10 Major Limestone Exterior Wall Exporters in China

10 Major Limestone Exterior Wall Exporters in China

China ranked 26th on the list of significant limestone exporters in 2020, with the export worth amounting to $3.32M. This country produces quality stone products, including limestone exterior walls, that many countries seek.

This article will share the list of China’s top 10 limestone exterior wall manufacturers and suppliers—both cladding and facade. Here is the list of the company names as a start.

  1. Xiamen Sinodec Building Material Co., Ltd.
  2. Xiamen Paia Import & Export Co., Ltd.
  3. Guangzhou Sarhang Stone Solutions
  4. Shenzhen Leeste Industry Co., Ltd.
  5. Orchid Stone Co., Ltd
  6. Sparkle Design & Decor Co., Ltd.
  7. Xiamen StoneVic Co., Ltd
  8. Quanzhou Tianyuan Stone Co., Ltd.
  9. Devan Stone Co., Limited
  10. Hebei Rui Yuan Stone Sculpture Factory

Chinese Limestone Wall Cladding and Facade Manufacturers

If you are planning to import limestone exterior walls from China, we have provided a complete list of companies with proven experience in the product. You will see the following details such as their:

  • company name
  • address
  • contacts
  • company description
  • limestone products
  • other products offered

Xiamen Sinodec Building Material Co., Ltd.

LocationNo.51, Panlong Road, Shuitou, Fujian, China
Contact86-186 9562 0381 info@istonework.com 
Contact PersonMs. Julia Wang

Xiamen Sinodec Building Material Co., Ltd., popularly called “Sinodec,” has been manufacturing, supplying, and exporting natural stone products for more than ten years.

One of their specialties is limestone wall cladding with proven durability and aesthetic physical appearance. This factory has produced and installed limestone claddings for various projects in China and abroad.

The said product comes in different finishes:

  • tumbled
  • honed
  • split face

Of course, the colors of the limestone slabs also vary. Sinodec has these as examples:

  • white
  • grey
  • beige
  • Moca Cream

Beige Limestone Wall Cladding

Other stones available: marble, granite, travertine, and rocks with aluminum honeycomb

Other specialties: skirtings, tables, tiles, door frames, columns, waterjet medallions and mosaics, staircases, carvings, and decorations

Xiamen Paia Import & Export Co., Ltd.

LocationRoom 611, Anling 2nd Road No.31, Huli District, Xiamen, China
Contact86-137 9979 5006
Contact PersonMs. Shen Caroline (Manager)

Xiamen Paia Import & Export Co., Ltd. is a stone factory in Shuitou specializing in both stone products such as limestone wall cladding and ceramic tiles. It has craftsmen and working personnel with at least five years of experience.

Paia imports natural limestone slabs from fellow top natural stone producers like Brazil and Turkey, which is one of their advantages when it comes to ensuring quality exterior walls.

The limestone cladding’s colors come in beige, grey, and white slabs, but they can also be in the form of tiles.

Other stones available: artificial stones, cultured stones, sandstone, travertine, granite, and marble

Other specialties: gardening products, decorations, tiles, countertops, and tables

Guangzhou Sarhang Stone Solutions Limited

LocationZengcha Rd. No.787, Floor 12, Office 1213A 510080, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, China
Contact86 135 7026 0954
Contact PersonMr. Ken Huang (Founder and CEO)

Guangzhou Sarhang Stone Solutions Limited has been specializing primarily in stone façade—including limestone—for over 10 years.

They have modern technology and equipment, and they have partner companies in other countries such as Italy for stones and metalworks.

Sarhang Stone’s projects are all over the world like in Europe, North America, and the Middle East.

Other stones available: sandstone, travertine, granite, marble, onyx, and quartz

Other specialties: tiles, gardening products, mosaics, altars, balustrades, staircases, kitchen and bath products, and wood flooring

Shenzhen Leeste Industry Co., Ltd.

LocationRm202,2/F, Block B3, Shenzhen Mingyou Industrial Products Exhibition & Procurement Center, Baoyuan Road, Baoan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China 518101
Contact86 755 8610 5289
Contact PersonMr. Davis Cai (Export Manager)

Shenzhen Leeste Industry Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of stone products since 1998, and limestone exterior walls are on their catalogue. They have complete equipment for complex production and they have a strict system of quality control.

Leeste’s exports mainly to North America, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. Their limestone wall cladding comes in:

  • China Beige
  • Moca Cream
  • Crema Europa

These limestone slabs can have a brushed or matte finish.

Moca Cream Limestone Matte and Brushed Finished for Exterior Wall Cladding

China Beige Limestone Exterior Wall Cladding

Other stones available: cultured stones, artificial stones, granite, basalt, marble, slate, sandstone, pebbles, and quartz

Other specialties: tiles, countertops, vanity tops, sinks, basins, mosaics, tombstones, monuments, carvings, and sculptures

Orchid Stone Co., Ltd

LocationQuanxing Bldg, Yanping Ave., Shuitou County, Nan’an City, Fujian, China
Contact86 134 0071 5163
Contact PersonVera Song

Orchid Stone Co., Ltd has been serving the stone industry for over a decade and this company is also one of the most active exporters of limestone slabs and wall claddings in China.

