Which Is the Best Material for the Door Frame?

Which Is the Best Material for the Door Frame?

The door frame is one of the essential parts of building an ideal and secure place. But choosing the right material for it can be a challenge, so we created this guide for you.

The finest material for your door frame can be granite, limestone, and travertine. Aside from they are durable, they are also cost-effective because they are easy to maintain. We also recommend using marble for the exterior decoration to give an elegant look.

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We choose the material for our door frame depending on where we are planning to install it and on the characteristics we are looking for. In this article, we will share how we pick the right material so you will know everything you must consider.

Best Door Frame Materials

Aside from supporting the functions of the door, they boost safety by ensuring that nobody can enter your property without permission. The side jambs, for example, have to be strong enough to withstand the opening and closing of the door, as well as carry its weight.

The door frame must also complement the interior, but this is not a problem since marble, granite, limestone, and travertine, are all known for both their beauty and quality.

In this section, we created a table summarizing their features and strengths. We also elaborated on them to equip you with more knowledge, so you can choose the perfect material without worries.

MaterialDurabilityAppearanceEnergy EfficiencyApplication
MarbleNaturally hard material heat and weather resistant to cracksBeautiful and unique patterns naturally rich in color that ranges from white, off-white, beige, and red, among many othersAbsorbs heat before it enters the room Provides thermal comfortBest used as quality decoration on the door frame Increases durability of the door frame when installed 
GraniteThe hard material is good at resisting damage from temperature and other external factors  Rich in color such as white, gray, and pink can be glossy or matteA good heat conductor Can level the temperature indoors since heat will not penetrateSuitable as a door frame material outdoors since it’s resistant to wear and tear
LimestoneStrong material that can carry the weight of a door impervious to heatColors are soft or mild that includes beige, gray, and has a matte finishHeat conductor and capable of airtight sealing which helps in saving electricityAppropriate for outdoor use because its heat resistance needs to be taken care of from solution weathering
TravertineResistant to force and doesn’t break easily tolerate extreme weatherHas holes and troughsPolishable surface colors are earth-toned Attractive patternsNaturally tends to stay coolFit to use outdoors because of its resistance to force and weather damage


Marble is a metamorphic rock that has a mineral called calcite or calcium carbonate (CaCO₃). It is naturally resistant to bacteria.

We highly recommend this material as decoration for door frames, because of its durability and exquisite appearance. You may read our detailed introduction to marble molding products here.

Yes, incorporating marble into any part of your place will not only allow that part to withstand the effects of elements and time but will also increase the place’s value. It even provides thermal comfort as it will absorb the heat instead of entering your room.

The main types of marble are Cararra, Statuary, Calacatta, Emperador, and Crema Marfil. With its unique patterns and different colors such as white, red, gray, beige, and even pink, marble is known to give a luxurious ambiance to any setting.

Lastly, don’t let the price worry you. Marble is expensive-looking but can be wallet-friendly. While this will depend on the source—the pricing of the mine and the market—we’re sure that it will complement your budget.


Granite is an igneous rock that is also bacteria resistant. It is widely used in building and construction as it’s known as an excellent material to use both indoors and outdoors.

With its heat and fire-proof properties, door frames made from this material are sturdy and can withstand wear and tear, unlike other materials such as wood. They can handle freezing weather, which will be advantageous if you live in a cold climate.

When it comes to appearance, granite has vivid and rich colors. The choices range from white, gray, and pink to blue, ivory, and green. Its texture can have a lustrous gloss, matte, and sandblasted.

Finally, the cost. Granite can be a little bit expensive depending on the source and its transportation. You must also make sure that the workers are skilled and experienced with their creation and installation.

However, it’s still economical because granite is durable and will last you a long. You won’t have to trouble yourself with the frame breaking suddenly, which makes the money you will spend worth it. Plus, you will save electricity as it doesn’t let the heat in.


A sedimentary rock also composed of calcite or calcium carbonate (CaCO₃), limestone can last for many years. It is an abundant material likewise commonly used in construction and building. This is a smart choice to use for door frames, especially outdoors since it’s heat resistant.

Our advice is to take care of it against solution weathering  (a type of chemical weathering). The latter may change the appearance of the limestone, but it doesn’t happen easily. So don’t be discouraged if you’re planning on using this material for your door frame.

In terms of beauty, limestone is also a champion. It has different colors that give a soft and matte finish. They range from white, red, gray, brown, and beige, so the choices for your door frame are not limited.

Limestone door frames are versatile and will look good almost anywhere. You can never go wrong with this material whether it be for your home or office.

Aside from its energy efficiency, being capable of airtight sealing and conducting heat, it’s also affordable. While it depends on the source of the material, limestones usually cost less than granite.


Travertine is a natural stone that belongs to the sedimentary rock family. It is popularly used in modern architecture because of its impressive quality, making it one of the best materials for a door frame.

It may not be as hard as granite, but it doesn’t mean that it breaks easily. In fact, it is resistant to force such as slamming, which could happen because of the winds (we discourage slamming your doors!).

When it comes to vulnerability, travertine is impervious to extreme weather, and that goes for both heat and cold. This is an advantage if you’re going to use it for your door frame outside.

Similar to the previous stones mentioned, travertine is rich in earth-tone colors and beautiful patterns. Although notable for its holes and troughs, it is polishable.

That’s why this stone is widely used in the past as well as in modern architecture because it provides a beautiful finish no matter where it’s placed.

Travertine tends to stay cool, which is perfect if you live in a place with a hot climate. While the cost will vary, it’s cheaper than granite but a bit more expensive than limestone.

Another thing is that travertine is easier to cut and shape, which lessens the time for labor and installation, so you may not have to spend a lot of money. 

Why Choose Stone for Door Frame?

There are a lot of materials in the market that you can use for your door frame, but we recommend stone—particularly marble, granite, limestone, and travertine—because it will provide you with quality and allow you to save money in the long run.

Other materials such as wood may not last as long as a stone would, as termites might infest it and it’s prone to rotting. Metal can be susceptible to rusting and it may not be as customizable and aesthetic as stone door frames.

Granite, limestone, and travertine are also environmentally friendly since they don’t use chemicals that damage the ecosystem.


Door frames must be made with quality material because they will carry the weight of your door and contribute to the protection of your place. They must be strong enough to resist force and other elements, even the climate.

Stones like granite, limestone, and travertine are the best materials for door frames because they are known to be durable that can withstand wear and tear indoors and especially outdoors. They are also compatible with any setting and style because of their beautiful appearance.

You can also decorate the exterior of your door frame with marble if you’re looking for a refined yet strong material.   

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