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Is Marble a Good Choice for Window Sills?

Is Marble a Good Choice for Window Sills?

Marble has always been a popular pick for different home improvement projects, and these include window sills. While many may think of wood and PVC since they are common materials for sills, marble is an excellent choice for a number of reasons.

Marble window sills are durable to withstand wear and tear from external elements such as rain. It’s also aesthetically pleasing, giving you many colors to choose from. Most importantly, these sills don’t require strict maintenance.

Continue reading as we explore the benefits of having marble window sills, and as a bonus, we’ll help you pick suitable marble as well.

Window Sills: What Are They?

Also known as the window ledge or bottom, it’s the horizontal material that you will find below the window. We can also refer to it as a stool where the window sits. This might have cleared up confusion since some think the sill is the entire frame.

When building the windows, they will have two sills: one on the outside and another on the inside. The exterior window sill is important for protective purposes, such as keeping water from entering the windows that may damage the property.

This measurement requirement is that the sill should be longer than the length of the jambs. To avoid confusion, the sill’s size should exceed the left and right of the frame. We recommend 1 ½ to 3 inches of allowance on both sides for this.

Although it has to be specified by our clients, the sill’s depth is usually measured at 4 to 10 inches. The thickness may vary as well, but normally it’s from 9/16″ to 5/8″.

On the other hand, we have the interior window sill. The measurement for length is still the same, but the depth may vary. Some add extra measurement on the depth to decorate or even sit on the sill, but some keep it short and straightforward.

Marble window sills can be exterior and interior because of their impeccable qualities. The next section will explain why you should pick marble and its ace against other window sill materials.

5 Reasons to Choose Marble Window Sills

1. Durability

Window sills are high-traffic since they deal with water, moisture, air, and dirt. If you don’t pick the right material, these four nuisances can enter through your window, causing damage and needing repairs.

The great news is marble window sills are durable and can withstand the wear and tear that the external world will unleash upon our homes (sounds kind of dramatic, but it’s the best way to put it).

Even the interior marble sills will go through a test of durability, especially if it’s of large depth. We can sit on them if there’s enough space, and put a pot of flowers and other objects for interior decorating.

That’s why marble window sills are our top pick if you want them to last for years without showing signs of damage.

2. Water Resistance and Protection

As we’ve mentioned, one of the responsibilities of marble window sills will be to keep the water from entering through the space below the window. And before you ask, “Isn’t marble porous?” yes, it is. But it can still drive water away, especially if it’s a good-quality marble sill.

To add, its porousness doesn’t change its sturdiness, and you can always ask us to seal the product.

When it comes to building the design of the window, the sill should be slightly angled downwards to direct the water away. The slope is usually between 7 to 15 degrees, depending on what applies to your windows and the design you’re going for.

Without the slope, the sill would be even. Unfortunately, even an excellent material like marble window sills will find it hard to keep the water away because the physical positioning doesn’t complement the goal of avoiding leaks. You will be inviting them in.

3. Structural Integrity

Marble window sills help keep the structural integrity of your home. Without the sills, the windows may flex or move because of the air. This may be dangerous to both the structure and people, especially in windy locations or typhoon-prone places accompanied by strong wind.

With the rigid marble window sills, we can eliminate flexing. They also keep the window sash—which is the part that holds the glass—tight and in place.

Maintaining the structural integrity of the window is crucial because if we cannot provide a tight seal or a stable window, water and other elements may enter.

4. Energy Efficiency and Thermal Insulation

Don’t you just hate it when you feel the cold air from outside despite turning on your heater? No, it’s not your heater’s fault; it’s the small gap at the bottom of the window because it has no sill.

This is why window sills are important, and we highly recommend using marble for a tighter closing below the window. With this, we can avoid cold or hot air from coming in or out of the place.

It takes us to other advantages which are energy efficiency and thermal insulation. Marble window sills help us save electricity bills by maintaining the desired room temperature.

5. Aesthetic and Decorative

Especially true to interior window sills, marble can give us a luxurious design to transform the place into something more to our taste.

All of us know we have different kinds of marble to choose from because of the rich colors. A Carrara marble window sill, for example, is a beautiful white with light grey veins that complement minimalism.

It won’t only serve the practical purposes of window sills, but also give us effortless but sophisticated decoration.

How to Choose the Right Marble for Window Sills

1. Consider your interior. Marble has a rich color palette to choose from in both the background and veins. It also has a lot of neutral shades!

To choose from this natural stone’s wide collection, we advise you to consider the type of interior that you currently have or the interior you’re going for. You don’t necessarily have to match the marble window sill’s color to the walls, but make sure they go along together with the objects.

2. Determine your budget. Marble can be expensive although competitively priced, depending on its quality. The market demand for a specific kind and the local availability will affect the cost.

But don’t be intimidated because marble is an abundant product, so we’re sure there will be kinds that will meet any budget range.

3. Pick your finish. Marble window sills can have different types of finishes such as polished, honed, and leathered, among many others.

  • polished – glossy, reflective, and shines when hit by light
  • honed – also known as the stage before polishing, honed finish is even and matte
  • leathered – slightly glossy, leathered finish is in between the two previously mentioned finishes with a bit of texture

4. Know the required maintenance. Window sills made of marble may need to be sealed, especially if we will use it on the exterior. In terms of cleaning, we should be careful and only use pH-neutral products and gentle cloths like microfiber.

Generally, the rule is to wipe the dirt away the moment you see them on the sills and perform deep cleaning once a month for maintenance. Of course, light-colored marble may be more prone to dirt, so that may be something that you want to consider.


There are numerous reasons why marble window sills are the best sills that we can install in our building. Mainly, it’s an excellent addition to the structure, ensuring that we’re using a durable material to keep the water and other external elements from getting inside the place.

Another important advantage is their decorative function that can refine the surroundings. We have many colors to choose from, and one can surely jive with our interior design goals.

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