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Top 5 Applications of Waterjet Marble Medallion

Top 5 Applications of Waterjet Marble Medallion

Waterjet medallions have been a popular architectural staple for all kinds of places since the 2010s, and they remain a top choice for decoration this 2023.

This is because we can install it anywhere, especially if it is made from a beautiful stone like marble. But here are our recommendations on where to apply a waterjet marble medallion as a design or for a functional purpose (symbol):

  • floors
  • walls
  • backsplash
  • ceilings
  • door frames or arches

Our factory has manufactured marble medallions for different applications and we are going to share them in this article such as the types of floor or backsplash we can put a medallion.

Best Places to Put a Waterjet Marble Medallion

Waterjet technology allows us to construct medallions out of natural stones like marble with no complications.

With the help of computer-based software, we can manufacture and deliver any design and shape of a waterjet medallion that can fit the place of the application seamlessly.

1. Floors

The floor is probably the most common place where we can find a waterjet marble medallion. It is a spacious place where we can put a decoration, and it is also very visible to everyone which is important if you are a business wanting to make an impact and be remembered.

Below are the types of floors where we can install a medallion.

Living Room “Carpet” or “Rug”

Our homes are a reflection of our taste. This is why interior design is important since our environment also affects our space (if we want to make it bigger or minimalist) and our moods (color association).

The living room has to look welcoming and instead of placing a carpet or rug that you have to wash for cleaning, we can install a waterjet marble medallion as a substitute.

new design of marble waterjet medallion pattern

With a variety of choices for marble colors and medallion designs, this is more convenient for you since you won’t have to worry about deep cleaning a carpet or a rug. This waterjet medallion made of natural stone is easy to clean, just like your ordinary floor.

Bathroom Floor

A bathroom has to look clean and sanitized, but it doesn’t mean that it has to be plain and boring. We have done waterjet medallions made of natural stones for bathrooms, and they are some of the top products that we supply to the marble market.

moder design of beige marble border for hotem bathroom

If you are worried about the floor getting wet, marble has resistance to water. We can also apply a tumbled finish on the medallion so it won’t be slippery.  

Entryway or Lobby

Both the entryway and lobby are important for commercial buildings like hotels, stores, and other businesses.

In this case, we will often see that their floors have either a design or a logo of their business that looks painted. But in reality, this floor logo is a waterjet medallion often made of natural stones like marble.

With the help of 2D or 3D Computer-Aided Design (CAD), we can accurately create a medallion of a logo and place it in the entryway or lobby so that clients and customers will immediately see your symbol.

Elevator Floor

A waterjet marble medallion is usually present in the elevators of a hotel or a fancy place. We’ve had clients both in China and abroad that are hotels and we manufactured medallions for their elevator floors or walls.

This is an elegant addition to the interior that can make the place more refined.


Pavements are walkways or paths usually found beside a road. These areas handle a lot of (foot) traffic so the material has to be durable; marble is one of the most hardwearing stones that will take years to acquire damage.

A waterjet medallion made of marble is a great way to accentuate an outdoor surface, especially if the pavement leads to a place that should be welcoming.


The floors of swimming pools can be made of plain tiles. But if we are following a specific theme such as the Mediterranean, we recommend adding a waterjet medallion with dark or vivid marble colors.

This will be visible even with the water, especially if the poolside have other decorations like lights.

2. Walls

The same with floors, the walls contribute to the ambiance of the place whether a home or business.

Waterjet marble medallions can serve as art for walls which is common for minimalist or high-end places. Since our waterjet machine can cut marble pieces into a precise image, we can create intricate designs such as flowers, repeated patterns, or abstract.

3. Backsplash

A backsplash is a material or covering that we often find in the kitchen between the cabinets. It protects the walls as well from kitchen dirt, spills, splashes, or scratches.


As we have mentioned, backsplashes are important in a kitchen both because of their functionality and design. With the latter mentioned, we can recommend the versatile waterjet marble medallion to make the kitchen more fashionable.

waterjet medallion border for dining room flooring

Aside from marble having resistance to water, we can also easily clean the dirt and grime caused by kitchen activities. A soft cloth (e.g. chamois), warm water, and mild dish soap are enough to wipe the marks off of the waterjet medallion.

If dish soap doesn’t work, we can buy a marble cleaner that has a pH level of 7 to ensure that the medallion will not fade when cleaned.


A fireplace is often a part of the living room and a good space to accentuate the atmosphere of the place.

Adding a waterjet medallion as a border or backsplash to the fireplace will add more depth to our homes, depending on the design of the medallion itself.

4. Ceilings

Placing medallions on the ceiling is not a new practice; ancient and medieval architecture incorporated medallions as decorative or symbolic additions. In the present day, these are also common in Islamic culture.

Having said this, we can also incorporate these designs using waterjet technology which will then give us a waterjet medallion. While there are other materials, marble in a ceiling that forms an image is a good choice.

Decorating ceilings, especially for a commercial space, will create a focal point especially if the place is neutral.

If we install a waterjet medallion in your ceiling that has your logo or any design that matches the rest of the interior, the people that enter the space will remember it.

5. Door Frames or Arches

Out of all the five applications that we have mentioned, this is probably the most unique way that we can apply a waterjet medallion to an interior.

The top of the door frame or the crown can be enhanced further by adding the medallion. Whether you want the colors and design to be neutral or dynamic, we can program our machine to incorporate the design that you want.

What Other Materials Can We Use for Waterjet Medallions?

Aside from marble, granite is a common material that we use for waterjet medallions, especially on floors.

Wood and ceramic are also used in the creation of medallions and both materials have their own advantages.


Waterjet marble medallions are versatile and can be used in different applications, but the top places to install one are floors, walls, backsplash, ceilings, and door frames. These medallions can accentuate and enhance the beauty of spaces, whether private or commercial.

Waterjet technology has enabled us to precisely create these products with precision in both size and design. For this reason, medallions continue to become a trend today.

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