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How Many Different Materials for Door Frames?

How Many Different Materials for Door Frames?

We know why you’re here. Either you’re planning to build a property or it’s already in progress, but you still don’t know the types of door frames to choose from. Good thing we wrote this article!

There are a variety of types of door frames such as natural and artificial marble, wood, limestone, stainless steel, granite, and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). These materials have specific qualities that determine when to use them best.

In this article, we will also talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each type of door frame to ensure that you know what to look for before purchasing.

Door Frame Types

One of the crucial parts of a house is the door frame. It must be sturdy to carry our door’s weight, but it must also be good-looking, blending in with the style of the place.

Here is the list of door frame types that we prepared covering different materials.

1. Natural Marble

When it comes to robustness, a natural marble door frame meets the standard. This metamorphic rock contains calcite mineral that is used in construction to ensure the stability and solidity of the buildings.

This is the front door of an apartment in New York. The client has chosen beige limestone as the exterior material, and the frame of windows and doors are designed with molding design.

The main entrance is an arched molding, 200mm wide and 60mm thick material, the design is not complicated, but of a high standard.

It will also transform your home into an elegant and timeless-looking place with its variety of colors and patterns.

A hard stone that is resistant to heat and cracks, perfect for a quality door frame Resistant to weathering, making it last for years Can tolerate extreme temperature  Naturally resistant to bacteria Provides thermal comfort by absorbing heat and not letting it go through indoors Has unique patterns (no two marble stones have the exact design) Has a wide array of colors such as (but not limited to) white, beige, gray, red, pink, and greenUltraviolet (UV) exposure may cause it to fade Can be costly depending on the source May need extra attention for maintenance 

2. Artificial Marble

Because of natural marble’s unrivaled appearance, artificial marble door frames were created as a less-expensive alternative.

It is man-made by mixing plastic cement, marble debris, acrylic glue, and other materials to achieve the patterns and expand on the colors of natural marble.

Less expensive than natural marble Offers a more diverse selection of colors since they can be artificially added Easily bendable and cut Customizable patterns for uniformity unlike natural marble Doesn’t require much maintenanceWill not provide a strong door frame unlike natural marble since it’s a mixture of many materials and undergoes many processes Doesn’t have the natural shine and luster that natural marble has Not heat-resistant; artificial marble door frames can be heat-sensitive since it has glue 

3. Wood

Wooden door frames are common, especially in houses, because they provide an antique and rustic appearance that can also reflect culture.

You will also notice that they are less expensive compared to other door frame materials, which complements a tight budget.

Can be affordable, depending on the quality of the timber Polishable and paintable, giving you the freedom to change its appearance Wooden door frames provide a classic and aesthetic look Maintenance is inexpensive but must be done regularlyMay decay or warp caused by the weather Prone to rotting and termite infestation when not maintained well Difficult to find quality timber that will ensure a durable door frame Sensitive to temperature (the cold may cause the wooden door frame to expand)

4. Limestone

This stone belongs to the sedimentary rock family. Containing calcite, limestone door frames are strong and durable. Their characteristics allow them to last many years.

Looking at its aesthetics, limestone’s colors provide a soft and matte finish that will leave your place looking sophisticated.

Looking at its aesthetics, limestone’s colors provide a soft and matte finish that will leave your place looking sophisticated.

Heat-resistant Capable of sealing the place and not letting the outdoor temperature in, allowing you to save electricity  Has a variety of colors such as white, beige, brown, gray, and red Cost-efficient since it’s less expensive compared to other stones, but has a lot of benefits  Limestone door frames are great to use outdoors because of their UV resistanceCan be prone to solution weathering (a type of chemical weathering), although it doesn’t happen easily 

5. Stainless Steel

Door frames made with stainless steel are commonly used in places that require a high level of cleanliness and sanitation, such as hospitals or restaurants. But they can also be used in your home, especially because they offer great value.

Fireproof and weather-resistant which makes stainless steel door frames good for outdoor use Durable Corrosion and rust resistantTraps heat in because of thermal conductivity Lack of aesthetic factor which might give your place a plain ambiance 

6. Granite

An igneous rock widely used in construction, granite can give you a sturdy door frame. It has qualities that make it one of the best materials for your frame and can provide you with a classy interior and exterior.

Granite is generally used outdoors, and various finish is available, including polished, honed, sandblasted, flamed, split, waterjet, etc.

Granite is rich in color and its texture depends on how you want it to be.

Impervious to heat and cold Hard and resistant to force Can resist temperature damage and other external factors that make it perform well outdoors Offers a wide variety of colors such as white, gray, ivory, blue, green, and including rose gold  A heat conductor that doesn’t let the heat penetrate indoorsCan be expensive depending on the source (mining and market)  

7. Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

Polyvinyl Chloride, popularly known as PVC, is a type of polymer that is widely used in building and construction because of its versatility.

PVC door frames are known to be inexpensive and low maintenance, which can be your go-to choice if you’re looking for an economical door frame for your home.

Affordable pricing A good insulator that is ideal for preserving the temperature indoors Low maintenance  Not as strong and durable compared to stone door frames Too much heat on PVC door frames can cause rupture Limited customizing choices in terms of appearance

What do We recommend?

All types of door frames that we included in this article will offer you a variety of options in terms of durability, appearance, and compatibility that will depend on where you will use them.

However, if you’re looking for a door frame that will last for a long time, we recommend opting for stones such as marble, limestone, and granite.

Stone door frames will provide you with value because they are durable, good-looking, and will last you a long time. They are economical because you will not worry about needing constant repairs.


There are different types of door frames that you can use for your place. They can be made of natural or artificial marble, wood, limestone, stainless steel, and polyvinyl chloride.

Depending on the characteristics that you are looking for, each type of door frame has its advantage and disadvantage, which will affect the compatibility with your home in terms of durability. Concerning aesthetic appearance, each type has something to offer.

Our overall recommendation is to choose door frames made of marble, limestone, and granite because they will save you money and worry about having to constantly repair damages. After all, there will almost be none.  

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