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How to Choose the Best Marble Flooring?

How to Choose the Best Marble Flooring?


Flooring is the central feature of our home aesthetics. It impacts the appearance and functionality of our haven. Not only does it represent our lifestyle but also our personality.

Marble flooring is the best kind of floor for traditional homes as well as contemporary homes. It has incredible features and countless benefits that make it a superior choice. Whether renewing the existing base or purchasing brand-new flooring, marble flooring takes precedence over other materials.

Choosing the best marble flooring is an intimidating chore because of its variety, cost, coordination, and maintenance. You can get the top fashionable marble flooring designs on Pinterest. Here we are providing a helpful guide that details the factors one should consider before purchasing, the advantages of marble flooring, and popular methods.

 Marble Flooring – A Smart Choice

Marble is a durable and robust material with timeless beauty. It is an amalgamation of functionality and luxury. Marble flooring offers multiple colors, textures, and patterns. Its wide variety makes it a popular choice for flooring. The shiny appearance adds a touch of royalty and style to the space.

Due to its varying appearance, its cost also varies, so finding a marble that suits our budget is highly possible. If you are confused about whether we should use marble as flooring, please read this blog “Are Marble Floors Hard to Maintain?“.

Flooring is a feature that goes a long way. No one likes to replace the floor after a few years, so we should install a base that is not getting outdated.

Let us assure you that marble flooring is ever-trending and will not get outdated soon. Installing a marble floor is a smart choice for every homeowner.

Best Places to Install Marble Flooring

Marble flooring is installed in many places as it is a versatile stone. It serves well in numerous settings and environments. Some of the best places to install marble flooring are discussed below:

1. Living Room

Marble flooring is consistently the most desired flooring in the living room. It lightens up the space and makes everything look grand. The light-colored marble flooring tiles make the room look spacious and bright. It gives the living room a welcoming and classy vibe. It is highly functional in high-traffic areas due to its sturdy nature. The Hermes Grey Marble is perfect for the living room.

2. Bedroom

Marble adds warmth to the place. It is unarguably the best choice for bedrooms. Soft hues in the bedrooms make them a more intimate and romantic space. Creating serenity and tranquility in the bedroom makes marble a preferred option. The marble border around the bed area is also an appealing sight that makes the bed stand out from the rest of the room. You can get more ideas in our blog “What Is the Best Material for Skirting Boards?

modern french style

3. Dining Room

Marble flooring distinguishes the dining room from other rooms based on its design and color. It offers a high-end and vibrant look to the floor. Also, marble makes the dining room a beautiful and peaceful place to eat with friends and family. We can make our dining area a comfy corner using warm marble flooring hues.  

customized waterjet medallion border design

4. Bathroom

For bathroom flooring, marble is the best selection because of its longevity. Once we have installed and sealed the marble flooring, we can put our minds to rest. It lasts forever if maintained properly. Additionally, it transforms our bathroom from ordinary to extraordinary. Many homeowners love marble flooring in the bathroom; be careful when it’s wet, as it tends to get slippery. We can also avoid using marble in the shower specifically.

5. Kitchen

Our kitchen needs a floor that is easy to cleanse and maintain. Therefore, we suggest using marble flooring in the kitchen because of its spotless and hygienic nature. Furthermore, it makes the kitchen look organized and flawless. If any spills happen, we can wipe them easily and immediately. Use the floor color that fits with countertops and drawers. Though marble can also be used as countertops and backsplashes, it needs extra care during festive cooking.  

waterjet medallion border for dining room flooring

6. Office

First impressions are of paramount value when working in a professional setting. Marble flooring creates a distinct vibe in our office that will captivate our clients. It’s not only our skills that matter, but the surrounding in which we work also affect our productivity and focus. Marble makes everything look authentic, reliable, and professional.   

Factors to Consider in Selecting the Right Marble Flooring

Flooring takes up most space in our room. The colors and textures decide whether the room’s appearance is luxurious, intimate, stylish, or cozy. Even though there is no one perfect choice considering the following factors will make the process smoother.

1. Know Your Style

Everyone has a personal choice—some people like shiny finishes, and others like matte surfaces. Marble provides thick veins as well as intricate veining networks. Depending upon our style and liking, we should select the floor. The vast range of our marble flooring collection can provide your desired material.

One other factor to consider is the décor of the house. It is wise to install the floor that goes with the walls and accessories of the room unless we want to redecorate the room.

