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9 Stylish Waterjet Marble Borders

9 Stylish Waterjet Marble Borders

Using marble borders is a smart way to accentuate floors, whether your project is for residential properties or commercial spaces such as office buildings and hotels.

However, the challenge lies in the plentiful choices for the borders, and we are here to narrow down the selection.

These designs for waterjet marble borders are what we recommend. We are sure that you will find one that will fit the interior or exterior that you are building:

  • Double-line marble border
  • Acanthus leaves marble border
  • Ivy scroll marble border
  • T meander marble border
  • Scroll marble border
  • Ribbon lace and palmette marble border
  • Accented arrow marble border
  • Floral-edged marble border
  • Indian wave marble border

To know more about these styles, keep on reading this article. We will also provide suggestions on where to apply them based on Sinodec’s previous projects.

What Is a Waterjet Marble Border?

The flooring takes up a big space in a place, whether indoors or outdoors. Therefore, how we wish to style floors can either make or break the ambiance.

morder style waterjet medallion from Sinodec Stone

We have been manufacturing marble borders and we have seen how they can change a building’s overall look; whether we want to make it elegant, minimalist, modern, or contemporary.

With the help of our waterjet machines, we can also customize a border if the place is following a specific theme.

We have explained what waterjet technology is in our previous articles, but to keep it brief: a waterjet machine uses water with non-harmful abrasive—at a high speed and pressure—to virtually cut any material, including marble.

This is more precise and quicker than using other machines such as CNC or plasma ones, although we do use them to manufacture other natural stone products.

List of Fashionable Waterjet Marble Designs

1. Double-Line Marble Border

Our double-line border is perfect for a minimalist interior. If we just want to add a little detail to the room but not pour all the attention on the floors, then we recommend this marble border.

A double-line border can also be used to separate areas by delineating them.

In terms of characteristics, this also has two colors that you have the freedom to choose. In Sinodec, these two combinations are our best-sellers:

  • Nero Marquina (black) and Crema Marfil (beige)
  • Volakas White or Carrara White (white) and Hermes Grey (grey)
marble border design from Sinodec Stone

2. Acanthus Leaves Marble Border

We can remember acanthus leaves as an ornament for Greek columns. In this case, we have a waterjet marble border with the said design.

For this style, we also recommend only using two colors to avoid over-decoration. This is because the marble themselves are rich in color and veining patterns.

We have a sample of this border design with Nero Marquina (black) and Carrara (white) marble, but we can also use Volakas White or Statuary for the white part.

waterjet marble border design

3. Ivy Scroll Marble Border

Ivy symbolizes affectionate love and eternity. But in terms of border design, we can use this for the entryway of a house or places such as hotels and fancy restaurants to enhance the elegance.

The colors that we incorporated in our ivy scroll marble border are:

  • Nero Marquina (black)
  • Carrara (white)
  • Light Emperador (light brown)
  • Forest Green (green)

But we can always shake these up to match the theme of the place.

hotel lobby marble border design from sinodec stone

4. T Meander Marble Border

Meanders are popular during the time of the Romans and Greek. This pattern is basically drawing a line with a repeated shape or motif. From the name itself, the meander shape of our marble border is “T.”

This design is great paired with Mediterranean or rustic motifs and at the edge or corners of the floors. The colors that we used in the T meander waterjet border are:

  • Light Emperador (light brown)
  • Dark Emperador (dark brown)
  • Crema Marfil (beige)

5. Scroll Marble Border

We have a waterjet border with a scroll design that slightly resembles the floral ornaments in Greek columns. This style is applicable to the living room floors and we can use it to border an existing medallion.

We often mention in our articles about waterjet medallions that the latter can be a substitute for a carpet or rug, and using this border around them will definitely lift the interior of the house.

We can customize the colors, but our example has colors the same as the T meander border, except that there is an additional Forest Green (green) marble.

waterjet marble border design

6. Ribbon Lace and Palmette Marble Border

Palmette is also an ancient Greek ornament and we combined it together with a ribbon lace-like drawing. While this will look stylish on floors, we can also see this as a beautiful skirting design.

Skirting is the gap between the walls and the floor. While it is technically part of a wall, it is near the surface and its appearance adds to the flooring’s overall look.

We recommend maximizing the colors of this waterjet marble border in the edge lines, ribbon lace, and palmette.

7. Accented Arrow Marble Border

With our accented arrow waterjet border, we have a big arrow in the middle, and inside of it are lines with stylish point markers at the ends.

We can either combine this with marble flooring if present, or we can use it to border a medallion. For example, you have the latter with mandala art as the design. The accented arrow border will complement it with its minimal details.

With the color, make sure that you pick combinations that are not contrasting with each other especially if you will pair it with a floor medallion.

8. Floral-Edged Marble Border

This border design has intricate floral details at the four edges and triple complementary lines as the borders themselves.

A floral-edged waterjet border is a beautiful style to be paired with a plain-colored floor which we commonly see in sophisticated places. We can use this as a centerpiece or as an indicator for the position of a piece of furniture (e.g. where we can put a table).

This type of border is one that looks good with more than three colors, as you would want to emphasize the flowers and lines, but make sure that it is not overly decorated.

customized waterjet medallion border design

Are the Designs of the Marble Borders Painted?

No. Everything in Sinodec’s marble borders is exactly that: marble. The lines are not just the ones cut with waterjet but the intricate details as well. That is why we use different kinds of marble in a border and join them with a durable and lasting adhesive.


Installing waterjet marble borders on our floors can lift the ambiance of the place and enhance the interior of a room. There are many kinds of border designs, but we hand-picked nine of them to narrow down your choices:

  • Double-line
  • Acanthus leaves
  • Ivy scroll
  • T meander
  • Scroll
  • Ribbon lace and palmette
  • Floral-edged
  • Indian wave

All of these styles can be customized according to preferences and to fit the current interior or theme of a space.

Did you see a design of a waterjet marble border that you like? Tell us by writing a comment down below.

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