Orchid caters to different kinds of clients whether importers, distributors, wholesalers, designers, and even owners of houses.

Some of the kinds of limestone that this company uses in wall claddings are:

  • Moca Creme
  • Limra White
  • Jura Beige
  • Portugal Beige
  • Jura Grey

Limra White Limestone Wall Cladding

Jura Beige Limestone Wall Cladding

Other stones available: artificial stones, marble, granite, and sandstone

Other specialties: pavers, landscaping stones, sinks, basins, sculpture, columns, stairs, headstones, and mosaic

Sparkle Design & Decor Co., Ltd.

LocationRoom 507, Qixing Chuangzhan Building, Industry 3rd Road, Qixinggang, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China 510400
Contact86 191 2863 2339
Contact PersonMs. Riya (Manager)

Sparkle Design & Decor Co., Ltd. is a stone manufacturer for interior and exterior needs, including exterior walls made of limestone for residential and commercial buildings.

Sparkle’s main markets are North and South America, Europe, and Asia. This company provides support for installations and is open to collaborating with professionals such as architects and designers.

Their limestone wall cladding usually comes in a honed finish with the following colors:

  • yellow
  • beige
  • white

Yellow Limestone Wall Cladding

Other stones available: cultured stones, artificial stones, slate, granite, and marble

Other specialties: swimming pool mosaic, moldings, columns, stairs, sinks, countertops, and decorations

Xiamen StoneVic Co., Ltd

LocationUnit 602, Yong Tong Chang Building, 388 Jiahe Road, Xiamen, China, 361009
Contact86 592 6019 191
Contact PersonSonny Hong

Xiamen StoneVic Co., Ltd has more than ten years of experience in the stone manufacturing industry, and their specialties include exterior wall cladding such as:

  • stone honeycomb panels
  • limestone wall cladding

This company has different factories for each specialization. For example, they have a factory solely for wall panels, which allows their craftsmen to focus on their expertise.

With regards to the cladding choices, here are some examples:

  • Split Portugal Beige Limestone  
  • Moca Cream Beige Limestone
  • Grey Limestone in honed, tumbled, or polished

Beige Moca Cream Limestone for Exterior Wall Cladding

Split Portugal Beige Limestone Wall Cladding

Other stones available: artificial stones, granite, marble, travertine, and onyx

Other specialties: pavers, countertops, washbasins, gravestones, columns, and decorations

Quanzhou Tianyuan Stone Co., Ltd.

LocationTD Industrial, Nan’An City, Fujian, China 362000
Contact86 152 5972 3318
Contact PersonMs. Lynda (General Manager)

Quanzhou Tianyuan Stone Co., Ltd. is a stone supplier with landscaping and building materials as two of its primary expertise. This company also customizes its products according to customer specifications and the recommendations of its skilled designers.

Tianyuan’s limestone wall cladding comes in finishes like:

  • tumbled
  • polished
  • honed
  • sandblasted

They export these limestone exterior walls to almost all continents, and Tianyuan also assists in the projects, especially the installation.

White Limestone Wall Cladding

Black Limestone Loose Wall Cladding

Other stones available: granite, marble, onyx, gemstone, slate, and quartzite

Other specialties: flooring, roofing, countertops, bathroom furnishings, and decorations

Devan Stone Co., Limited

LocationHaiyun Center, Linhai Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Contact86 152 3418 120
Contact PersonUna Yu (Manager)

Devan Stone Co., Limited was established in 2002 as a stone factory and later expanded its services. This company offers stones for external walling, including Gold Moca Beige limestone panels.

Devan exports to different countries, although it performs many projects in Turkey, particularly in hotels.

Beige Limestone Wall Cladding Panels

Polished Gold Moca Beige Limestone Wall Cladding

Other stones available: artificial stones, sintered stones, marble, granite, quartz, and terrazzo

Other specialties: columns, stairs, and pavers

Hebei Rui Yuan Stone Sculpture Factory

LocationQuyang County, Baoding City, Hebei Province, China
Contact86 186 8933 4889 
Contact PersonJack Du (Manager)

Hebei Rui Yuan Stone Sculpture Factory is specialized in sculpting, but it also manufactures quality limestone claddings with carefully finished slabs.

Rui Yuan exports to the United States, Europe, and Southeast Asia. It uses Portuguese limestone slabs and also some from France.

Beige Limestone Wall Cladding

Split Face Beige Limestone Wall Cladding Mushroom

Other stones available: marble and sandstone

Other specialties: columns, sculptures, statues, mosaics, sinks, basins, garden furnishings, and tiles


China is a country rich in natural stones and is one of its most vital exporters, especially of limestone exterior walls.

This list of Chinese manufacturers and exporters of limestone wall cladding and façade contains companies that have been in the stone industry for an extended period, guaranteeing quality and experience in their craft.

What about you? Are you looking for a supplier of limestone cladding or façade? Let us know in the comments which stone factory you picked.

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