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Top 3 Up-to-Date Skirting Profiles 2023

Top 3 Up-to-Date Skirting Profiles 2023

There are different choices for skirting profiles. If you understand what interior styles people like, then you will be seeing more builders, constructors, and homeowners go to your shop and order baseboards from you.  

Our top three skirting board profiles are the French Style, Torus, and Lambs Tongue profiles. These will fit any house whether the design is minimal or grandeur since these profiles can also be further customized and styled according to application.  

cream beige marble skirting

In this article, we will elaborate on why these three styles are on trend, the finest material to use for them, and the different skirting techniques that we know for their application to achieve more decorative results.

Top 3 Most Popular Skirting Board Profiles

1. French Style Skirting Profile

The French interior has a history of using neutral colors that display minimalism and details that show elegance. A lot of us want this kind of design in our homes, especially in Asia and Europe itself.

We have been receiving a lot of requests for this skirting design and we figured that it will be here to stay as a trend.

The marble French-style profile that we create is neither too thin nor too thick and is made to complement French walls. The latter are usually white or creamy beige with panels, flutes, or intricate carvings.

modern french style
Picture from designcafe.com

A French-style skirting profile made with marble will also fit glamorously with a modern French interior. While the neutral-colored and detailed walls remain, the colors of the objects can be more definer or bolder, such as bright yellow or pastel pink.

To guide you better in choosing marble colors, we will give you some recommendations that will go with classic and modern French interiors.

Classic French interior

Marble Skirting NameDescription
Cream Marfil It has a beautiful creamy-beige background with unique patterns colored in cinnamon, gold, or beige.
Calacatta MarbleIt has a bright white background with veins in tones of brown such as dark brown, light or beige brown, and gold.
Carrara White The background can be white or gray—or a mixture of both—with a gray veining pattern.

The colors above are more on the neutral sides and the light or off-white tones. These are great skirting board profiles if you like earthy colors and your country likes following interior design trends. 

Modern French interior

Marble Skirting NameDescription
Emperador BrownA contrast of dark brown as the background and light brown as the color of the veins.
Nero Marquina It has a rich black background and white veins.
Rojo Levantina MarbleThe background is bold red and the veins are light-gray.
Rojo AljcantaIt has a beautiful combination of a burgundy background with white veins.
Hermes Grey Marble It has a modern background of metallic to grey and white veins.

These colors are bolder, but will still complement a neutral-colored wall in a contemporary way. It is very common for the French people to put objects and create details that are of rich colors as opposed to their all-neutral history.

Marble skirting boards that are bold and colorful will be a perfect touch of modernity and will still go with the entire room perfectly.

2. Torus Skirting Profile

The second on the list of our trendy skirting board profiles is Torus skirting. Torus has a signature arch or curves in front that has a groove right after.

Torus skirtings are classic and simple. It is exactly the kind of skirting board for people who like changing the theme of their homes often, adding in some new colors and motifs.

With marble baseboards, a Torus skirting profile is even easier to do. Marble is easy to shape and carve, plus its colors and patterns already give you a fine finish.

Application of marble Torus skirting profile 

In terms of application, we recommend incorporating the continued skirting board style. In this style, the marble Torus trim will continue despite obstacles like the staircase.

As a result, this can also be your marble stair molding design. You can even incorporate this as your door frame trim since that is the uniqueness of the continued skirting style.

For the colors, you can go light such as Crema Marfil marble skirting for a beige look, or Carrara White and Calacatta for white to gray skirtings.

You can also go dark and bold, but make sure that it matches the walls and complements the space of the room. Nero Marquina will give you a black marble skirting profile while Rosso Marquina will give you burgundy.

3. Lambs Tongue Skirting Profile

The Lambs Tongue profile is a staple in modern architecture. Its name came from exactly what you’re thinking of: the lamb’s tongue.

In appearance, it has edges that are round and square. The Lambs Tongue skirting profile has a short and narrow slope that is quite round, and then it proceeds to be an angled square down to the bottom.

The characteristics of contemporary or modern architecture that we may notice are the rectangular forms of the building, minimal designs, natural materials, and neural light colors.

A marble skirting of a Lambs Tongue profile will match this type of architecture seamlessly because of its soft square edges, gloss, and available neutral colors that give a clean and sleek finish.

Application of marble Lambs Tongue skirting profile

A style we can incorporate with our marble Lambs Tongue profile is the double-layered skirting board

A double-layered skirting is a profile on top of another one. Although, it is up to you if you will choose two different profiles or a single type only. But we recommend solely using the Lambs Tongue alone to maintain the simplicity.

For the color recommendations, we have the following:

BackgroundMarble NameVeins
  WhiteStatuary Marbledark gray
White and GreyCarrara Marblelight gray
 LIGHT brown and BeigeCrema Marfil Marbleyellow, beige, cinnamon

We can mix the colors for the top and bottom part of the layer, or we can also manufacture it as a single color.  

Your marble Lambs Tongue profile will be light and sophisticated, perfect for a clean and modern interior.

Can I Customize the Design of Skirting Profiles?

Definitely, yes. If you want to:

  • add an extra arch in front of your marble baseboard;
  • widen or narrow the slope;
  • thicken and thin the board or;
  • add more flutes and grooves,

Designing your own marble skirtings is possible. Sinodec welcomes customization since we have complete equipment that can model marble baseboards in bulk. The shine and durability will be maintained while we achieve your design.


Out of the many skirting profiles available, we ranked three of them that stand out in terms of style and compatibility with different kinds of interiors.

The first is the French-style profile that is inspired by the classic French interior. This marble skirting is not too thick or thin, and can be neutral or dark in color (mostly used for modern French designs).

The second is the Torus profile which has a curve in front, perfect for those who like to change the theme of their homes often. Lastly, the Lamb Tongue profile that fits modern architecture the best.

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