Something that doesn’t complement the interior decoration will make the place look odd.

2. Size of The Room

The size of the room matters a lot in selecting the color and design of the marble flooring. There are big rooms and also tiny rooms.

Some rooms are loaded with furniture, and some show a lot of empty floors. The furnishing and size are critical elements of selecting flooring designs. Hallways are usually less crowded with less furnishing, so motifs and mandala marble flooring designs look striking in such areas. Small rooms can use light and natural tones to give a comprehensive look, as dark colors can bring warmth to the site and make them look compact.

Lobbies can also use some vertical design marble borders to give them length. Flooring can drastically change the appearance of the room; hence choose wisely.

3. The user of the room

A family may have kids, elders, teens, or pets. Who is using the room also determines the flooring designs? Every member of the family has different requirements.

Select the marble flooring color, texture, design, or pattern depending on their need.

Furthermore, girls have other preferences than boys.

If you have kids, marble is an excellent choice because it does not accumulate dirt which is harmful to kids.

For the elderly, it is better to go for a honed finish as it is slip resistant.

We can use different marble in some rooms. Every room can have a unique marble according to its user’s demands.

4. Colors

Colors are known to impact the moods and temperaments of the person strongly. Natural hues and warm tones bring peace, calm, and love. Dark colors have a robust and passionate effect on the mood and can give a contemporary feel.

Not only does the psychology of the user change with the flooring colors, but the room’s dimensions tend to change too.

White marble flooring makes the best use of natural light and reflects it in a way that makes the room look big.

Different colors induce different vibes – playing a significant role in setting a required aura. Marble flooring has numerous colors to bring solace to our sanctuary.     


5. Budget

Finding budget-friendly marble flooring is rigorous work but possible.

Due to the variety of marble flooring, the cost of each type of marble changes. Certain types of marble cost more than others based on their origin, rarity, design, and demand. It is possible to incorporate marble floors in our home despite a tight budget.

On the contrary, buying a marble floor with no budget restriction is enjoyable. What quantity you want to spend on each room will narrow down the choices for you, making the selection easier.

6. Quality and Texture

When deciding to install marble flooring, it is better to check the quality first so we can avoid any scams. High-traffic areas like hallways and living rooms need high-quality flooring to prevent chipping, cracking, and etching.

Carefully check the quality and texture of the marble tiles before buying them to save yourself from trouble. Working with reliable sources is crucial, mainly if you import marble flooring from China. We list some reliable sources at the end of the article that will help you connect with stone manufacturing factories in china.

Popular Marble Flooring Designs

Once we know which factors to consider before purchasing, we determine the floor design. Thousands of marble flooring designs can make you flustered. We propose some of the most unique and trendy floor designs so you can make the selection easier.

1. All-Over Marble Flooring

Some homeowners prefer to have the same marble in the whole place rather than using a variety of marble in different rooms. All-over marble creates harmony among multiple house units through the same flooring. Using the same bathroom marble is an excellent idea.

Mostly this kind of design looks good in white color. The white floor can make everything look brighter and more prominent. We can also use the same marble wall cladding in the bathroom and the house’s exterior.

All-over marble flooring can save us much hassle as we have to select one kind of marble, making it less time-consuming.

2. Contrast Marble Flooring

Incorporating different colors in the interior of the house brings versatility. We can use marble flooring that is in contrast with the walls.

If the wall cladding is white, black marble flooring is an incredible idea. It is excessive to use one design in every room. We can have different schemes in every room.

Using thick-veined marble for flooring and light-veined marble for wall cladding creates a contrasting effect. Contrast is not limited to colors; it can be textures, veins, or patterns.

The difference between walls and flooring makes the area stand out. It is an excellent way to attract attention to a particular zone. Use the contrast marble flooring in an area that you want to highlight.

We can install utterly different marble floors in every room according to the demands of the user of the room. It will create a multifaceted look showing the flexibility of people living in.

waterjet marble flooring from sinodecstone

3. Marble Border Designs

Another way to enhance the marble flooring is to incorporate marble border designs.

The marble alone had great variety; now, borders will create even more options. We can elevate a simple marble with the help of a frame. It can be a minimalistic border design or a motif design. Anything we use should complement each other and the house décor.

A basic border design creates a border around the room to draw a boundary with the marble border. Motifs take flooring design to the next level.

