and can be combined with other brown shades in the house. Emperador Dark marble skirting is the go-to if you like coffee brown in your palette, but also want something unique such as its patterns.

Carrara White Marble Skirting

This skirting is one of the most modern ones. The truth is, Carrara White marble baseboards never get old.

It is always a top choice for interior designers and architects because of its pearly white color with soft grey undertones. The veins are light grey too.

Carrara White marble skirtings are of Italian origin, particularly in Tuscany. But it also appears in different countries such as China. In fact, we quarry a lot of this marble.

Did you know that ancient columns by Greeks and Romans were mostly created with Carrara White marble?

But in skirtings, it will be classic and can be in any place—whether we put it in the living room, bedroom, or kitchen, the outcome will be satisfying.

Nero Marquina Marble Skirting

If there is a pearly white marble skirting, then there is bold black. Nero Marquina marble skirting has a black background with beautiful white veins.

We recommend this baseboard to those who love the combination of black and white. These colors blend effortlessly with other ones, as well as create an air of elegance in the place.

Monochrome black and white style is common in the United States too and Nero Marquina marble skirtings belong to the list of modern skirtings.

Rosso Marquina Marble Skirting

Recognizable for its rich burgundy color with white and maroon-ish patterns, Rosso Marquina marble skirting is modern in the 2020s.

Since the pandemic, we have been noticing revivals of trends in interior design, including the color burgundy which originally trended back in the 90s.

This baseboard will give the place a sophisticated touch while not overpowering other colors in the place. We see this in high-end hotels (sometimes not just as skirting but as the actual flooring).

Dimensions of the Modern Marble Skirtings

Our factory manufactures marble skirtings of different sizes to accommodate all the needs of our clients, including bulk supply.

These are the general measurements of our baseboards in millimeters (mm):

Height100 mm | 120 mm | 150 mm
Width45mm (profile width)
Length800 mm | 1,000 mm | 1,200 mm

But we also offer customization in sizes to ensure that these modern marble skirtings will fit and cover the gap between your wall and flooring perfectly.

Finishes for Marble Skirtings

In building and designing, “finishing” refers to the final construction process which is the creation of the final appearance of the output.

This step is important as it will contribute to the overall quality of the skirting.

The common marble skirting finishes are:

1. Honed. This is where the leveling of the marble skirting surface happens by removing its roughness, resulting in an even and smooth texture. The outcome of the marble is matte.

This is also the prior step before a marble is polished.

2. Polished. Polishing marble involves applying abrasives to achieve a shiny and glossy look. This is what we recommend for indoor skirtings because it looks classic.

3. Tumbled. A tumbled marble skirting finish will have uneven edges or chips that make it look natural. The marble will be buffed so it will be smooth, but it will appear old and worn out as a style.

4. Brushed. This marble finish gives off an antique vibe since the outcome will be a textured skirting. In this finish, the marble will be brushed with nylon or steel to achieve a rough texture.

Profiles for Modern Skirtings

A skirting profile is essentially the style or shape of the marble baseboard.

There are many kinds of baseboard profiles, and we are going to give you the best ones that are and will be on the trend this 2023.

1. French Style Profile. Taken from the French interior, a marble French Style skirting is cut at a size that is neither too thick nor too thin.

This is perfect for minimalistic and European-inspired interiors.

2. Torus Profile. It has a curve in the front and a perfect groove right after it. It is a classic and simple design but a good choice if you want to change the interior every now and then.

3. Lambs Tongue Profile. This profile has a round-edged and narrow slope which becomes square-edged down to the bottom. It almost looks like a lamb’s tongue, hence its name.

This marble skirting profile works best with a contemporary interior that is characterized by square and rectangular shapes, as well as minimalist color schemes.


The trends in skirting boards change from time to time, and in this decade, marble baseboards are the most modern skirtings for both residential and commercial places.

Marble skirtings are elegant and luxurious, offering a wide range of colors such as beige, brown, white, black, and even burgundy. These colors are very popular because they are compatible with different architectural designs

They also offer different styles of finishes and profiles that give you the freedom to choose how the marble skirting should look.

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