4 Best Skirting to Use in Bathrooms

4 Best Skirting to Use in Bathrooms

Did you know that people take the time and effort to design their bathrooms? And skirting boards are one of the essential parts that can make or break its interior.

The 4 best skirtings to use for bathrooms are the Square Edge, Ogee, French Style, and Marble tile skirting. These baseboards will serve as protection for the bathroom walls as well as upgrade the interior.

We prepared a complete guide about these skirtings and how a natural stone like marble is versatile in adapting to bathroom themes and styles.

Top Picks for Bathroom Skirtings

Our factory has been manufacturing marble for years including marble baseboards. We often export these types of skirtings—a lot of them are tailored for bathrooms.

1. Square Edge

This is a simple square-shaped baseboard. It can be smooth and plain in front, or we can add grooves to accentuate the appearance.

A marble Square Edge skirting will look good in bathrooms that are in the natural and handcrafted style because it is simple but not entirely minimal—especially when we add grooves.

Bathroom themes for marble Square edge skirting:

  • Craftsman style
  • Farmhouse style
  • Industrial style

These styles often require colors that are medium-light and dark but are still in neutral shades. We recommend the following marble Square Edge baseboard colors with their own unique patterns:  

Crema Marfil creamy beigeyellow, beige, and cinnamon
Carrara Whitewhite to gray or a mixture of bothlight gray
Emperador Light light browncream
Emperador Darkdark brownlight brown
Nero Marquinablackwhite
Rosso Marquina MarbleBurgundywhite

If you notice, these colors fit with those of wood. While there might be a variety of things in the bathroom that might not be color-coded such as with modern styles, these skirting boards will still complement them.

The application of this skirting can be flush-to-wall. This means that the baseboard will be recessed to make it look like it is part of the wall itself. The appearance will be sleek and seamless too.

If you decide to flush this Square Edge skirting to the wall, the thickness will also have to match the space of the gap (between the floor and the wall).

When it comes to height, we should apply all skirtings with consideration to the space of the bathroom, especially the ceiling. But a marble Square Edge baseboard will look good even at an extended height than normal estimations.

2. Ogee

This skirting has a curve in front and in between two grooves—the style appears like a letter “S.”

A marble Ogee skirting is compatible with bathrooms that have traditional and contemporary features. For example, your walls are Victorian in color and detail (panels or grooves), but the furniture has rich colors and up-to-date technology is present.

Bathroom themes for marble Ogee skirting:

The colors for these styles can be light or dark, depending on what will match the bathroom. Some people like their bathroom walls—including the skirting—to be lighter since the objects will be darker or technicolor.

But some prefer it to be the other way around: darker skirtings and lighter objects. You can use our color recommendations below as a guide:

Statuary Marblewhitethick and dark gray
Calacatta Whitewhitedark gray, brown, beige, or gold
Nero Marquinablackwhite
Rojo Levantinabold redlight gray
Blue Sodalitecobalt bluegold, white, and midnight blue,

Of course, you are free to explore more colors of marble skirtings since there are a lot. Marble undergoes natural and complex processes, so the earth also produces different colors with equally unique patterns.

In terms of thickness, the protruding curve of the Ogee skirting will be visible and add more character to the bathroom.  We also recommend applying the baseboard as it is; this marble skirting doesn’t need to be doubled in height. 

But again, you probably know your bathroom well, so you can adjust and tweak an Ogee skirting to your liking.

3. French Style

Our marble factory proudly showcases French Style skirting since it is delicate to do. This skirting is not too thick or too thin, inspired by the classic French interior, you may visit another article “Top 3 Up-to-Date Skirting Profiles 2023” for more details.

A marble bathroom skirting of this style complements French or European-inspired interiors, notable for their minimalistic color and designs. The walls are light and neutral, with panels, carvings, or simple picture frames.

Bathroom themes for marble French Style skirting:

  • Victorian style
  • Classic French style
  • Modern French style
  • Beach style

For our color recommendations, we always observe that those who wish to follow a classic bathroom style—such as Victorian and classic French—go for lighter and neutral colors.

Beach-style bathrooms welcome different colors but are still light.

Color of BackgroundName
 Light PinkRosa Portugués Marble Skirting(gray and brown veins)
 Light GreenForest Green Marble Skirting(brown veins)
Light YellowAmarillo Triana Marble Skirting(black veins)
  WhiteVolakas White Marble Skirting
Light BrownEmperador Light Marble Skirting
BeigeCrema Marfil Marble Skirting

Those who incorporate modernity or contemporary designs tend to make their skirtings more colorful or darker.

Color of BackgroundName
GreyHermes Grey
Dark GreenSpider Green Marble Skirting(white veins)
  Dark BrownEmperador Dark Marble Skirting
BlackNero Marquina Marble Skirting
BurgundyRosso Marquina Marble Skirting
RedRojo Levantina Marble Skirting
BlueBlue Sodalite Marble Skirting

The application can be as it is. But you can also do it as a double-layered skirting, where two French-style baseboards will be on top of one another. If you choose the latter, we can do it in two different colors of skirtings.

The height depends on the application (if double-layered, it will be taller). We also need to consider the compatibility with the specific bathroom, but the standard height of the skirtings is 6 inches or 145 millimeters (mm).

4. Marble Tile Skirting

Tile baseboards are a great choice if you want your skirting to look connected to the bathroom floor for a smooth transition.

Just like with the previous styles, marble skirtings come in different appearances. It can be the following:

  • plain and colored
  • colored with patterns or veins
  • colored with customized designs

This is also why we like tile skirtings because they can adapt to any bathroom style and interior, whether it is contemporary, traditional, rustic, or eclectic.

We have the complete and proper equipment, along with experienced designers to manufacture marble tile baseboards. Our clients also import them in bulk.

We can easily cut and size the tile skirtings to fit different dimension requirements such as height and thickness, depending on the space of the room and the gap where the baseboards will be placed.


Bathroom skirtings are important in terms of covering the unpleasant gap between the wall and the floor. But it is also crucial to choose the right type to ensure that it will match the theme and design of the bathroom itself.

The skirtings that we recommend are the Square Edge, Ogee, French Style, and Marble tiles. These styles will fit the bathroom depending on the type.

We can also adjust and customize our marble skirtings in terms of design, application, and dimensions, to give everyone a more personalized experience.

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