Can I Use Marble for My TV Wall Design?

Can I Use Marble for My TV Wall Design?

Your TV wall is one of the parts of your house that attracts the most attention. After all, it’s in the living room where we watch our favorite shows.

That’s why if you’re wondering if you can use natural marble as your TV wall design, the answer is a big yes. It’s a luxurious choice that can shift how you feel about the living room; make sure to match the type of marble and the styling to the interior.

Keep reading for tips on choosing the suitable marble for your TV wall design while considering the interior and your type of television. We also have step-by-step instructions on mounting a TV on a marble wall.

Choosing a Marble for the TV Wall

The living room is an integral place for family time. Aside from watching our favorite Netflix shows, it’s where the boys watch their soccer and basketball match. Your kids can also play video games there!

This makes the TV wall design important; it should be seamless and match the interior. Regarding colors and styles, marble provides us with many options at our convenience.

Before we begin, let’s take note that the TV can be:

  • wall-mounted;
  • placed on a cabinet (credenza) or;
  • it has a stand.

A marble TV wall design will still go with any of these, but we must consider the cabinet and stand’s color if we use them.

White Marble TV Wall

Kind of marble: it can be Carrara White, Volakas White, Statuary, or Calacatta

This luxury TV wall design includes white marble with small and vertical gaps or lines as a style. Looking at the interior, everything revolves around neutral colors such as white, beige, and grey. Metallic gold and other decorative items in the same range are also present.

The theme of the interior can be Hollywood glam with gold as the dominant color. We describe it as luxurious because the living room makes an expensive statement.

The TV wall design has a flat-screen television as an example, but a credenza will also fit this style. Just choose a neutral color as well, and avoid unflattering patterns.

Black Marble TV Wall

Photo by Andrey Sanko

Kind of marble: Nero Marquina

Next, we have a living room TV wall design using a bold black marble with a white veining pattern. This design is attractive because the wall-mounted television looks like it’s part of the wall due to the color.

Tackling the interior design, the example depicts a contemporary style with the place’s cool tones and nature-inspired materials (straight lines, wooden floors, a wall-mounted table, and leaves in a vase).

We can also use this as a modern TV wall design with fewer materials and more natural light. Natural objects and neutral colors also make a modern interior as it is.

Lastly, if you plan to use a credenza for the television, we recommend getting one with a wooden design or a plain white color.

Grey Marble TV Wall

Photo by Ivanna Pavlus, Anna Neiman,and

Kind of marble: Hermes Grey

In this example, our flat-screen TV wall design comes in a cloudy grey marble with grey, white, and black veining patterns. We can also classify this as a modern TV wall design because it combines neutralness even though there are more than two colors.

We can describe the interior design as modern and minimalist, with the TV wall as the focal point since the surroundings are plain. The floor, rag, and furniture style and colors depict mid-century modern.

Unlike the other designs, we won’t see any objects near the television except for the mirror on the far right. If we want to put a cabinet or shelves on the wall, we advise the color to be plain. You can also use wooden materials but stick to a single shade.

Cream Marble TV Wall

Photo by Livespace 

Kind of marble: Crema Marble

A beautiful TV wall design in the living room or bedrooms can be made of Crema Marfil marble with white, yellow, cinnamon, and goldish beige veins. The wall also blended with the white table and shelves, an excellent way to maximize the space.

Following the example, this TV wall design applies to homes with a contemporary interior. But not limiting our scope, we can also use it for Mediterranean or industrial-themed interior design.

Whether your TV is mounted or placed on top of a cabinet or credenza, plain white will be the perfect complementary color, as shown in the example above.

Can I Still Use a Mable TV Wall Design With a CRT TV?

Of course. A marble TV wall will still be an excellent choice even if you’re still using a CRT television (the one with a fat back) or any television that’s not flat-screen. It won’t affect the aesthetic appeal of the marble as long as it jives with the surroundings.

However, if you’re bothered about the fat back of the television, a recessed TV wall (one with a hollow center) may be the answer so that the back of the said appliance can go through or inside it.

How to Mount the Television on a Marble Wall

If you plan to mount a flat-screen television, many of you may be intimidated by using marble as your TV wall design because “The marble wall being drilled would be a disaster!” But in reality, it’s possible if you do it correctly.

What you will need:

  1. mounting plate and at least four studs (usually bought as a kit)
  2. pencil for measurement
  3. electrical tape
  4. drill
  5. glass or diamond drill bit
  6. a cup of water

Step 1: Determine the exact position where you want to mount the television and mark it using the mounting plate.

To do this, position the mounting plate on the wall. It has holes that you can use to mark the wall with a pencil, indicating where you will drill the studs.

Step 2: After marking the wall, surround it with electrical tape. Each mark should be inside a square made with the said tape.

This is to protect the other parts of the wall in case the drill slides while you’re etching holes in the marks.

Step 3: Take your drill and attach the glass or diamond drill bit.

Step 4: Position the drill in a hole at a 45° angle, slowly but surely etching the hole at the correct position.

Please don’t hold the drill with too much force as it might slide away (this is why the electrical tape protection).

Step 5: Now and then, turn off the drill and dip it into your cup of water to prevent it from heating too much.

Step 6: Continue drilling at a 45° angle until you’ve created a depth in the hole. Once there is enough depth, you can drill the marble in a straight line (including the drywall).

Again, don’t forget to dip the drill into the water every few seconds.

Step 7: Repeat the drilling process to have at least four studs. Once finished, clean the area and remove the electrical tapes.

Step 8: Attach the mounting plate to the wall and prepare the television for mounting. Ensure the cables and other necessary electrical matters are ready so you can use the appliance without problems later.


The television’s surrounding area affects the interior of the living room. Hence we want it to be beautiful and seamless so we can watch our shows without being distracted by an unpleasant design or a lack thereof.

Natural marble is our top pick for the TV wall design because of the stone’s different colors and elegant look, complementing any interior style. Whether our televisions are flat screens or CRTs, a marble wall—mainly white, black, grey, and cream—will enhance the living room.

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