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Popular Marble Floor Border Designs

Popular Marble Floor Border Designs


We all know that flooring plays a vital role in the appearance of our house. The first physical contact an individual has with our place is through the floor. The right material and design are crucial to the home’s overall aesthetics. It can make your home looks spacious and contemporary or vice versa.

Marble is undoubtedly the most prestigious choice for our homes. This luxurious natural stone has been trusted since ancient times and is considered a symbol of royalty. To upscale the floor design, we can add marble borders to the area. Marble border floor designs are prevalent for their contemporary look, variety, and durability.  

This article will discuss popular marble floor border designs and their application.

What are Marble Floor Borders?

Marble floor borders are smaller stones we use to define a specific area and uplift the floor design. It changes the simple marble floor to a more appealing and distinctive floor. They are highly used in top-of-the-line interior designs and are also installed in commercial places. Marble floor border designs have tons of designs and colors for selection.

These borders are made with extreme intricacy using multiple techniques, and tools like waterjet stonecutters are used for precision. Their alluring design and detail make the place grandeur.  


Nowadays, marble borders are used anywhere in the home. They look good in every area. Some of the areas where marble borders are frequently applied are as follows:

Living Room

Marble borders are widely applied in living rooms. No matter the color of the floor, a border is attached to it. As living rooms usually use white marble floors to give a spacious look, it is paired with a black border. Floor borders give a sophisticated look to the area. It also makes the furniture prominent.


Marble floor borders are widely installed in bathrooms. It sets the focal point of the room. A border around the public area gives a frame to the area and makes it a center point.  


We can use motifs and borders in the hallways or foyers. The border looks classy and plush in an open space. Hallways usually have chandeliers, so a motif beneath them looks rich. Also, the furniture is minimal in that area, so marble floor border designs are noticeable.

Dining room

The open dining room concept mostly uses a marble floor border design. It separates the dining table furniture from the rest of the things. We can apply a border design that complements the dining table and chairs. The dining room separation becomes obvious with the border design.  


Marble floor border designs are used in commercial places, outlets, and offices. Its wide application is due to its durability, functionality, and resistance. It not only gives a luxurious look but also can handle traffic.

Popular Marble Floor Border Designs:

There are unlimited design ideas for marble borders. There are no hard and fast rules. We can make a design that goes with our likings, budget, and vibe. Let’s have a look at some popular marble floor border designs.  

Draw a Border

The most popular design is drawing a border. Set a border on the boundary of the room. We set a border at the edge of the wall and use the border as skirting as well. It will look like a broad border.

Secondly, we can leave some space from the edge of the wall and set a border. Making a border away from the wall is the most common border design. It looks stunning in the living room and bedroom. White marble floor with black border always looks splendid.

Thirdly, you can set the border for separating two areas. With the concept of open houses, borders are used to separate two areas. We can separate the kitchen and living room with the border design.

One other way is we combine two borders to make a thicker border. We can use two contrasting or complementary colors to make a border. For example, use a thick brown border, combine it with a thin white border and use it to set a boundary.

Minimalistic Look

As I said, you can design the floor borders according to the home’s vibe. There are houses with less furniture, beige colors, and everything minimalistic. When installing marble borders in minimalist houses, we select floor borders that complement the ambiance. The point is to break the monotony with the least interference.

Select a thin border with colors that complements the furniture and walls of the room. Do not overuse the border; a small design on the room’s entrance looks good. Using a marble border on the room’s entrance brings versatility to flooring. We can also use small square/flower designs all over the room with equal spacing. This way, it wouldn’t overload the floor but break the monotony.

Motif Design

Make an impression by using motifs in the center of the floor. Use a motif in the hallway or foyer to make it luscious. This floor border design catches the eye and makes the floor a focal point. You can make mandala designs, as mandalas are spiritual designs it brings out positive energy. Furthermore, the hallways don’t have much furniture, so the floor design becomes the center point.

We can also use motif border designs in large living rooms. Place a center table on the motif to bring the focus to the piece of furniture and floor. Motifs tend to become the focal point where ever you install them. They have such intricate designs, which makes them hard to miss. Combine the motif with a matching border boundary to give it a royal feel.

Checkered Floor

The classic black and white checkered floor are never old. This traditional floor design with marble borders brings out an old charm with a modern touch. We can upgrade the checkered design by using marble borders in a box shape. For example, install a beige marble floor and make squares with a black border to give it a checkered look.

The classic black and white checkered floor instills a monochromatic aesthetics. The modern checkered design is customizable in different colors according to our choice. We don’t have to use two colors to make a check. Instead, we use a border to make boxes. Add a marble border skirting to level up the creativity and look.

Vertical or Horizontal Strips

We can add vertical and horizontal border strips on the floor design to elevate the beauty. The long lobbies can use these stripes well. As the lobby is already a long space, we can install marble strip borders in a horizontal direction to give it an elite aura.

When the space is small, we can use strips border vertically to make the space elongated. Vertical stripes tend to make the room look spacious. These optical illusions can prove to be very useful in interior design. Strip marble borders also look graceful on the terrace and balcony.

Make a Pattern

We already talked about using motifs in flooring. If the idea of motifs is not appealing enough, we can use a combination of borders to make a pattern on the floor. Use the borders with contrasting colors to make an arrangement. This pattern design results in an extensive marble floor design using borders.  

Another approach is to make a pattern, not on the whole floor but restrict the pattern to the middle of the room. For example, make a pattern only underneath the dining table. This floor design will pop up the particular item. We can also make a pattern in the living room and bedrooms. Whatever furniture or ornament we place on the pattern automatically pops up.  

Incorporate Spirals

Spiral is a commonly used motif in nature and design. Be it textile design, henna design, or floor design. There are different ways of incorporating spirals. We can add spirals in the corners of a room. Keep the floor design minimal by only placing the spirals in the four corners, nothing else.

Spirals represent survival and growth. We can also use more spirals if we want by adding them around the table or any other piece of furniture. Additionally, intricate spiral motifs look good in the entryway. Spiral adds to the dynamic aesthetics of our home.


Marble floor border designs have unlimited options. It can make the decor sophisticated and plush. Use spirals, patterns, borders, or motifs; no design can go wrong. We can apply marble borders in the living room, dining room, terrace, bedroom, bathroom, foyer, and office.

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