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Quality Assurance

Our experienced QC team will check the quality of every piece of stone before packing to make sure they can meet your quality standard. We will provide pictures and videos for all orders.

Reasonable Price

We are a direct stone factory in Fujian, China. Our cost will be lower than the trading company. We can’t assure the lowest price but guarantee the good quality products in reasonable price.

On-Time Delivery

Time is life. Just set a delivery time with us, we will deliver the goods on time.

If You Don't Have Suppliers Yet

If you don’t have experience in importing stone products from China and don’t know how to select the best-match supplier, Please contact us. We will help you get the best solution for all products you need and arrange shipment.

If You Have Suppliers Already

If you already have suppliers, you have to give yourself a chance to know new designs and technology in the stone industry. We are keeping the updates of stone products all the time.


Have Questions?

We’ve put together some of the most frequently asked questions about natural stones.  If you don’t see an answer to your question, please email us directly and we’ll respond to you within 24 hours.  And welcome to visit our blog to check more information.

One thing that is super important for us when we build a dream house is which stone is used in construction. The right stone can make or break our house. As many stones are available, selecting the best stone can be cumbersome.

There are two common ways to classify the stones used in constructing buildings:

  1. Classification by material
  2. Classification by color

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In the olden days, there were not many options for flooring materials, but with the new age variety, people are questioning the position of marble flooring.

There are hundreds of options available in the market to design our floor. Consumers are confused if the marble flooring is outdated now. As a marble flooring manufacturer, we assure you that marble flooring is far from obsolete.

Marble floor is claiming its highest rank as an elegant, durable, sturdy, and resistant natural stone flooring design. Its unmatched qualities are why contemporary and stylish homes use marble flooring to make their residence look luxurious and attractive.

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Either you’re planning to build a property or it’s already in progress, but you still don’t know the types of door frames to choose from. Good thing we wrote this article!

There are a variety of types of door frames such as natural and artificial marble, wood, limestone, stainless steel, granite, and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). These materials have specific qualities that determine when to use them best.

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Your home is your sanctuary. You ensure that your little paradise is beautiful, safe, and lively for your loved ones. Your place deserves all the attention, but how can you make it striking and secure? One easy solution is using marble with aluminum honeycomb panels on walls, as walls are a major chunk of any space. You will witness that place’s uplifting vibe if you liven up your walls.

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Who does not lust for marble plinths? I have been gushing over them for a long time because I don’t have any reason not to love them. They are gorgeous, functional, durable, luxurious, and elevate the space. Additionally, they are used for decorative purposes.

Rightfully so, marble plinths are a rage nowadays and a symbol of elegance. Marble plinths truly celebrate the natural beauty of marble. It can create a soft, beautiful aesthetic or a playful, bold vibe, depending upon the styling of the plinth.  

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When we say, “marble columns,” you probably already have an idea of what they look like. Do you know how many styles of marble columns? They are built with different and intricate styles which we are going to talk about in this article one by one.   

The major styles of marble columns are Doric, Ionic, Corinthian, Tuscan, and Composite. The first three were developed in ancient Greece, and the last two were developed in ancient Rome.

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Our door frame is an essential part of the house. Since its purpose is to hold the door, it must be strong enough and sturdy. Because of this, we ask, “How can I choose the best door frame?”

To choose the best door frame for your house, you must first consider the main material. Stones like marble, granite, and limestone are good choices. Then, you will have to decide the shape of your door frame together with the design you wish to incorporate.

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I have known Julia for more than 15 years. From the beginning, my order is only 2-5containers each year, and now growing to more than 20 containers. The quality is always reliable, and the most impressive is her service. She always helps me deal with all problems the first time. We will continue the cooperation in the future time.

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I have some furniture chain stores in Australia. However, marble furniture has become popular recently, and I have begun importing it from China. I compared many suppliers and finally chose to cooperate with SINODEC. Their products are comprehensive and can give me solutions quickly, no matter what I need.


I am a contractor from New York. Julia is responsible for all my stone projects. Once sending a CAD drawing, she can give me the quotation in time and sometimes better suggestions. She handles all kinds of products, from simple cut-to-size to detailed stone molding and waterjet medallions. I don't need to worry about anything here...


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