Use a mandala motif border in the center of the area to forge a focal point.

Use motifs in spaces with less furnishing and more visibility, like a foyer.

The use of marble border designs in the lobbies is also popular to give an elongated feel to it. Spirals are another border design that looks good in the living room or sitting area. We can select from tons of illustrations available in the market.

4. Checkered Flooring design

The classic flooring design that is never outdated is the checkered flooring design. Regardless of the era we live in, this design is always relatable.

Creating a chess effect on the floor with black and white marble tiles is a common choice for boys. It establishes a monochromatic theme. We can play with the colors in this design, using light and dark brown check boxes. Use any two colors of your choice that correlate with each other.

We can add a marble skirting to notch it up. Skirting adds an extra border to the room that enhances creativity and style to match the overall furnishing of the place. We can also use flower or cube designs at the corners of boxes to create a box effect.

marble design from sinodec stone

Marble Flooring Colors

At this point, we know the latest marble flooring designs. Let’s indulge in our favorite marble flooring colors that can make our house look splendid. What effect does the color create, and where it suits the most?

1. White Marble Flooring

White marble flooring echoes luxury, royalty, and splendor. It is the most commonly used and functional marble flooring color. White marble flooring is used in traditional homes, offices, religious places, monuments, contemporary homes, and hotels.

We have a variety of white marble flooring like Carrara marble, Calacatta gold, Marmara white, Sivec marble, Etc.

Every white marble has a distinct veining structure with white background. The background varies from pure white to off-white shades. The veining also changes with each marble type, grey veins, black veins, gold veins Etc.

Finding intricate networks and thick veining structures is the standard course of action. Once you have a design, color, and budget in mind, choosing marble isn’t a big job.   

2. Beige Marble Flooring

Beige flooring adds a hint of sophistication and warmth to the house. It has pale and earthy tones that has a welcoming impact on the surrounding.

Colors play a crucial role in establishing an environment. Beige marble flooring is highly suitable in bedrooms and intimate spaces because of its earthy effect.

We have multiple options in beige marble. Some famous beige marbles are Moca cream, Crema Marfil, Galala beige, and Travertines. The background varies from light to dark shades to beige, as well as the veining. Beige marble also leads to yellowish undertones.

They are highly used in offices, living rooms, and hotels. The neutral shades of beige marble flooring make it a floor that goes well with all kinds of décor. So furnishing with beige flooring is breezy.

3. Black Marble Flooring

Black marble flooring is trending in contemporary interior designs. It gives a unique and mysterious vibe. Black can make the room look dark, so we need to use great lighting inside the room to brighten it up. Also, tactically use natural light to conserve energy. Some admired black marble flooring options are Nero Marquina, Port Laurent, and Black Galaxy marble.

The veining color ranges from white to gold, providing basic to high-end choices to the users. It is used in residential places and commercial projects because it is a hard-wearing and sturdy stone.

Though decorating the space with a black floor can be challenging. Keeping the minimalistic décor enhances the artistic look of the flooring.

Additionally, it is preferred to use black flooring in wide spaces as it absorbs much light.    

4. Brown Marble Flooring

Brown marble flooring is a rare and attractive selection. It gives our home a carpet of pure sophistication. Dark colors in brown marble resemble wood flooring.

Dark Emperador and light Emperador are the highly recommended choice for brown flooring. We can find marble flooring from chocolate brown to honey brown shades with varying textures and patterns. Brown marble flooring coordinates with all kinds of décor because of its earthy nature.

It looks best with light-colored furniture like white or cream sofas. Such an interior will balance the overall coloring of the room and will not make the room look dark. One drawback is that pet dander is not highly visible on dark brown flooring, so not an ideal choice for a home with many pets.

5. Grey Marble Flooring

Grey is the classiest color in marble flooring, an incredible, dense, and peaceful color. Grey marble ranges from silver to dark grey, making a beautiful floor with natural tones and cloudy patterns.

Hermes grey is the most popular choice, neither too light nor too dark. The neutral grey tones do a perfect job of hiding dust on the floor. Grey marble flooring looks best in offices, commercial projects, and hotels.

They have high resistance and can bear heavy foot traffic. Furthermore, their fire resistance and dirt-disguising features make them suitable for public places. Grey marble flooring makes the area pleasant and respectful.

And we have given you detailed instructions on the blog “Which Color is The Best in Marble Flooring?“.

Advantages of Marble Flooring

Marble flooring offers numerous benefits that no other material provides. When we install the material in a significant chunk of our homes, we should better understand the nature of that material. People usually need to remember the benefits that come with marble flooring. Marble flooring has been applicable for infinite years because of its advantages.

1. Durability

Marble is a gift of nature. It is quarried in mountainous areas making it a strong and sturdy stone in the heart. It has a high compressive strength. Marble flooring can bear heavy foot traffic and daily wear and tear. It can last for decades easily if appropriately maintained. It is fire-resistant and scratch resistant, which enhances its life.  

2. Uniqueness

No one can deny the elegance a natural marble stone holds. Its uniqueness makes it a class apart. When such natural beauty is transformed into flooring, it brightens the home. Marble slabs and tiles flooring are reminiscent of every piece’s unique beauty. No two marble pieces are identical. They have almost the same veining structure but are not similar.

3. Eco-Friendly

Marble slabs and tiles do not use chemicals or resins in manufacturing. Natural marble block is extracted and cut into slabs resulting in marble flooring. As no chemicals are used in the formation, it is a 100% natural floor that will be degraded after its life span. Though marble has a long life, once it is over, it returns to the earth without harming the planet. A source came from the land and went back to it.

4. Variety

There are hundreds of marbles in the world. Every region has a new variation providing a huge variety of marble flooring. It is a thing of the past that marble flooring is only for royalty; now, everyone can have marble flooring because of its wide variety. We can find plenty of colors, textures, patterns, and prices for marble. Not only the type but the cost also varies exponentially with the area.

5. Heat Conduction

Marble is an excellent head conductor. We are sure you would love to stand bare feet on a warm floor on winter evenings, enjoying the cozy feeling it provides. In-house heating systems make the marble floor friendly. Because of its heat conduction properties, the marble floor becomes warm easily, making our whole space welcoming and comfortable.

6. Allergen Free

Marble flooring does not accumulate any dirt and grime. Though it is a slightly porous stone, it is properly sealed when installed, which creates a protective barrier. This barrier helps the floor not to absorb or collect any dust. With no dust accumulation, it becomes an allergen-free floor. If you have kids and elders, it is a superior choice from a health perspective. Unlike marble, other materials, like carpets, are known for accumulating allergens.

7. Easy Cleaning

Marble’s smooth and shiny surface makes it easy to clean flooring. We don’t need to scrub the floor to clean it. Just use a soft bristles brush and a damp mop to clean it—no need for a vacuum cleaner or harsh detergents. Spills are easily cleaned with a wet cloth. Deep clean the floor once a month or wash it, but dry it with a dry cloth, don’t let it air dry.    

Maintenance Is the Key to Marble Flooring

Marble flooring does offer loads of benefits but to keep these benefits for a long time, we need to maintain the marble flooring. It does not require much sweat and blood, but small and consistent steps will increase the shelf life of marble floors. Some of the essential maintenance tips are:

1. Careful About the Spills

Marble is a lightly porous stone by nature which means it can absorb liquids. We need to be careful about any spills in the house. It is not uncommon to have coffee or tea spills in the kitchen. If toddlers are present in the home, food spills are also everyday. All we need to do is to clean the spills as soon as possible. It is okay if food sometimes falls off the ground. The important part is to wipe it off quickly. Wiping quickly with a damp cloth will save us any stains. Use a dry cloth for liquids spills. With porosity comes staining, which is avoidable with rapid cleaning.

2. Regular Sealing

As we mentioned, marble has low stain resistance, which can be enhanced by regular sealing. When a professional install the flooring, the skilled workers seal it. However, some kinds of marble do not need sealing. Consult your supplier about the sealing requirement. If the marble needs filling, it is done in the beginning, and then after a year or two, we resealed it to create a protective barrier. The sealing is undone with use and time, and if not sealed appropriately, it loses its shine and vigor. Resealing makes it look new again, and the chance of staining and etches is also lowered. It might seem like a heck, but it is worth it.

3. Use of Floor Mats

We highly recommend the use of floor mats with marble flooring. Especially with the heavy traffic areas like the house entrance, it is prudent to put a rug. It will help you clean your shoes before entering the house, resulting in less dirt inside. Also, some shoes tend to leave scuff marks, so little mats on the floor will reduce those scuff marks. Rugs also add another protective layer to the floor and enhance the beauty of the surface with its texture. Bathroom rugs are also beneficial as they help dry your feet and lessen the chances of slipping. Polished marble flooring gets slippery when wet, so using the foot mats keeps you safe.

4. No Harsh Detergents

For cleaning purposes, it is advised to use mild detergents that are marble friendly. The use of harsh detergents or chemicals can diminish the gloss of marble. Unique marble cleaning solutions are available in the market. Kindly read the labels carefully before purchasing. When trying a new cleaning detergent, use it in a small area to check the results. Marble is not hard to clean, so there is no need for complex cleaners. Detergents with neutral pH are also recommended and are highly functional for marble floor cleaning. If you see grout in the marble tiles lines, use a soft toothbrush and rub lightly with a mild detergent to clean the dirt.

We have a detailed introduction to marble flooring maintenance in the blog “Are Marble Floors Hard to Maintain?

Where to Get the Right Marble

China is one of the best marble suppliers in the world. There are many stone manufacturers with large factories and innovative equipment. Marble factories can process bulk quantities of marble and transform them into various marble items. Not only marble, these reliable stone manufacturing factories in china process other natural stones as well, like granite, onyx, slate, basalt, Etc. Some prominent marble items include marble flooring, China tiles, marble plinths, marble tabletops, kitchen countertops, handicrafts, marble slabs, vanity tops, and mosaics.

We list the three most professional and reliable stone manufacturing factories here that can also export large quantities.

Best Suppliers in China

Three central regions of China are known for stone manufacturing; Fujian, Guangdong, and Shandong. Most stone factories are located in these regions. The target of the stone industry is to export China marble to the world’s most significant projects, and it has succeeded in doing so.

Let’s discuss the top three stone manufacturers.

Xiamen Sinodec Building Material Co., Ltd.

Sinodec is a professional marble manufacturer and supplier. It was founded in 2010. In a short period of 12 years, sinodec has proven its mark. It has established a professional team for every operation and installed state-of-the-art equipment.

Its latest machinery allows it to work to its maximum productivity. Their USP is their quality control system. When dealing with sinodec, you don’t need to worry about the quality of the product, as each piece goes through several quality check procedures. Sinodec promises to provide excellent product quality with exceptional service.

You can order a bulk of marble flooring for commercial or residential projects. We also deliver within the country. Our motto is to provide smooth import-export service around the globe. We import different marble from around the world and export them where ever needed.

Our popular products include stone tables & plinths, sculpture & carving, slabs & tiles, molding & skirting, marble stairs, Lightweight stone, marble columns, medallions & mosaics.

UMGG: Universal Marble & Granite Group Ltd is one of Asia’s largest stone manufacturing groups. It is an old player in the stone industry, having multiple business units and factories. The production area is huge, and the latest technology is installed to make it work at its best. It has provided the stone to over 3000 projects around the globe. As the name suggests, UMGG deals in not only marble but also granite, limestone, and quartzite. It provides raw materials as well as finished products. Cooperative relationships with its importers are one of the best qualities of this stone manufacturer. UMGG also invests in decorative stones and artificial stones. Furthermore, it has ownership of rich mines.

Xishi Group: Xishi group has been working in the stone industry for more than 30 years. Its experience gives it many advantages, including its four factories and multiple operations. Its primary operations include quarrying, designing, processing, installing, and after-sales service. Along the journey, it has achieved other victories like spreading its business to countries like UAE, South Korea & Russia. Xishi group claims to produce top-notch quality products with precision and international standards. Its superior products are craftwork, china tiles, water-jet patterns, and marble slabs.  

If you are interested in more about the Chinese Manufacturer, please read our blog, “Top 10 Marble Manufacturers in China.”


Marble flooring is a fantastic choice for your home, office, café, or hotel. Before selecting a marble floor for your home, you must keep certain factors in mind.

Buy the marble flooring that translates your personality as it is a prominent part of the house. Select the colors and texture according to the place’s functionality, size, mood, and décor. Multiple marble flooring colors and ideas are given above; choose the one that fits your preferences.

You can get things customized with us, Sinodec. We provide you with small or large quantities of brilliant products across different countries. Our mission is to develop a trustworthy relationship with our wholesale clientele and deliver the best quality products. We can turn your dreams into actuality as we have the customization service. Contact us for more info.

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